Chapter 2010: Asura

“Buzz.” The platform opened revealing a portal that instantly sent Li Qiye away.

Next, he appeared in an unknown location with another portal. He was once teleported to a different place.

This process went on several times before he reached a mansion with extreme defensive measures with formations. Any intruder would be taken care of easily.

However, he was unaffected and strode inside. It didn’t take long before he reached the end of the mansion. This was a small room with immortal crystal linings. One could see a person meditating there, spewing and absorbing clouds and smokes.

Li Qiye chuckled and sat down without any reservation.

“Sacred Teacher.” The meditating man immediately opened his eyes, revealing a monstrous glare containing the three thousand dao within. 

“Don’t worry, no need for that.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and said: “It wasn’t easy for the academy to create a room like this for you. Many descendants have poured their wealth into it.”

“Please excuse your disciple for not being able to stand up and greet you, though I want to so much.” The man said emotionally.

“There will be more chances later.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “You’re the renowned Asura, don’t be so emotional like a girl now.”

The person inside smiled wryly after hearing this: “Perhaps it’s because I haven’t seen you in a long time or maybe my old age is catching up to me.”

Asura was one of the strongest ancestors at the academy. He steered the academy through many dangerous periods so he enjoyed a great status here.

Few could personally see Asura himself. They would need permission from the ancestors first.

“Don’t worry, you’re still quite tough.” Li Qiye smiled.

Asura replied: “I heard the juniors talked about a big event at Pure several days ago, a world-destroying one. The first thing I thought about was you, Teacher, and you’re really here now. It’s been several eras since our last meeting.”

“I’m not finished with a few matters so I have to come back.” Li Qiye said calmly.

“It’s good that you’re here. I’ve been worrying about the academy but I’m sure it will be okay now.” Asura smiled.

“When Immortal Emperor Fei and Deep South Divine Emperor were still around, they have thought about this already. It’s just coming a bit early now.” Li Qiye said.

“Yes, the time is changing, perhaps the darkness will come soon than we thought.” Asura said sentimentally.

“It is perilous but the academy has faced and surpassed disasters before.” Li Qiye wasn’t too worried.

“If everyone works together, then the academy can certainly do it.” Asura sighed: “But many people won’t let the academy do so. It is a fat piece of meat that everyone wants a bite of, including members of the hundred races.”

“You’re thinking about some of the alumni?” Li Qiye asked.

“If that’s the case, then the academy is trouble. If these emperors and gods work with the three races, it won’t look too good. They know too much about the academy, especially the defensive strongholds. Some were created by them too… The academy lines will falter if that happens.” Asura was worried.

“You don’t know who you can trust, which is why the situation is so difficult right now. If the academy asks for help from the emperors, it will be a huge boost in power. But asking the wrong person would be akin to leading wolves into one’s house.” Li Qiye analyzed.

“Exactly.” Asura pondered for a bit before speaking: “Thus, your arrival is our blessing. As long as you give the order, the monarchs and Immortal Emperors won’t dare to do anything reckless. The Grand Emperors have to think twice as well.”

Asura was merely speaking the truth. With a character like the Dark Crow around, the emperors would have to tread carefully. He was a butcher so anyone who was aware of his existence would naturally feel trepidation.

“No need for that.” Li Qiye chuckled: “If I give an order, people will say that I am bullying others using my status. But I’m not someone like that. If some people have this idea, let them come. We shall welcome them.”

“Celestial Academy takes everyone in, so if some emperors are interested in us, then we will show them the most sincere form of hospitality. That’s how we should treat guests, we’ll let them stay with our enthusiasm. Otherwise, others would make fun of us if our guests just leave so fast before their seat could warm up.”

“You mean…” Asura slightly batted his eyes. As Li Qiye’s disciple, he knew exactly what Li Qiye was trying to say.  A thick stench of blood could be sensed now.

“As the adage goes - never trust anyone not from the same race, kill all to avoid further complications. In fact, there is another phrase - never trust anyone who doesn’t walk on the same path as you. Kill them all too. So, for those Immortal Emperors and monarchs who want a piece of the academy, we’ll massacre them regardless of their reasons and beliefs.” [1]

“Kill emperors from the hundred races and the nine worlds!” Asura was slightly stirred. It would be a great war if this were to happen.

“This disaster is a test for the academy and also a test for the hundred races and us!” Li Qiye said with a cold smirk: “When the disaster comes, these traitors will bite us anyway and treat others as food. This is the best time to kill those who deserve death in order to surpass future tribulation. Otherwise, they’ll just be claws for the darkness later on.” 

Asura has thought about this in the past but he wasn’t strong enough to do so. His academy wasn’t strong enough to wage war against everyone.

Moreover, he didn’t know who to trust. Any reckless move would deteriorate the situation.

This was no longer the case now that Li Qiye has returned. He had the abilities to stop the surging waves. More importantly, Asura could question other emperors but he had absolute trust in Li Qiye.

“Get ready, it will be a tough battle.” Li Qiye smiled: “Killing the potential betrayers from the hundred races will be an appetizer before the storm just like slaying the traitors from the three races. We need to stop them from growing and spreading before the disaster or it won’t bode well.”

“Teacher, your foresight has always been acute.” Asura sighed. Who could guarantee that they wouldn’t falter when the darkness comes? That they wouldn’t forget who they were and wouldn’t betray their family and race? Even emperors wouldn’t dare to make this claim. Tragedies like this have happened before. It was part of the dark reality.

“Are the generals doing well?” Li Qiye asked after a brief silence.

“They should be okay.” Asura responded: “We can’t communicate or meet up, but your markings are still there.”

“That’s good then.” Li Qiye nodded: “When I leave this world, it is when all of you will raise your wings without my order. I’m sure the White Crane will soar, all glories will belong to your group then!”

1. The first phrase is a historical one, but the character for “race” has many meanings. In this particular translation, it comes off as racist. In fact, this character can mean: race; nationality; ethnicity; clan; by extension, social group. So essentially, the meaning of the phrase is, never trust anyone not on the same side, they’ll have ulterior motives. It is most commonly used during warring periods to dissuade a commander/king from taking in defectors/outsiders. So, the translation makes it sound worse than it is. But if I don’t use race here, it won’t be correct in this context, because the context does mean race. I guess what I’m trying to say is, this phrase isn’t as racist as it sounds because it is a historical phrase and Chinese can use it against each other

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