Chapter 2066: Gods’ Hall

The students clamored and wanted to know who the person was.

“Maybe it really is an Immortal Monarch.” One speculated.

Many agreed with this statement because members of the three races wouldn’t need to hide their appearance like this. 

Everyone knew about the racial conflict between the two sides. For example, Oblivion Devil Emperor didn’t need to hide at all even when his clan was situated in Arrogance. On the contrary, this lion-headed figure didn’t dare to show their identity.

Only someone from the hundred races would hesitate like this. After all, the academy was the cradle of prosperity for this faction. If an Immortal Monarch dared to attack, future descendants would certainly spit on their name. All signs pointed to this being a “traitor”.

“Hmph, it might be a monarch from our academy too, goddamn ungrateful bastard, not remembering how the academy groomed them. It’s one thing that they’re not helping, but to backstab us too? So shameless!” One student angrily exclaimed.

Numerous believed in this as well but they didn’t dare to say it out loud, unlike Harmony Monarchs.

“Watch your mouth, this is related to the reputation of a monarch, no need to say anything without evidence.” An older student prudently warned.

This was a reasonable take because one could easily count the alumni monarchs from the academy. Thus, all the ones who didn’t come to help could be the suspects.

That’s why this senior reminded the guy to watch his words. A matter relating to the reputation of the emperors was a big deal.

Despite the warning, the other student was still feeling indignant and snorted.

Not just the students, even the other emperors were curious about this individual’s identity. Ultimately, they were competitors for the academy so it was best to have more information.

Unfortunately, the guy didn’t reveal much about him. Even Oblivion and Bai Lian nearby couldn’t figure anything out.

Nevertheless, more were coming for the academy.

“Rumble!” A dao portal forcefully appeared above. A majestic shadow emerged with a power crushing the firmaments. Behind him was a divine hall with many gods sitting proudly. This seemed to be a world of the gods. Anyone would shudder and back down before them.

“Gods’ Hall!” Someone shouted after seeing this. 

Students were lost in a daze after hearing this name: “Even Gods’ Hall is here?”

“Hundred-arm War God is here. Even this power is getting involved.” A few hiding gods were surprised to see him.

“Fellow Daoist, why are you here?” The old headmaster asked.

“We are only here for one thing.” The majestic shadow spoke: “I hope that academy can forgive us for this transgression, we will apologize later.”

Such politeness made people look around at each other. It was a clear robbery yet he put it so nicely?

“What is it that you want? Fellow Daoist.” The old headmaster inquired again.

“A very simple item, just gather the Desolate Scripture for us.” This shadow was Hundred-arm War God: “Let us borrow this and we will leave instantly. After we finish reading it later, we will return it to you.”

“Desolate Scripture?” Even the masters didn’t know what it was.

“It is amazing, a scripture left behind by Deep South Divine Emperor’s branch.” Even Winged-Oblivion Devil Emperor became interested with a flash in his eyes.

“I’m afraid you will be disappointed.” The old headmaster said: “It was the Imperial Queen’s dowry so we cannot lend it to outsiders. But if you join our academy with sincerity, you will eventually be able to see it.”

This scripture used to be one of Deep South Divine Emperor’s prized possessions. He gave it to his daughter before marrying her off to Immortal Emperor Fei, so it was considered a dowry of sorts. It eventually became one of the most important scriptures at the academy.

Though the majority of these scriptures were available for students, this one wasn’t until one reaches a certain tenured position in the teaching staff.

“Then excuse us, we’ll have to forcefully take it then.” Hundred-arm declared.

People shuddered because this wasn’t only an empty threat.

Gods’ Hall was considered one of the strongest in the thirteen continents. It didn’t have emperors but more than enough High Gods to make up for it. The majority of High Gods from the three races were part of this sect.

Their power could overwhelm many imperial lineages, even Heaven Authority would need to give them some face.

Hundred-arm himself was quite mighty with eleven totems and an impressive battle record.

Right now, he represented Gods’ Hall. If the academy didn’t hand over the scripture, they would definitely not let this go.

So many lineages would dread the idea of having a monster like Gods’ Hall as an enemy but the old headmaster was unperturbed: “We welcome Gods’ Hall to come at any time, doesn’t matter how strong it is. This is just how it is being the academy.”

“Very well, I admire such determination.” Hundred-arm laughed and said: “If that’s the case, we’ll come for your scripture when the stars fill the sky. We’ll never retreat until it is ours!”

With that, the High God turned and left. Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this. It sounded like a challenge to the death.

Of course, some hiding emperors were glancing at each other. That declaration was also aimed at everyone else present. He was warning people that the scripture was theirs. Thinking about it was the same as opposing Gods’ Hall.

Henceforth, those who wanted the scripture before gave up on this idea. After all, there were countless good items at the academy, no need to fight Gods’ Hall to the death for it. Plus, this scripture wasn’t necessarily suitable anyway.

People became increasingly nervous after the war god’s departure, especially the students. They knew a disaster was coming.

Meanwhile, the only calm person was Li Qiye. He sat in the main hall and only chuckled while staring at the sky.

“Young Noble, you want to start? How about this, I will be your vanguard.” Jinsheng immediately asked after seeing Li Qiye opening his eyes.

“My Jinsheng, don’t be so hasty or you will scare away the snakes. A feast like this doesn’t come easy, one in a million years even. Be patient and wait.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Who are you waiting for?” Jinsheng asked.

“A twelve-will emperor. It will only be fun when a character of that level comes.” Li Qiye smirked and scared Jinsheng with his comment.

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