Chapter 2055: Scheming For Study Room

Li Qiye was notorious today. Everyone knew and feared him in the entire academy.

Prior to this, the three could look down on him but this was no longer the case. Even emperors gave him face, let alone students like them. Furthermore, they were also afraid of getting caught.

“Teacher, we, we chased a bunch of monster ants here.” Rumination stammered.

Of course, this was only an excuse. Rumination could control beasts so after coming across these ants, they thought that heaven was helping them since they needed a reason to enter Study Room.

He made the ants run here and drill into the ground. That would give them a legitimate reason to start digging.

Gu Qiheng believed that this treasure was buried underground but he didn’t know the exact coordinates, only a general direction which he told the kids.

In fact, he wasn’t sure of the treasure’s details. He simply had news that there was an incredible treasure in Study Room but the person didn’t tell him what it was. Nevertheless, it could be considered the very foundation of the academy.

The sect was immensely powerful so imagine that a single treasure was its true foundation? It would be worthy of all risks.

This was the reason why he decided to stay at the academy after graduation since he wanted this treasure. Alas, he has searched Study Room before to no avail so there was no other choice but to dig up the ground.

Normally, this would invoke the attention of the ancestors - he wouldn’t want to be poking at a beehive.

But now, the chaos allowed his group to have a deep search. He hoped that he would find some clues to the location of the treasure.

“Chasing monster ants, huh?” Li Qiye chuckled at them.

“Yes.” Freesky hurriedly said: “Teacher, they’re underground now and might be a problem later on if we don’t take them out.”

Li Qiye nodded: “Very brave but this is just a small matter. I’ll destroy them, you all can patrol in other places since the academy is quite large.”

The three didn’t expect this from Li Qiye so they had no idea what to say. They came for the treasure so they weren’t willing to leave so easily.

“Teacher, there are a lot of ants, we are willing to stay and help you.” Rumination came up with this.

How could they let their goal escape just like that? This was their best chance because everyone else was busy fighting outside. Li Qiye was the only one in Study Room right now.

After obtaining this treasure, they just needed to give it to their monarchs and they would become meritable contributors of their sects on top of gaining the monarchs’ favor. At that point, their potential was limitless and could do whatever they wanted.

“They’re just ants, too easy to kill, no need to bother. Go now.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve.

The group was at a loss again but still, giving up was impossible. They had Qiheng backing them up and many other emperors. This was a once in a thousand years opportunity to make something of themselves!

“Teacher, it’ll be bad if some are left behind so for the sake of the academy, we wish to kill them all, not leaving a single one behind.” Freesky took a deep breath and said with a serious expression.

Rumination chimed in: “That’s right, Teacher. The academy is our home so we can’t be careless at all. As the saying goes, a thousand-mile dike can fall to ants. If we let a few of them survive, they will be trouble later down the road.” 

“Don’t worry about that, they won’t be able to escape from us. Leave now, this isn’t the place for you to linger around.” Li Qiye casually waved his hand again. 

Another refusal. In the end, the three of them glanced at each other then the sceneries of Study Room. There was no one here but the four of them. Such a chance would never happen again.

They made up their mind. It was either to do it right or not do it at all. Plus, their backing was certainly strong enough. Why would they be afraid of Li Qiye alone?

“Hmph, Teacher, what are you trying to say?!” Six-sword had the hottest temper in the group. He already hated Li Qiye so now, the guy was stopping him from success? Fine, it’s time to settle both of the scores then.

“What?” Li Qiye saw the youth’s aggressive demeanor and smirked.

Six-sword snorted: “We are trying to help the academy by killing the ants, but you have been stopping us time and time again. What is your intention?”

Rumination hastily jumped in: “That’s right, Teacher, we are doing this for the sake of the academy but you simply won’t let us do it. It makes people think that you have something to hide here or perhaps other goals.”

“Of course, why else would he be afraid of us staying here?” Six-sword sneered: “You must be here for the treasure, right?!”

The three were ready to frame Li Qiye first in order to establish the moral high ground.

“Oh? You three know that there are treasures here? Who told you this?” Li Qiye said leisurely.

They realized they have revealed the wrong information and exchanged glances.

“Hmph, you’re here for it too!” Since everything was out in the open, Six-sword didn’t need to hide it anymore: “The treasure here doesn’t have your name on it, if you want it, others can too!”

Rumination and Freesky couldn’t stop Six-sword from saying this. It was too late now so they could only bite their teeth and go all out!”

“So you three want it, I see.” Li Qiye didn’t find this surprising at all.

These juniors weren’t qualified to know about High Heaven Palace so they must have emperors behind them. Otherwise, they would never figure this out, unable to reach the right level despite trying for an entire lifetime.

Freesky said: “You’re staying here for it even though there is a disaster at the academy right now. Instead of fighting the beasts alongside the other teachers, you want to take advantage of the situation and seize the treasure.”

“You think you three are capable of obtaining this treasure?” Li Qiye was quite amused.

“Teacher, you are very powerful.” Rumination’s eyes turned cold: “But you’re not the only one. There are many emperors in the thirteen continents and we certainly wouldn’t come here without sufficient planning. If you are smart, then work together with us. If we gain something from this, you’ll get your fair share!”

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