Chapter 2065: Stoneraiser Immortal Monarch

Numerous held their breath after hearing the emperor. The students, the hiding emperors, and everyone else was waiting for an answer and verification from the old headmaster.

“I’m afraid you are misinformed, the academy has no such thing.” The old man answered.

Immortal Emperor Bai Lian smiled: “Fellow Daoist, people at our level have no need to hide or act righteously. A few things can’t be hidden forever, and our information is certainly correct. Yes or no, it is up to you now.”

The second demand only intensified the anticipation.

“Let the future generation decide whether it is real or fake.” The old man answered calmly: “Not to mention that we don’t have it, even if we did, we still wouldn’t deal with you. Go back now, Fellow Daoist.”

The decisive refusal left others pondering. Was it that the academy was strong enough to stop a horde of emperors or was it out of principle?

“Brother, we won’t come back empty-handed.” The emperor said: “If you won’t make the deal, then we’ll have to forcefully take it. When the stars crowd the sky, that’s when we will attack. Please excuse us for the rudeness at that point.” 

The crowd trembled after hearing this. The group has made up its mind in attacking for the treasure. Prior to this, Oblivion and his group included four emperors and now, Immortal Emperor Bai Lian’s group had joined in. A careless move could end in destruction for the academy. 

No one could really blame Immortal Emperor Bai Lian. The academy was facing a crisis and had too many resources. He came here and declared his intention in a straightforward manner. This was in accordance to the harsh rules of the cultivation world.

In fact, if he didn’t do it, others would come for the treasures anyway. 

“Brother Bai Lian, you think your group can take the number one scroll?” Oblivion looked at Bai Lian and smiled.

“You can come and see whether we can take it or not.” Bai Lian smiled back: “We Immortal Emperors have been itching to fight against the Grand Emperors, this might be a good chance to start.”

“I want nothing more than to hear that, but let’s wait for another day.” Oblivion laughed and said.

“I’m ready any time.” Bai Lian didn’t hesitate at all: “But right now, your clan’s emperors alone are not enough to take on my group.”

“Don’t you worry, we’ll invite several more brothers to join that battlefield just to see how invincible the emperors from the nine worlds are.” Oblivion retorted.

“Deal!” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian laughed and said: “Wait till we’re done here then we’ll gather to see how strong the twelve-will emperors from your three races are!”

One could smell the scent of gunpowder right now between the two sides but it wasn’t surprising at all. The Grand Emperors certainly didn’t like the Immortal Emperors and vice versa. Most of their meetings would end like this.

“Oh? A gathering of emperors?” A metallic voice resounded as another person walked on the sky - each step was creating a mark. It was an old man with an indifferent expression who keeps himself aloof from the world.

“Everyone is salivating at our academy, do they think we have no one?” He instantly appeared at the entrance.

“Your Student, Stoneraiser, is here to help. My apology for being late.” The old man bowed with a natural and respectful expression.

“Stoneraiser Immortal Monarch, an alumnus!” A student shouted after seeing the old man and made many of his peers emotional.

In this perilous moment, the academy was surrounded by ravenous wolves. The students were worried but now, a monarch was finally here to help and repay the debt.

Stoneraiser was from Clearing Flow and went to the academy. He eventually went on to become a monarch with eight wills.

Clearing Flow was an imperial lineage at Arrogance created by Immortal Emperor Yan Wu. There were two more Immortal Monarchs after him. It was a simple place with few disciples compared to similar sects - less than ten each generation. Because of this, it wasn’t famous in Arrogance but its power was certainly formidable.

“Come in.” The old headmaster allowed entry for Stoneraiser.

This was a boost of morale for the students. It showed that not all emperors were after their treasures. Some still remembered their roots and the debt they owed to the academy.

He stepped inside and turned back to smile: “Gentlemen, you’re here already so might as well show yourselves. An emperor can steal and kill, but do it in the open, don’t be like a rat and throw away our fame.”

“I agree with Brother Stoneraiser.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian smiled: “Hiding is unbecoming of us. If you dare to come here to rob, don’t be afraid of future repercussion.”

“Correct.” Winged-Oblivion Devil Emperor cheerfully added: “We’re no heroes, more like murderers, but we don’t hide like thieves and shoot arrows in the dark.”

People glanced at each other after hearing this. Even the students found these two interesting. Though they were taking advantage of the situation, they still did it in an open manner, lacking nefarious intents.

This actually made it easier for others to accept because this was the way of the cultivation world. Cultivators have robbed each other since the start of time.

Of course, the ones in the shadow were still spectating. They didn’t show themselves, at least for now.

After Stoneraiser went in, the ancient world became tenser. Just like Oblivion had said, the academy was a weakened whale surrounded by a group of sharks that was increasing in numbers.

“Boom!” A gigantic figure appeared in the sky to join the fun.

It had the head of a lion and a human body - the size of a mountain. The thing said: “Fellow Daoists at the academy, keep in mind that we will attack when the stars fill the sky. Be ready and do not blame us for being cruel at your destruction.”

The fierce declaration certainly stole the crowd’s attention.

“Fellow Daoist, might as well show yourself since you’re here already.” Oblivion looked at the beast and smiled.

“I agree. You also want to attack at the same time so show yourself or people will think we’re on the same side.” Immortal Emperor Bai Lian said.

The thing ignored these two and continued to glare at the academy with a profound pair of eyes.

“What’s your title, Fellow Daoist?” The old headmaster said with a friendly tone.

This person was hiding everything so no one could calculate his origin and identity: “That’s not important. No need for names on the battlefield.” 

“So secretive, must be an Immortal Monarch then.” Someone mocked with a pleasant voice. 

This was Guo Xinyue, one of the two Harmony Immortal Monarchs. The two of them have been here the whole time and couldn’t leave during this crucial moment.

“More than that in my opinion, probably an alumnus of the academy.” Her husband also appeared and uttered coldly.

The thing ignored the monarchs as well and announced in an emotionless manner: “I have said my part, get ready for a life-or-death battle!”

With that, it turned and left.

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