Chapter 2042: Dao Courtyard

The news of the ascension naturally swept through the entire academy and shocked many students. Even the best students from Emperor Mansion were speechless after seeing South Emperor’s incredible style.

Recently, the academy had many geniuses but this year was especially noticeable. First, it was Virtuous and Young Monarch. One became an Immortal Monarch while the other became one of the most talented High Gods. South Emperor came after them but now, his imperial path was wide open. 

The proud geniuses found themselves lacking before the emperor.

“Mortal School produces such devilish students.” Someone spoke with great yearning: “The academy is about to produce a twelve-will emperor. Sigh, I wish I could have entered that classroom.”

There were plenty of geniuses here but none was eligible to enter Mortal School, not even Virtuous or Young Monarch. Undoubtedly, the academy tried to groom South Emperor as a twelve-will emperor.

Everyone nearly forgot about the dao lecture between Li Qiye and Gu Qiheng.

“Let’s go listen to Teacher Qiheng now.” The majority of the students ran for the dao courtyard since no one wanted to miss it.

The courtyard was located outside of Emperor Mansion. It was a great valley, not quite a courtyard. This was a wondrous place to learn the dao.

When looking down from the sky, the entire place seemed to be made dao soil piled on top of each other. It looked quite coarse but after entering, one would feel the surging power of the heaven and earth. Dao laws were flowing beneath the ground.

In front of the place was a steep cliff, dark in appearance. It consisted of a single dao rock and hasn’t experienced any carving. It was created in a natural manner and contained the power of the grand dao.

Moreover, runic lines were all over its surface. In fact, the intertwining of these lines formed the rock itself. There were also runic flowers all over the place. The higher up on the rock, the more petals did these flowers have.

Inside these flowers were names that could shock spectators because they belonged to famous characters - Immortal Emperors, Immortal Monarchs, Grand Emperors, and powerful High Gods…

These characters have lectured in this place before. For example, Immortal Monarch Yi Ye, Immortal Emperor Can Long, and many others from the hundred race.

People have already crowded the surrounding even before the start of the lecture. They kept rushing inside.

Lecturing here wasn’t only a challenge to the teacher but also a test for the students.

Due to the special characteristics of this place, the grand dao was very alive here; harmonization could be reached much easier.

For the lecturer, if they were to overestimate themselves and preach here, the failure would be made very clear.

For example, if they had a deep understanding of the grand dao and lectured well, the entire courtyard and its dao would resonate. The better the lecture, the greater the resonation. Thus, the reaction of the courtyard would make it obvious whether a lecture was good or not.

As for the listeners, they would be directly affected by the resonation as well. The more they could understand, the stronger the harvest. But inversely, such a direct connection with the dao could garner a negative effect and slow one’s cultivation.

This didn’t mean that the lecture was inadequate. Perhaps the content of the lecture was not suitable for them.

If a student were learning a merit law with a focus on ice but they came to listen to a teacher talk about the dao of the dragonflame, that would simply be asking for trouble. The better the lecture, the resonation of the dragonflame dao would be stronger. The dissonance between ice and fire would have negative consequence.

Because of this, some were still standing outside. They wanted to carefully wait first.

The first lecture was on dao derivation while the second was on dao heart. Both had no affinity so to a certain extent, no student should experience anything negative.

Nevertheless, some students chose to stay outside for now before the beginning of the lecture. Of course, they could still listen outside but the harvest would be inferior by a large margin. The great resonation of the dao courtyard simply boosted the result of the lecture. 

“I wonder how many petals from the Grand Dao Flower will Teacher Qiheng be able to open.” A student stared at the dao cliff and murmured.

There were numerous dao flowers on the cliff, arranged in a specific order. The higher up, the more petals. Of course, they weren’t flowers or carvings - just a group of runes.

During a lecture, the runes here would also ripple. They were already densely packed so depending on the content, they would also arrange themselves to form these flowers. The greater the resonation, the stronger the ripples and more petals would be formed.

In simple words, the better the lecturer, the more petals in a higher up location.

“Teacher Qiheng’s lectures are usually very profound, I’m sure his dao derivation lecture will be incredible so he can probably create a five-petal flower.” A Hundred Hall student believed.

“Yes, that shouldn’t be a problem.” A genius from Emperor Mansion agreed: “It’s a shame that he’s still so young. If he becomes an Ancient God one day, he might be able to spread twelve petals.”

There were many flowers at the bottom but this wasn’t the case for the top. Of course, the higher ones had more petals. The ones with the same number of petals usually grouped together.

At the very top were two blossoming ones with thirteen petals. These were the top dogs at this cliff. Alas, they were nameless.

On the second level were six flowers with twelve petals each. Only two were named - Yiye and Mo Qianjun. The characters were impeccably written with a strong presence.

The third consisted of eleven flowers with eleven petals each. Some were named while others were nameless. One of them was particularly well-written with the characters, “Immortal Emperor Can Long”.

The fourth had thirty flowers with ten petals each. The majority were the names of Immortal Monarch. For example, Immortal Monarch Jilin…

As one went down, they would see more flowers but with fewer petals. At the very bottom, the flower only had one petal blossoming.

“This is the splendid history of the academy.” A student commented with a tinge of emotion.

From just looking at the flowers, one could relive the great lectures by the big shots that have been carried out here.


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