Chapter 207 : True Invincibility (1)

Chapter 207 : True Invincibility (1)

“The Calamity God is no longer in this world!” At this point, Qingxuan Yuanshan stared at Niu Fen and spoke with a deep tone: “Who are you!” After knowing the origin of Niu Fen, even a royal member of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom like himself was shocked!

If the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Divine Beast Protector was still alive, then the Heavenly God Sect wasn’t anything worth mentioning! Just the Calamity God alone was enough to destroy all of the Heavenly God Sect! If the Calamity God was still alive, then even if the Heavenly God Sect was ten times braver, they still wouldn’t dare to attack the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Even though the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor claimed to be invincible in this generation, he was not on the same level compared to the Calamity God!

A person referred to as a True God — what kind of frightening and invincible existence was this!? When the Calamity God was still in this world, even the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom wouldn’t dare to provoke the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!

“Who am I?” In response to Qingxuan Yuanshan’s question, Niu Fen’s eyes were hanging at the end of his tentacles as he smiled and said: “I am nothing but my Young Noble’s mount! Just a little character, not enough to reach any apex!”

Niu Fen’s words made other people become emotional. The Turtle Monarch also felt that this was unbelievable as he murmured: “This, this is impossible. That year, even Immortal Emperor Min Ren did not have a Heavenly Ancestral Snail as a mount! Legends has it that, with the blood of the True God, they are one of the most powerful existences in this world! They definitely will not become mounts for others!”

Having said that, the old Turtle Monarch was shaken as his eyes — as big as beans — widened and stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. Having a Heavenly Ancestral Snail as a mount, this was a miracle. To have one willingly become a mount, how unfathomable was this!?

“Hmph.” Qingxuan Yuanshan coldly snorted and said: “This is not the era of the Calamity God, what could one Heavenly Ancestral Snail do!? Come and meet your death!”

Finished speaking, the Emperor’s Decree in his hand once again opened.

Niu Fen initially wanted to rush out, but Li Qiye smilingly shook his head and stated: “You haven’t reached the Eighteenth Solution so you still can’t withstand Immortal Emperors’ intents, stand down.”

Niu Fen, without saying another word, immediately retreated to the back of Li Qiye.

At the same time, the Emperor’s Decree ignited into a flame and turned into ashes, leaving behind only the word “Deter”!

In a flash, the whole word “Deter” turned into nothingness as all of its emperor’s power — without any reservation — poured out like a rolling divine spring. In this very second, a shadow appeared, encompassing the nine heavens and ten earths — a generation of invincibility since the ancient times.

“Immortal Emperor’s intent….”

All of Ancient Sky City shook in this instant as if there was an Immortal Emperor standing on top of the city, encompassing all beings in this heaven and earth.

Suddenly, countless cultivators prostrated on the ground inside the city. An Immortal Emperor’s intent was not something they were able to resist!

Facing this shadow of the Immortal Emperor’s intent, even the group of Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao sank their expressions. Supreme Elder Chi Yun’s legs were trembling and becoming weak, he was almost kneeling on the ground.

“Boom!” At this time, this shadow’s hand rushed forward. It was as if the entire universe was within the palm of this hand. Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints were smaller than even insects, they were not enough to reach the apex.

“Scram!” Facing the approaching gigantic hand, Li Qiye slightly narrowed his eyes and coldly said.

“Neighhh..” The bronze horses thunderously roared and pulled the chariot up to the sky as their hooves ruthlessly trampled on this shadow’s face!

This scene shocked everyone. This was an Immortal Emperor’s intent; even if he was no longer in this world, his intent was still irresistible. Today, there was someone actually riding the horses to trample on the face of the Immortal Emperor’s intent — this was truly not putting this Immortal Emperor in his sights!

“Bang!” The hand of the shadow blocked the kicks from the hooves of the horses and then closed, trapping Li Qiye and the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot inside. Along with the immortal intent, the emperor’s power — like the waterfall from the heavens — poured down with the intention of refining Li Qiye.

“You don’t know your own strength, you’re courting your own death!” Seeing Li Qiye trapped in the giant hand, Qingxuan Yuanshan coldly sneered.

“Scram!” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eyelid as he exclaimed: “Qingxuan, you might do if you are still in this world, but just a group of intents still dare to block my chariot!?”

The moment his words left his mouth, “Growlll–” A loud tiger’s roar resonated in the air as a White Tiger suddenly leaped out!

The Tetra-War Bronze Chariot — a Coiling Dragon was carved on its right and a Divine Phoenix was carved on the left. In the front was a Qilin and the back was a White Tiger. At this time, the White Tiger rushed out from the chariot and its claw tore through the sky straight towards the giant hand.

“Xshh–” A tearing sound echoed throughout the heaven and earth. An unimaginable scene happened as the White Tiger jumped into the sky and ripped through everything in its path. The sky and the Immortal Emperor’s intent could not stop the tearing of the White Tiger’s claw!

“Pffufff…” The space-time fabric became unstable for a moment before the Immortal Emperor’s intent disappeared along with the White Tiger. Only Li Qiye alone stood on top of the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot up high in the horizon!

At this second, everyone had the illusion that the bronze chariot belonged to the lord of the Nine Worlds. It would be greeted by the Immortal Emperors and avoided by the gods. At this time, the bronze chariot up in the horizon was an untouchable and supreme existence.

