Chapter 2075: Seeing World Emperor Again

A man capable shouldering the high heaven presided on this throne in an awesome manner. Despite being in a different world, he instantly suppressed numerous people here, including other emperors.

“World Emperor!” People blurted out after seeing him.

This was an explosive title with the greatest deterrence! This was someone from an ancient clan with twelve wills and a True Immortal Armament on top of cultivating from a Heavenly Scripture - the leader of Heaven Authority and his race…

He possessed plenty of glory and legends. After the end of Flame and Deep South’s generations, it became the era of World Emperor. 

Later on, other emperors with twelve wills showed up but were no match for World Emperor in terms of influence and authority. He could even give orders to the devils and diviners. Some considered him as the leader of all three races.

He didn’t need to say anything. Just his appearance on his throne was more resounding than anything else.

“World Emperor!” Even the greatest geniuses were shuddering before his appearance.

A few teachers were horrified as well - just when they thought the situation was getting better.

“Is that Heaven Authority?” Someone wondered about the location of the throne.

He was only showing his face and wasn’t coming just yet. His dao portal only activatable by him was connected to a different world. 

“This generation will not be the same.” Some emperors were amazed at the scale of this battle.

Three of the four strongest emperors were present outside of Purewood.

“Has there been such a magnificent spectacle before?” Someone uttered in astonishment.

The crowd thought about the consequence of all three top emperors attacking at the same time. This ancient world might get destroyed along with the academy.

“Buzz.” Two Grand Emperors came out of this portal.

One had a fiery spear while the other chose a heavenly saber with massive bloodthirst. The air changed instantly, causing the crowd to shudder uncontrollably.

“God-edge Divine Emperor and Dragonspear Devil Emperor!” People glanced at each other because these two were not heaveners.

“Why did these two come out from there? Did they join Heaven Authority?” A High God was puzzled.

But this wasn’t out of the question. God-edge had nine wills while Dragonspear had ten. The latter was definitely eligible.

“Not necessarily.” A low-level Grand Emperor from the devil race explained: “Don’t forget about War Alliance, the organization for young Grand Emperors. These two are from that.”

“Count our War Alliance in!” Both the Grand Emperors laughed and readied their weapon before jumping into the battlefield.

War Alliance was the newest organization for Grand Emperors. Despite its recent founding, it had great potential due to the promising members.

“Let’s go!” These two emperors were quite powerful but the teachers from the academy still tried to stop them.

“Rumble!” The battle intensified. Though the academy gained a large reinforcement, the enemy still vastly outnumbered them. It had trouble dealing with the waves of attackers.

“Break!” Soaring Immortal Prince roared. He fought against the lion-headed figure while channeling the grand formation to attack Dragonspear.

He had the absolute advantage fighting against this being but this was no longer the case when Dragonspear joined in.

“Buzz.” The dao portal from Heaven Authority opened again with one emperor stepping out after another and made a line.

“Eight Grand Emperors!” The crowd was horrified.

Heaven Authority has finally decided to go all out and destroy the academy.

The eight stood there and weren’t in a hurry to attack. They released their murderous breath and would show no mercy.

If one were to know the situation of the ambush during Li Qiye’s ascension, they would know that these eight emperors were involved; each using two wills to come there.

However, they were here in person now. On the contrary, the four emperors who came in person such as Dao Dragon were not present.

“It’s over…” A few teachers felt despair at the moment. One even lamented.

Ten Grand Emperors have joined in just now - this was truly a fatal blow to the academy.

“Boom!” The central area has been broken through. One emperor successfully dragged a treasury out of the ground.

“Rumble!” The academy was cracking again since some of the ancestors on the platforms had no choice but to join the battle. This allowed the ancient world to expand again. 

The place was having a hard time withstanding this pressure. Demise was certainly imminent.

“We gotta run now!” A desperate student ran out of the academy, finding himself with no other choice.

The spectating High Gods became emotional. An eternal behemoth was finally about to fall.

“It’s about time for that guy to come.” World Emperor stared at the academy with a profound gaze.

“Time for me to join.” At this exact moment, Li Qiye smiled inside Study Room. He appeared in the sky above the academy next.

World Emperor exuded a terrible ray from his eyes after seeing Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Li Qiye took out his World Seal and turned it into the Dragon Subduing Basket, unleashing its Heavenly Annihilation - Immortal Plucking - from the opening that was as large as a mountain now.

Laws of an Immortal Emperor poured down in the form of gigantic hands. They aimed to capture the emperors and High Gods invading the academy.

“Break!” Some chose to run with amazing speed while others attacked the laws.

The majority managed to escape outside of a few weaker High Gods. These were thrown inside the basket and got refined.

Li Qiye’s first action instantly attracted all attention from the invaders. This greatly reduced the pressure on the academy’s ancestors.

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