Chapter 2056: Revealing The True Intention

The Three Scions were ready to drag Li Qiye down with them. In their eyes, anyone would salivate before the existence of such a treasure. Plus, who would be dumb enough not to take advantage of the current chaos?

Li Qiye only smiled after hearing Rumination so the youth misunderstood: “Teacher, if you are interested, join us and reap the harvest.”

Li Qiye’s smile became wider: “Listen here, do you know what I hate the most? Traitors, such as yourselves!”

The three naturally didn’t take this comment in stride. Six-sword said with disdain: “Since when are you so righteous? I doubt you’re not tempted by the treasure, it’s more like you want to take it all for yourself.”

Six-sword didn’t give a damn about maintaining courtesy so he was much more blatant compared to the other two.

“Either way is fine.” Li Qiye chuckled: “I’m here right now so anyone else who wants the treasure is simply daydreaming.”

Freesky’s expression sank: “Teacher, regardless of your intent, you better consider the circumstances. As the saying goes, a hero knows when to back off. Throwing your life away for no reason will waste all of your efforts in life.”

“You think the three of you will be able to do anything? Only a group of clowns.” Li Qiye retorted.

Their expression became ugly since they were still geniuses at the very least. Freesky was already a one-totem High God as well so this contemptuous comment insulted them.

“Such big tone, we’ll see what you got?” Six-sword glared and shouted furiously.

The other two immediately stopped him. Freesky said: “Teacher, we’re only foot soldiers so you’re right, we’re completely insignificant. A little character like me can’t get into your sight. However, there are emperors behind us, perhaps a twelve-will one. At that time, you need to carefully weigh yourself against the opponents.”

He relied on scaring Li Qiye with the emperors because the three of them weren’t enough.

“So what? I’ll deal with it when the time comes.” Li Qiye calmly responded.

Their expression darkened after hearing this. They got on the tiger and couldn’t get off at this moment.

In the end, Freesky was still the most quick-witted out of the three. He cupped his fist at Li Qiye and said: “Teacher, you can think whatever you want. In short, we have delivered the message so our mission is complete. We’ll be going now, see you again.”

Freesky wanted to leave first because they didn’t know Li Qiye’s real power. Thus, they needed to deliberate with someone else and come up with a better plan before returning.

With that, he exchanged a suggestive glance at the other two in order to leave.

“Why leave so soon?” Li Qiye blocked their path and smiled.

The three were naturally aghast at this development.

“Teacher, are you trying to kill students? It’s a big crime to kill us just to monopolize the treasure.” Rumination smiled.

“Kill it is then. Doesn’t matter to me, whether it is to purge the academy of traitors or simply murder.” Li Qiye didn’t care at all.

They didn’t expect Li Qiye to be so unreasonable. Methods didn’t work on him at all.

“Boom!” The three didn’t waste words and took out their treasures.

With a loud explosion, imperial auras oozed out. Rumination and Freesky took out imperial weapons while the young king unsheathed his six swords.

“Teacher, are you trying to oppose the emperors? I know you certainly have an amazing background but when a twelve-will emperor gets involved, the academy’s fate is sealed, no one can change this.” Freesky uttered coldly.

“No need to waste words, I’ll give you all a chance to attack first.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“Kill him!” The three shouted and instantly attacked. The two imperial weapons were naturally powerful while the six swords united as one and unleashed a heaven-splitting slash.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye as his body exuded a dazzling radiance - the effect of two Immortal Physiques.

“Boom!” Stagnation Domain activated and everything became infinitely slow and heavy. The three were instantly suppressed.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” The three dropped to their knees at the same time while vomiting blood.

Despite the protection of their weapons, their bones were still breaking all the same.

“Challenging me with this meager power? Know your limit.” Li Qiye smiled and turned to look at the sky: “Come out now.”

Space fluctuated and Gu Qiheng appeared in that spot. He cupped his fist and said: “Brother Qiye, your techniques are amazing. I am lost in amazement.”

“Teacher Qiheng!” The group was ecstatic to see him.

Qiheng was not happy and scolded: “Fools, you all need to be protecting the academy in times of peril, not to have greedy urges like this. A heavy punishment is well-deserved!”

“Yes, we were wrong for being greedy, please give us a chance to redeem ourselves and work for the academy.” The three of them were smart enough and put on a look of repentance by lowering their head.

After seeing this, Qiheng turned towards Li Qiye and said: “Brother Qiye, they’re young and foolish, seduced by the treasures. But now, they have realized their mistake so please give them a chance to redeem themselves.”

“And if I refuse?” Li Qiye smiled.

Gu Qiheng pondered and said: “Well, Brother Qiye, their crime isn’t worthy of death. A matter like this should be left to the ancestors. How about I take them to the prison then deal with them after the disaster?”

“No, I want to kill them right now.” Li Qiye continued on.

“Brother Qiye, punishing the students like this isn’t in accordance with the academy’s rules.” Qiheng replied.

“Rules? My words are the rules. That’s more than enough.” Li Qiye smiled.

Qiheng put on a dissatisfied expression and said: “Brother Qiye, you are being unreasonable right now. A teacher should obey the rules of the academy or the whole place will be lawless and chaos will be the…”

“I’m an unreasonable person, got a problem with it?” Li Qiye interrupted him.

“I see.” Qiheng took a deep breath and formally responded: “If that’s the case, then please excuse me for doing my best to maintain the rules of the academy even if I hay to lay my life on the line. No one will be allowed to violate them!”

“Such flowery words, even more pleasant than a song. You’re quite capable to be able to put up a nice act all along.” Li Qiye nodded and praised.

The sarcastic remark infuriated Qiheng.

Li Qiye then flicked his finger and blew the three flying. They spewed out blood but still made it out and immediately hid behind Qiheng.

“Teacher, he’s unfathomable…” Freesky quietly warned.

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