Chapter 2047: Immortal Monarchs’ Arrival

Gu Qiheng sounded as if he was praising Li Qiye to the students, but this was certainly not the case.

There were only one hundred students inside versus the tens of thousands outside; how could one describe this scene as the students eager to learn? It was a blatant mockery.

“Right, we can’t wait to hear the lecture and learn.” Another student sarcastically shouted.

“Hahaha!” Blaring laughter erupted.

It wasn’t that the students here hated Li Qiye but rather Gu Qiheng was too popular and well-liked among the student body.

If they had to pick one between the two, the majority wouldn’t hesitate at all before picking Qiheng since they didn’t know Li Qiye at all.

“Brother Qiheng, don’t worry, even the elders are willing to wait for Young Noble Li’s lecture.” A woman rapidly floated through the sky just like a goddess. No one would be able to stay calm before her.

“Teacher Qianxuan is here too.” She naturally attracted the attention of the students so one of them shouted.

Qianxuan said after arriving: “Great, not late for the young noble’s lecture.” She then took her seat.

Everyone was stunned to see this since Qianxuan was definitely on the same level as Qiheng among the young teachers. She didn’t come to support Qiheng but came early for Li Qiye’s?

Qiheng’s expression naturally shifted a bit but he quickly smiled and kept his cool style.

At this moment, two more people were entering the valley. They seemed a bit unfamiliar with the layout.

One was a burly man with a divine saber while the beautiful woman was more delicate and slender with a longsword on her back.

They hid their auras and power so no one could read their cultivation at all.

“It’s been a while, this is the right place?” The middle-aged man looked at the courtyard and asked.

“Husband, where are you looking at? That’s the dao wall over there and the dao flowers. Where else has these flowers at the academy but the dao courtyard?” The beautiful woman smiled and said.

“True, then we’re at the right place.” The middle-aged man scratched his head.

The appearance of this couple surprised the students. They wondered where these two popped up from since they didn’t seem to be teachers at the academy.

“They look so familiar, I’m sure I’ve seen them before.” A student found this quite strange.

“You’re right, I see that too but can’t seem to recall.” Another student agreed.

“Let’s go, stop messing around. It’s so rare that Teacher would actually do a lecture.” The woman told the man.

“Right, right, it’s good that we’re not late or I would have to slap myself.” The middle-aged man smile back.

The two of them walked hand-in-hand to the courtyard. The students inside naturally stared at them.

“Seniors, please excuse my late reception.” Qianxuan quickly stood up and went to greet them.

“Oh, you’re so big now. No need to be so polite, we’re closer than that.” The woman smilingly said.

The man joked: “This little girl is about to be stronger than us. Seems like the future waves will keep growing stronger and better.”

“Uncle Yang, you always tease me like this. Your sword and saber combination is unbeatable in the present.” Qianxuan smiled freely like a little girl.

“I, I know who they are now!” An Emperor Mansion student suddenly blurted out but he realized that this was too disrespectful.

He quickly lowered his voice: “That’s the guardians of our academy, Harmony Immortal Monarchs.”

“Yes, that’s them, I’ve seen their portraits before in Literature.” A different student quietly agreed.

Everyone finally realized why this couple looked so familiar since they have seen their gigantic statues at the entrance of Literature.

Of course, they also became slack-jawed - even two Immortal Monarchs were coming to listen to this lecture? How astonishing.

These two monarchs have slain a Grand Emperor with eight wills before with their sword and saber. They were well-respected as older monarchs but who would have thought that they would come here in person.

“Good, I’m not late or it would be a great crime.” A burst of free laughter echoed in the sky as another person entered the courtyard.

“South Emperor…” A student cried out.

He had just become an Immortal Monarch two days ago with four wills. The guy was quite famous right now so the students were stunned again by his presence.

“The young generation will surpass us. Little Brother, you will shoulder twelve wills in the future and become the pride of our academy just like Immortal Monarch Yiye.” Yang Zhenwei, the husband, patted South Emperor’s shoulder and laughed.

“Dao Brother, thank you.” South Emperor cupped his fist in response: “Your sword and saber are invincible, a junior like me have a lot to learn from you two.”

“Who is the junior here?” Guo Xinyue smiled charmingly and said. [1]

“Seniority isn’t determined by age, you two were first on the dao path so I am the junior.” South Emperor smiled back.

The husband and wife smiled before getting into their spot.

At this moment, Yao Ting and her peers were scared out of their mind with a tinge of excitement. There was no way to describe their feelings right now.

Remember, it was impossible for them to meet these legendary characters normally. But now, they could hear them chat casually.

Sitting with an emperor was a fortune in and of itself. They could feel the emperors’ radiance; this would be a conversational topic lasting for a lifetime.

Even if they couldn’t become big shots in the future, but they could still tell their juniors in the future that they have sat and talked with Harmony Monarch and South Emperor before. Their chest would be arched forward as they tell their descendants with pride about the event, that your ancestors have seen some big shots before.

“Damned old men, hurry up or we’ll be late. You’re so old now but still tardy like a student? Have you no shame?” An old voice disrupted the frozen atmosphere.

An old man with a cane walked as if he was flying inside. His spirit was still high with bright silvery eyes.

“The previous headmaster…” A student stammered after recognizing him. [2]

“Geezer Shi, think you’re cool because you can still go fast?” Someone behind him shouted.

Next, a group of old people happily walked into the valley, all with gray hair.

“Am, am I seeing things, they’re all ancestors from the academy… why are they here? For the lecture?” All the students became petrified after seeing this group.

These were the strongest characters at the academy. Normally, they didn’t bother giving a lecture at all unless they were in the mood. Thus, attending one of these classrooms would be the blessing of three lifetimes.

But now, they were coming in droves just to hear Li Qiye’s lecture!

“Teachers.” Yao Ting and the others couldn’t believe that they were attending a lecture with these ancestors. No one would ever believe this if told.

“Harmony, the two of you are here too.” One ancestor laughed after South Emperor and the two monarchs stood up to greet the old group.

Famous monarchs they might be, some of the ancestors have taught them before.

“Teacher, if you lecture again, we’ll certainly be there.” Yang Zhenwei laughed.

After the quick exchange, these ancestors sat down. Yao Ting’s group finally became relieved and sat down as well. They didn’t dare to breathe loudly at this moment and were secretly jubilating. If they didn’t come in early, they wouldn’t have been in a position to walk in after these big shots were already around.

It was an issue of seniority and showing respect. They weren’t qualified to sit down with the ancestors and emperors.

Some students outside were regretting their decision. If they had done with Yao Ting’s group did, they could be sitting just fine in the courtyard now without breaking any formality.

“Oh, all of you didn’t even bother letting me know and just sneak here? Think I’m too slow and would drag everyone down?” Another old voice came about.

An ordinary-looking old man slowly wandered into the courtyard. However, all the ancestors and emperors immediately stood up.

Harmony Immortal Monarchs rushed ahead and held the old man up, one to his left and right. They were as obedient as students before this old man.

1. This one can be interpreted in two ways. The first could be that she saw through his real age; the second is that she believes he’ll be more powerful/is more powerful right now

2. This one can be headmaster (respectful) or ex-headmaster. I can’t tell without further context or the presence of the “current” headmaster, just one of those things. But the previous headmaster has been mentioned before, so I’m guessing that this is the case here.

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