Chapter 204 : I’m Arrogant, I’m Domineering (2)

Chapter 204 : I’m Arrogant, I’m Domineering (2)

Heaven, Earth, Root! These were the three mantras born from the treasure metal. Their appearances were indeed capable of crushing all oppositions.

If Li Shuangyan wasn’t tough enough as a Grand Dao Noble, someone who was capable of absolutely suppressing Dao Child Shengtian, then Dao Child could have used these three mantras to change the tide.

In fact, the sword in Li Shuangyan’s hand was not ordinary. This was a Virtuous Paragon Life Sword especially bestowed to her by Demon King Lun Ri! But compared to Dao Child Shengtian’s treasure, there was still a big gap!

“A three mantras Life Treasure.” Li Qiye glanced at the battlefield and lightly said: “Shuangyan, your sword won’t be able to break through these Heaven, Earth, Root mantras. Use your Heavenly Plate!”

Having heard Li Qiye’s advice, Li Shuangyan no longer hid her strength as a sacred light pierced the horizon!

“Boom!” Following a loud explosion was the sky being replaced by a new empyrean. Everything became an illusion as the Heavenly Sky Plate appeared, reigning over the universe. The Sky Plate poured down stars after stars!

The Heavenly Sky Plate was an immemorial treasure with a stunning origin. During the battle of the ancient gods, it had a distinguished reputation, but it disappeared later on without a trace! At this moment, this immemorial treasure had fallen into the hands of Li Shuangyan as it exerted its unparalleled sacred power!

“Heaven, Earth, Root…” Seeing the actualization of the Heavenly Sky Plate, Dao Child Shengtian lost his colors and shouted while channelling his undulating Life Wheel, moving his Longevity Blood. All of this blood energy fueled his Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure and sacrificed for the three mantras. In a flash, the three mantras turned into the boundless world like the inception of a primal chaos!

“Boom…” An explosion blasted the heaven and earth, even layers of universal laws protecting Ancient Sky City eroded away. Under this one attack, the sky had been shattered and directly turned into a black hole.

As flesh blood tainted the blue sky, Dao Child Shengtian was knocked flying away. Even the three mantras of the Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure could not save him. His chest was penetrated, revealing a horrible gap that indicated tremendous damage taken.

“Withdraw…” Dao Child Shengtian was gasping for air before shouting. At this time, nothing else mattered to him. He dragged his dying body to immediately escape far away. Even if his flesh was destroyed at this moment, he still wouldn’t notice it during his scramble.

Li Shuangyan wanted to pursue, but Li Qiye waved his sleeve and smilingly spoke: “A monk can flee but a temple cannot hide!”

“Kill!” After Wan Shengjian died in the battle and Dao Child Shengtian escaped, the two remaining elders couldn’t handle it and died on the spot. This destroyed the Heavenly God Sect’s disciples’ will to fight as they turned around to run! However, how could the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples give up such an opportunity to attack. If they didn’t kill to the end, it would be a crime against their dead brothers. Many loud roars sounded as their morale reached the peak — like the lions and tigers — as they slayed their enemies and traded blood for blood. They would absolutely not spare any disciples from the Heavenly God Sect.

Momentarily after came the sounds of murder. In the end, not many Heavenly God Sect disciples escaped with their lives! Blood stained the ground as the Nine Saint disciples pursed the Heavenly God Sect disciples from street to street!

Seeing this scene, all of the observing experts were silent without words. The Heavenly Southern Kingdom, the Jiang Zuo Clan, the Jewel Pillar Sacred School… All of these powerful sects didn’t dare to give out any opinions!

The Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Heavenly God Sect’s quarrel — this was absolutely a war between monsters. With the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom looming as well, no matter how strong one was or how great the sect was, no one dared to be sucked in this vortex of war!

“Sweep and annihilate the grotto of the Heavenly God Sect!” Just after the battle, Li Qiye swung his hand on the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot and commanded.

As Li Qiye’s command vibrated the field, not to mention the juniors like Qu Daoli, even all of the disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gates were ecstatic with their blood boiling. Chi Yun, as the Supreme Elder, gave his orders, then the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples immediately soared forward like the wind and clouds towards the Heavenly God Sect’s grotto.

The Heavenly God Sect also had a resting area at Ancient Sky City, and it was no worse than the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s.

“Kill!” With waves of roars, the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples, like wolves and tigers, rushed forward and entered the Heavenly God Sect’s grotto.

“Run…” Seeing the fierceness of the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples, the Heavenly God Sect disciples guarding the Heavenly Grotto had no desire to fight and immediately turned around to flee.

In just a blink of an eye, the Nine Saint Demon Gate swept through the entire grotto while Li Qiye’s group didn’t need to do anything as they easily occupied the Heavenly God Sect’s grotto.

In actuality, Li Qiye’s group and the Nine Saint Demon Gate both pounced on air. Dao Child Shengtian simply did not return at all. Even some grand characters of the Heavenly God Sect stationed at the grotto all escaped since they knew the Nine Saint Demon Gate would definitely retaliate, they only left behind a few trivial ordinary disciples to guard the grotto!

