Chapter 2033: Entering The Murderous Ocean

Jinsheng gave the young king a cold glare - one akin to looking at a corpse. He calmly said: “If he doesn’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth, Teacher, just teach him a lesson.”

He saw his youthful and arrogant past in these talented kids so he tried to warn them. Unfortunately, the young king didn’t realize this so he stopped giving a damn.

“Fine, fine.” Li Qiye smiled: “If someone doesn’t know what fear is, then I should really teach him a lesson. Come, I’ll entertain you so people will stop thinking that I’m such a nice guy.”

“Hmph, save your words for after the outcome is decided.” The young king snorted.

“I can see the outcome already.” Li Qiye said: “I’ll give you a chance to go first so it won’t be considered bullying.”

“Very well, I’ll wait on the seventh layer for you then, Teacher.” The young king smirked before releasing his vitality. The might of a High God emerged as if he was one himself.

People were startled to see this particular aura because he was certainly not one yet. They quickly realized that his father must have blessed him with an augmentation.

“Clank! Clank!” His six swords left their sheath and rushed into the sky. They illuminated his body before turning into a defensive formation around him. He looked just like a sword god now with an immense boost of power.

“Amazing, those swords are unbeatable.” Many students became envious and praised.

These six swords had quite an origin - his father personally crafted them for his sake. It allowed him to exert his strongest power on top of boosting him to another level.

“Senior will definitely be able to do it.” Someone from Hundred Halls cheered quietly.

“I’ll go ahead now and will wait for you in the seventh level, Teacher!” The young king looked back and laughed with pride before heading out.

“Boom!” The massive wave of murderous energy slammed into this intruder.

One could hear buzzing noises of space being eaten away. Such tyrannical energy could melt everything and turn them into its own. This was the reason why the pagoda continued to grow stronger in this place.

However, whenever the wave was about to make contact, the young king’s shadow grew as he took one gentle step forward just like a dancing crane. Strange enough, he easily evaded it and made it to another part of the ocean.

“Boom!” Another wave came along but he took another quick step and dodged it again before appearing in another spot.

Just like that, the waves continued its relentless assaults but his stepping method was peerless, allowing him to evade these monstrous waves. Moreover, the sword formation was also protecting him, not allowing the remnant energy to graze his body.

Because of this, the ocean retaliated by sending waves of increasing size like the end of the world. The young king was a little boat that refused to capsize among the tsunami.

There was no doubt that this stepping method was created by his father. This gave him the courage to bet against Li Qiye.

“That’s amazing!” The spectators were slack-jawed to see this, not expecting for him to use such a magical stepping technique to get through the ocean.

“The young king is more than meet the eyes. Earlier, Teacher Zhou used force to withstand the ocean and it wasn’t easy for him. But the king could dance his way through the waves, incredible.” Another student praised.

“I think he will win for sure if this continues.” Someone from Hundred Halls quietly said while stealing glances at Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye had a smile on the whole time, not surprised at all.

“I wonder what Nether Lunatic will feel if he knows his Murder Pagoda was about to be taken away.” Li Qiye told Jinsheng.

The old man calmly responded: “Nothing is unsolvable in this world, this pagoda isn’t a supreme weapon either, so it makes sense that someone would figure it out eventually.”

He paused for a bit before continuing: “Nine-sword High God is not bad at all. He has derived the mysteries of the pagoda so he created this stepping technique to take it down. He probably wanted it back then but didn’t want to offend the academy.”

Nine-sword and Nether Lunatic both had eleven totems in Arrogance. The former naturally wanted to compete against the once famous prodigy. Because of this, he researched on the pagoda.

After all, Nine-sword was still a powerful High God so he figured out the mysteries of the pagoda and also taught his son this particular stepping technique.

Like Jinsheng said, the pagoda was powerful but it wasn’t supreme or anything. It made sense that Nine-sword could figure it out.

In fact, the ancestors here could easily take it down too but they left it here on purpose.

“The seventh layer!” A student shouted: “He made it! So damn strong and heaven-defying, getting there without being hurt at all, that’s better than Teacher Zhou.”

Sure enough, the young king easily made it to the seventh layer from the sixth. Of course, he wasn’t stronger than the previous teacher who tried to come here. It was just that his stepping technique was specifically crafted for the pagoda.

“Teacher, you coming?” The young king was even more confident now after coming here unscathed. His father didn’t lie to him; he had really figured out the pagoda back then.

He glared at Li Qiye in a domineering manner with a touch of disdain. The guy wanted to repeat the legend of Nether Lunatic by defeating a teacher at the academy again. He would be written down in history as well.

“Looks like you’re still quite self-assured.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Of course not, please come, Teacher.” The young king’s attitude had changed completely as if he was above everyone else.

“I have nothing else to do anyway, might as well beat up a kid.” Li Qiye smiled and entered the murderous ocean.

First layer, second, third, fourth… He was simply too fast with each step crossing through space. 

“Rumble!” The waves started way too late since the guy had already moved on to the next.

He only needed seven steps to catch up to the young king. This scene astounded the crowd. The young king needed to dance and dodge to make it to the top level and this was already a miracle of sorts.

But now, Li Qiye just needed exactly seven steps? How unbelievable.

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