Chapter 2067: Decree From Heaven Authority

Oblivion Clan, Immortal Emperor Bai Lian, the mysterious lion-headed figure, and Gods’ Hall! All of these enemies intensified the tense atmosphere at the academy. Everyone wondered if they had any reinforcement coming.

They were only aware of Harmony Monarchs and Stoneraiser Immortal Monarch. Just these three alone weren’t enough to save the academy.

However, this was only the beginning. These foes were nothing compared to the real danger.

Two days after, the grand dao in the sky began to burn. This concluded with an explosion and the emergence of an imperial decree. 

“Buzz.” A scepter as white as jade was inside this decree and emitted an immense pressure. Even emperors shuddered after seeing this. It was a matter of instinct, a fear against an unopposable power.

“Heaven Authority…” They knew this wouldn’t end well.

“It is time for the emperors of the heaveners, devils, and diviners to band together to destroy the academy. May our three races prosper for an eternity!” The mantras from this decree echoed in the mind of the Grand Emperors. This was clearly an order of an apex emperor.

Not to mention the students of the academy, even the teachers lost their colors.

This name was a demon in everyone’s mind, pressing down on their sanity. It was the pride of the heaveners but also the shadow of the hundred races.

It was the oldest and strongest lineage of the heaveners. Only Grand Emperors with ten wills or more could join. It has been steering the political wheel while controlling the heaveners.

The current leader was a notorious individual - World Emperor.

It didn’t matter who and how strong they were, everyone needed to be afraid of Heaven Authority. All were insignificant ants before this behemoth.

Though no one knew who exactly issued the decree, it was definitely from Heaven Authority - enough to represent this power.

Everyone fell into a state of quiet contemplation after seeing this. The decree had seemingly sealed the fate of the academy. Even if others wanted to help, they needed to weigh themselves first. Any reinforcement would be opposing Heaven Authority and no one would do that recklessly.

“Heaven Authority is going all out.” A hiding High God murmured.

“I think Celestial is done for this time, unless it has someone like Immortal Monarch Yi Ye backing it up. Others won’t be able to.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian shook his head and said with regrets.

It seemed that the outcome was obvious now with the involvement of Heaven Authority.

“The end of a legend.” Another stealthy Immortal Monarch lamented with a sigh.

“Is this the end for our academy?” The students turned pale. Young and inexperienced they might be, they still understood the significance of Heaven Authority.

“Maybe it’s time to leave.” A scared student wanted to leave.

Prior to this, many students remained hopeful because the academy was unfathomable and had overcome great dangers before.

But now, this decree was an order for the three races to attack and split up the academy. Despair was understandable under such circumstances.

Alas, these students who wanted to run were facing another problem - where? They were inside the ancient world right now.

“Heaven Authority is coming.” Jinsheng’s expression changed. This development was exerting immense pressure on everyone.

“That’s good, all visitors will be our dear guests.” Li Qiye calmly smiled without any surprise.

“The thirteen continents are sealed but now, so many emperors are coming? This might not be a coincidence.” Jinsheng spoke with a serious expression.

“This particular trouble of the academy isn’t a new phenomenon. I’m sure some emperors have calculated and waited for this day. But ultimately, this might not be a bad thing. It will show you who are really your friends and enemies.” Li Qiye said.

Jinsheng nodded in a sour mood.

Normally, the academy had such a prestigious status in the hundred races. So many Immortal Monarchs and High Gods gave them face. Everyone wanted to do this when the academy was prosperous.

It was the opposite now. It was nice of these emperors not to backstab the academy, no need to even think about them lending a hand in times of trouble.


The academy did not respond to the decree from Heaven Authority. The atmosphere here was tense and somber.

Time passed by, torturing the people there. Night came quickly and the stars showed up.

It was an especially peaceful night with bright dots everywhere contributing to the beauty of this ancient world.

Perhaps tonight was going to be different. The serenity eventually turned into a scene of horror; not even the howl of the wolves was around, same with the chirping of insects. It was as if they knew that something was going to happen tonight so they escaped ahead of time.

At this moment, all eyes were on the sky. Some were waiting with a heavy heart while others couldn’t wait any longer.

“Zzz-” The stars began to light up after a series of faint noises.

They were initially bright but were much clearer now like cressets being lit up and became much more beautiful. It was a scene of flashing diamonds engraved in the night sky. The light began to flow within the ancient world. 

“Rumble!” Explosions came about followed by cracking sounds.

The ancient world was widening again after being empowered by the stars.

The laws locking this space was being assaulted and stretching to the limit, on the verge of breaking at any moment.

The academy and its space were cracking once more. Once the stabilizing laws crumbled, so would it.

The students finally understood why the others waited until this moment to attack. So they knew something like this would happen.

“Stabilize!” The ancestors of the academy roared. 

“Boom!” A second platform actually flew out from the academy. Another group of ancestors got on and poured their energy inside. Boundless chaos energy rushed into the pagoda.

“Clank!” With this second platform, the pagoda poured out endless dao runes to turn into more chain-like dao laws in order to stabilize the region. It was another successful attempt.

“Let’s go now.” People finally lost their patience after seeing most of the ancestors occupied with this spatial task.

Earlier, the coveting ones still didn’t attack because they knew the academy had far more ancestors in reserve. However, with this second platform, it was sorely lacking in manpower.


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