Even though it was empty, it was still a great joy to the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples. They were originally on the losing side, but they managed to reverse the situation and occupy the Heavenly God Sect’s grotto. To them, it was a fortuitous event within a disastrous day.

Only Supreme Elder Chi Yun carried a solemn expression. Even though it was a grand victory, he was not happy. He clearly understood that once the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom joined in, it would be a great calamity against their Nine Saint Demon Gate!

“Dao Child Shengtian and the sectional leaders of the Heavenly God Sect are all hiding in the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s grotto.”

Soon after, the group of Li Qiye received news from the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples.

“The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” Chi Yun’s expression became dark. The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom definitely supported this invasion against the Nine Saint Demon Gate. He was extremely furious about this matter, but even if his fiery anger reached the sky, he could only hide it inside for he was aware that the current Nine Saint Demon Gate could not oppose the Ancient Kingdom.

“The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto?” Contrary to Chi Yun, Li Qiye narrowed his eyes then chortled and said: “They should be thanking the heavens when I haven’t trampled their grotto, yet they are hiding my enemies. Good, today, I want to see the strength of the Ancient Kingdom! Come, we will go to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s grotto!”

Chi Yun then startlingly replied: “This, this, this is the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom ah!”

“So what? Mess with me, even if it is the high heavens, I will still crush it!” Li Qiye, in his calm and leisure demeanor, said with a smile.

Chi Yun’s body jumped with a panicked heart because of this Little Ancestor who did not care for the law and nature of the heavens. Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom — this is a giant of the Grand Middle Territory, how many people could actually provoke it? But from the mouth of this Little Ancestor, it seemed that it was only a trivial tiny sect. He also clearly understood that this Little Ancestor did not care for anything or put any enemies in his eyes. He truly believed that, with his presence, invincibility was achieved!

“Such a great matter like this, why not, why not ask for His Highness to come.” Chi Yun hesitatingly answered. As a Supreme Elder, he could not mirror this bold and reckless behavior of the Little Ancestor.

Li Qiye shook his head and smiled: “Only a small matter, it is not enough to reach the apex. It is enough to tell Demon King Lun Ri after he arrives.”

“But… but…” Chi Yun’s expression immediately became painful. Attacking the Heavenly Grotto of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, wasn’t this wanting to take what is remaining of his old life?

Chi Yun still wished to persuade Li Qiye, hoping to dispel this notion of attacking the Ancient Kingdom from his mind, but Li Shuangyan secretly shook her head towards him.

There was no one here who knew Li Qiye better than her. Since the Ancient Kingdom provoked him, he absolutely could not let it go this easily! Chi Yun’s persuasion would only displease him.

“Elder Yun, you don’t need to take action for this matter. Since you have some reservations, I will only take my people along.” Li Qiye stared at Chi Yun as he said.

Chi Yun then bit his teeth before he ultimately said: “I will come with Young Noble Li along with the elders and sectional leaders!” At this point, Chi Yun made his decision. His Nine Saint Demon Gate was a stern ally of Li Qiye. When they suffered an attack, Li Qiye bailed them out. Currently, since Li Qiye wanted to attack the Ancient Kingdom’s grotto, if he didn’t bring experts along to assist, then it would be too unreasonable. It would greatly influence the relationship of both sides!

Chi Yun was clear that provoking a monstrous existence like the Ancient Kingdom was a great matter, but they had to stand on the same camp as Li Qiye!

“Good, we shall go.” Li Qiye was pleasantly pleased with Chi Yun’s decision, so he gently nodded his head.

Chi Yun became serious. As a Supreme Elder, he was an experienced man. Once the choice was made, he was very decisive and took thunderous actions. He immediately mobilized the elders, protectors, and sectional leaders inside Ancient Sky City, but not the ordinary disciples.

Against a monster like the Ancient Kingdom, ordinary disciples would only go to seek their deaths. It was better to use only the elites and most powerful team to meet the enemy!

“This grotto, from today on, will belong to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. You all watch over it for me for a bit…” Before leaving, Li Qiye said such a sentence! He immediately occupied the Heavenly God Sect’s grotto for his own, and the group of Chi Yun was not in a position to compete for the grotto’s ownership, so they also agreed.

When Li Qiye, along with his group, marched towards the Ancient Kingdom’s area, many people were scared stupid.

All of the grand sects and powerful countries assumed that this matter was over when the Nine Saint Demon Gate defeated the Heavenly God Sect. It was already a great victory when the Nine Saint Demon Gate occupied the grotto and the Heavenly God Sect had to flee.

However, within just one day, Li Qiye brought people to embark on another journey which caused many men to become dumbfounded.

“Crazy!” Hearing that Li Qiye wanted to attack the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto, many sect masters and royal lords of great powers all widened their eyes.

Only a fool would attack the Ancient Kingdom’s grotto. This was a direct declaration of war.

Declaring war meant that countless Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and even Ancient Saints of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would be involved. Maybe even the reclusive Heavenly Sovereign and Heavenly Kings would also take action. It was truly self-destruction to declare war against the Ancient Kingdom!

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