“It’s only a wisp of Immortal Emperor Qingxuan’s intent, yet you still dare to block my chariot!” Standing on top of the bronze chariot, Li Qiye, being calm and collected, slowly looked at Qingxuan Yuanshan and said: “Take out your ancestor’s Immortal Emperor weapons!”

These words sounded arrogant and crazy, but at this time, everyone was stunned. The unstoppable Immortal Emperor’s intent was torn apart by a White Tiger today. This was simply inconceivable!

Of course, the world did not know that this Tetra-War Bronze Chariot was an unparalleled item. It followed Li Qiye across numerous battles, defeating the heavens above and punishing hell below. It fought against the gods and slayed Godkings (Virtuous Paragon). Even living Immortal Emperors still had to personally greet it whenever the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot appeared.

Immortal Emperor Can Long and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi both personally paid their respects to the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot before! Even though Immortal Emperor Qingxuan was invincible, but with just the Immortal Emperor’s intent left behind by him, it could not stop the supreme carriage of Li Qiye!

“The legend is true!” At this point, Qingxuan Yuanshan quickly took several steps back as his expression constantly changed. This bronze chariot had fallen into their hands before! That year, when they possessed this chariot, there was a legend that this chariot was comparable to an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure! Some rumors even stated that the profoundness and mysteries of this bronze chariot were right behind an Immortal Emperor’s True Treasure!

The elders of the Ancient Kingdom had researched this bronze chariot but failed to see through its mysteries. Ultimately, they bestowed it to Qingxuan Yuanshan. At this moment, if these elders found out, they would be crazily regretting giving something equivalent to an Immortal Emperor’s Life Treasure, the once supreme treasure of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, to someone else!

“Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom — what about it!” At this time, Li Qiye glanced at Qingxuan Yuanshan and emotionlessly spoke.

“Kill!” Qingxuan Yuanshan was very decisive as he shouted. He immediately took out a divine saber and slashed straight forward towards Li Qiye’s head. He wanted to surprise and kill Li Qiye in a flash in order to take back the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot.

“Boom!” The bronze horses jumped into the sky and stomped down with their hooves. The divine saber immediately got kicked flying away and the sneak-attacking Qingxuan Yuanshan couldn’t dodge in time. His chest was stomped by the hooves of the horses, resulting in him flying away while spewing out blood.

“Seeking death! You want to sneak attack my Young Noble!” Niu Fen roared and turned into a giant snail to fly past like a rainbow.

“Bang—bang–bang–” The wounded Qingxuan Yuanshan wanted to stop Niu Fen, but he was not able to. After waves and waves of pressure from Niu Fen, his blood crazily spurted out as his bones were broken. As the broken bone noises appeared, no one knew how many bones were completely crushed by this giant snail.

Niu Fen’s giant hand then caught the mortally wounded and immobilized Qingxuan Yuanshan in his hand and retreated to Li Qiye’s side in a split second.

Everything happened so quickly that it caused everyone’s eyes to be blurry. Someone as powerful as Qingxuan Yuanshan suddenly became a prisoner. This was such might! It created a total muddled mess of the situation.

“Young Noble, what to do with him?” Niu Fen asked Li Qiye after catching Qingxuan Yuanshan.

“Kill.” Li Qiye didn’t bother to glance at Qingxuan Yuanshan. In his eyes, the guy was no different than a dead person.

“You dare…” Many Named Heroes and Royal Nobles from the Ancient Kingdom were both angry and frightened. They were afraid of attacking the rat for fear of breaking the vases. They wanted to charge fearlessly, but they didn’t dare to.

“Of course I dare, he’s still not an Immortal Emperor. Kill!” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“Boom!” In this very moment, there was an endless divine light that emanated from the Heavenly Grotto of the Ancient Kingdom. It illuminated the entire grotto and, in just a moment, it spread across all of Ancient Sky City. Everyone’s hearts jumped for they understood that a frightening existence had woken up at this very second.

Inside the divine light within the Ancient Kingdom’s grotto was a floating ancient coffin. Drowned by the divine lights, all of the ancient chambers and sacred pavilions became transparent, revealing the ancient coffin swimming in the light.

“Ancestor, save me…” Qingxuan Yuanshan was immediately ecstatic to see this ancient coffin.

Seeing this ancient coffin, everyone was in horror. The group of Chi Yun was deathly pale. They knew that the ancient coffin buried a terrifying existence!

“This, I’m afraid this might be one of the Nine Ancestors of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” At this time, many royal lords and sect masters inside Ancient Sky City lost their minds. The legendary Nine Ancestors of the Ancient Kingdom were indeed frightful existences!

“Let him go and hand over the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot, then commit suicide in front of the gate. Then, I might spare your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” An ancient and coarse voice came from the ancient coffin. Even though this voice was decrepit, it carried an irrefutable authority!

Momentarily, many grand characters didn’t even dare to breathe loudly. It didn’t matter that the person inside the coffin was near death, he was still extremely daunting. Such an existence could destroy the heaven and earth with one hand!

“Only a dying old devil.” Li Qiye calmly looked at the ancient coffin and continued: “Kill Qingxuan Yuanshan, I also want to see if this devil will climb out from his coffin or not!”

“Yes.” Niu Fen excitedly constricted his fist. A miserable “ahh” rang in the air with the sounds of broken bones heard by many people.

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