Chapter 2023: Grand Dao Tea

“Grand Dao Tea, eh?” People started swallowing their saliva after seeing this old tree lost in the clouds. Even members of imperial lineages felt the same greed because only the academy had such a tree in all of Arrogance. Yet, even rarer was their generosity to offer it to all the students.

“The teachers are leaving so many tea leaves for us, it’s a shame we won’t be able to pick that much.” A student from Emperor Mansion said with regrets.

“I’m cool with it.” A different student from his class opened his palm to reveal three leaves with two circulating laws each and smiled happily: “This is enough for me to use. When I encounter a mental blockade later, just need to bite one and it will be enough.”

So this tree was quite famous, referred by others as Immortal Tea. Some of the leaves were capable of bolstering one’s dao heart during any dao tribulation, saving one’s from qi deviation.

The leaves were divided into different levels - the more laws, the more precious. Thus, the ones on top were the best, especially the highest with twelve laws.

“Two-dao leaves? Pretty amazing, Brother Baihe, your cultivation is definitely top-notch in Emperor Mansion.” A fellow student praised.

“Yes, it has been a while now and only five students have been able to pluck these leaves. The best so far has been three-dao leaves.” Another added.

These precious leaves were exceedingly difficult to pick. The requirement was to have a deep and insightful understanding regarding the mysteries of the dao.

In other words, it had nothing to do with cultivation. If two were about to pick a leaf, one strong and one weak, the weaker one with a deeper dao understanding will be the winner.

“Let me try!” An excited student with a heroic aura stepped out. He jumped to the middle of the mountain then propelled himself once more to reach the tree.

“Buzz.” Though he was so close to it, a path suddenly appeared before him spanning for countless miles. It seemed as if it could contain the entire world in its bound.

Numerous runes appeared on this dao path and flowed rapidly like water. Drowning was a possibility or extreme panic.

The tea leaves were nowhere to be found, only majestic and endless runes.

“Open!” He shouted and tried to understand the profundity of this particular dao before reaching forward to grasp it.

“Pop!” The moment contact was made, he was instantly repelled back to his previous position.

However, there was a leaf in his palm right now with three laws floating around it.

“Incredible, Brother Chi Xi, you got a three-dao leaf.” The other students quickly flattered.

This student turned red and smiled awkwardly: “The truth is embarrassing but I actually tried for a four-dao leaf. Alas, I couldn’t see through this dao completely so only got a three-dao one.”

“That’s already amazing enough. That’s why you’re the second strongest in our Sacred Institution.” One more praise came about. There were two people walking in the sky with many wondrous visual phenomena behind them.

The crowd quickly came up to greet these two: “Young King and Godchild are here now.” 

“Godchild, you’re too kind. I’m no match for you.” The student humbly said.

Of course, Rumination and Six-sword were well-received. They were the de-facto leaders of their classrooms.

“Grand Dao Tea, it would be so nice if we could get enough to make a full bottle.” Rumination looked at the tree and said with emotions.

“Godchild, that’s too wasteful. One full bottle requires so many leaves. Not to mention students like us, not too many teachers could do it either. Actually, maybe only the dean and Grandpa Mo.” Six-sword smiled and said.

“Wasteful indeed.” The other students laughed and agreed. One of them continued: “If it was me, I’m satisfied with just grabbing an eight-dao leaf. That’s definitely a life-saver during a crucial moment.”

Six-sword replied with a sigh: “That’s difficult, I think four-dao is my limit.”

“I can’t do much better than you either, Brother.” Rumination shook his head and said.

The Three Scions had a great relationship and an implicit agreement with each other. Six-sword was the leader of Hundred Halls; Rumination had Sacred Institution; Freesky Young Lord owned Emperor Mansion. Because of this, the three classrooms rarely fought against each other. Each leader would often back off or gave the others some face.

Of course, Study Room and Mortal School weren’t part of this group. 

“Is there anyone in our academy that can take down an eight-dao leaf?” One curious student asked.

The young king and Godchild glanced at each other. Eventually, the former smiled wryly and said: “Maybe none among our student body. But as for the young ones, I personally think Teacher Qianxuan and Teacher Qihang have this ability. As for the older teachers? Who knows.”

Many students nodded in agreement and said: “You’re right. Teacher Qianxuan and Teacher Qihang are the strongest among the young generation; their talents are the best too.”

“I heard recently, Study Room got a new teacher named Li Qiye who is very young too. And as you know, to be a teacher as such a young age means that he should be supremely talented. Maybe he can grab an eight-dao leaf as well.” One student from Sacred Institution quietly added.

The two scions were not happy to hear this so their expression darkened. Six-sword had grievances with Li Qiye while Godchild was not happy to see him so close to Mei Suyao.

“A young teacher is not necessarily strong. The world is unpredictable, plus, if he’s really that strong, he wouldn’t be a teacher at Study Room; that place only has a few random nobodies. Look at Teacher Qiheng, he’s so young yet he can lecture at Sacred Institution? Now that’s a real genius. No one would dare to question his abilities.” Someone who was close to Rumination purposely disparaged Li Qiye.

“Well yeah, no one with a sane mind would want to be a teacher in Study Room.” Another chimed in: “That’s like being banished to the border. Maybe his performance was bad so he got delegated to that place.”

“Anyways, Teacher Qiheng shouldn’t have a problem taking an eight-dao leaf.” A student changed the topic: “I heard Virtuous got a nine-dao one back then.”

“Indeed.” Both the scions were full of reverence after hearing this name. After all, Virtuous was the pride of the human race in this generation.

“Teacher Qiheng and Virtuous were the top students from the same class. Maybe the gap between them is quite small.” Another student immediately mentioned.

“Even a supreme genius like Virtuous can only do nine-dao? Who else can get ten, or even eleven and twelve?” One more brought this up.

“Hmm, most teachers and Immortal Emperors don’t have their records written down. However, our academy did have one student capable of grabbing a ten-dao leaf.” The knowledgeable Godchild pondered and revealed.

“Who?!” All the students here became interested.

“Nether Lunatic.” Rumination slowly uttered the name for emphasis.

“Lunatic. An eleven-totem High God, famous at the same time as my father.” The young king nodded.

“I have seen records about him. He used to be the most arrogant student at the academy and one of the most talented.” Someone else in the crowd said emotionally: “I heard he wasn’t convinced that the teachers were better than him and thought no one in this world was qualified to teach him.”

“Yea, he’s a famous High God of our hundred races. The guy was arrogant enough to go and challenge Mortal Reversion Ancient God in order to take his position. Alas, no news about anything afterward, people think the Ancient God killed him.” Another student from a great power said.

Everyone was quiet when Mortal Reversion was brought up. There weren’t that many Ancient Gods around but this wasn’t the only thing. He also had the Human-monarch bloodline. That’s the truly heaven-defying part.

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