Chapter 2038: Approaching Storm

The prince was always curious about the final battle because his entire family went on this path, including his mother.

After Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor started the third expedition, there has been no news of them. The world believed that they were no longer alive, but the prince held on to a sliver of hope.

There was no way for him to embark as well since he had things to worry about still. He couldn’t let go of the academy but he knew that Li Qiye had been there, the only survivor to return. He wore a dignified expression, a rare sight on a powerful being like him.

Li Qiye looked back in silence. He eventually said: “Hmm, I don’t know how to answer this question.”

“Sir, just be straight with me, I can handle both good and bad news. There’s nothing I can’t accept at this age now.” The prince solemnly said.

Li Qiye shook his head: “It’s not about good or bad news, more complicated than that. But if you must have an answer, then I can only say to wait after the final battle. You’ll understand then.”

“If there is no result, then there is no answer.” Li Qiye sighed: “That’s all I can tell you.”

The prince pondered in silence before speaking: “I believe I can wait until then, and that you can make it there to break the timeless shackles. If even you fail, then despair will swallow us all. Many will join the darkness in the future.”

“Darkness permeates in every epoch, that’s unavoidable. But right now, it is also a good chance to figure out and kill those who deserve death. That’s all we can do.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Right.” The prince nodded: “It is indeed a chance to wipe out the traitors of our race. Alas, it is uneasy not knowing who the enemy is.”

Li Qiye said: “It won’t take long now.”

“The seeds of trouble in the academy can be wiped clean completely too, it will make the academy much stronger.” The prince agreed with Li Qiye’s viewpoint.

“Let’s hope the storm turns into a tempest.” Li Qiye smiled: “But it is indeed disappointing if alumni emperors join the fray on the other side.”

The prince didn’t have anything to say. If these powerful alumni were to conspire with the evil-doers, it would be too much to take. The prince didn’t want to see this happen at all.

Of course, he would still kill them all the same, no time to show mercy.


The tea party was about to end soon so Min Xinxue and the others were heading back for Study Room. The other students headed for their own classrooms.

Li Qiye returned as well and stood outside the main hall to gaze at these sceneries. He was quite immersed in this task.

“Teacher, are you researching something?” Xinxue and Goldloop were very curious. Only Jinsheng remained quiet.

After finding the medicine with Li Qiye’s help, Jinsheng no longer coughed. Moreover, he seemed to be much more relaxed and carefree after the tea party.

“Just taking a look at the land.” Li Qiye said: “Not long from now, all of this might be gone, same with the academy.”

“Teacher, you must be joking?” Goldloop was startled: “The academy is the lineage with the strongest foundation in the hundred race. Other imperial lineages might perish but the academy will be just fine.”

“Nothing is eternal in this world.” Li Qiye smiled: “Certainly not any lineage. Just like Immortal Gate back then, a sect with nine emperors fell in just one night.”

The group shuddered after hearing this because they knew about this famous historical event.

Right now, the strongest lineage for many people was the Qian Clan with nine emperors. However, there was another one before them also with nine emperors. It was even older than the Qian Clan.

Its name was Immortal Gate, the only sect that dared to call themselves by this bold name.

Alas, it was still destroyed overnight by someone to the astonishment of the world.

Thus, the group was taken aback when Li Qiye was comparing the academy to Immortal Gate.

“Teacher, is it true?” Xinxue trembled because the academy was her second home. There was no other place as safe as the academy.

“Both true and false.” Li Qiye said flatly: “A disaster is coming, that’s the truth. But the academy won’t fall that easily. I will not allow it.”

“Oh, I see, you scared me just now.” Goldloop heaved a sigh of relief and laughed.

“Though the academy won’t fall, the danger will still be there. Gather your stuff and find a good cave. When the disaster comes, it’s time to hide.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said.

Though Li Qiye was exaggerating a bit, the two young ones knew that the matter was serious. They immediately went to gather their belongings.

Li Qiye didn’t look back since his gaze was still on the land. He told Jinsheng: “What is your plan?”

Jinsheng took a deep breath and solemnly said: “I am siding with the academy. Just give me the order and I shall carry it out. I don’t know about the others, but I am a student here and have benefited from the academy. Without the academy, I won’t have the same achievements today. The academy lives, I live. The academy dies? I shall be buried with it.”

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded: “You will be useful when the storm comes; it is time for you to rampage. Though you won’t be able to take on the twelve-will emperors or Ancient Gods, you will be one of the pillars in this fight.”

“I will do my part as long as the academy needs me.” The old man answered with certainty.

“People make mistakes, but as long as the academy have students like you, it will be fine in face of an even bigger disaster.” Li Qiye commented with emotion.


Everyone thought that the academy would enjoy serenity after the tea garden. Alas, an announcement came out - Gu Qiheng was going to lecture at the dao courtyard.

Students from all classrooms became excited after hearing this. Each classroom had its own teachers and lectures. However, the content adhered to a set of common core principles.

This wasn’t the case for a lecture at the dao courtyard. The content was definitely profound compared to a regular classroom.

This dao courtyard was very famous. Of course, anyone could come there to do a lecture but it was best to be capable lest they want to make a fool out of themselves.

The lectures here encompassed the essences and unique perspectives of their dao search - straight to the true meanings. Only powerful teachers or emperors dared to lecture in this place.

Even Immortal Emperor Fei had lectured in this place. This set a very high standard for future generations.

So now, people were naturally excited to hear about Gu Qiheng’s lecture. Something amazing was going to happen.

“After my reclusive cultivation, I have understood a bit more about the grand dao thus I want to share it with everyone at the dao courtyard.” On the second day, Gu Qiheng personally verified the rumor.

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