Chapter 2000: Legend

Why did people walk on the path towards the dao? For cultivation, learning amazing merit laws and imperial arts. No one wanted to waste time.

Just imagine, how many cultivators would read for entertainment? They would consider it a fruitless endeavor.

Thus, a girl like Ye Xinxue should have had a bright future but due to her penchant of reading to kill time, she has virtually become a bookworm. In the eyes of others, she was a useless idler.

On the other hand, Li Qiye was amused after seeing her excitement. He noticed a thread-bound book in her pouch and smiled: “Which book is that? Let me have a look.”

She was surprised by the request. This particular book was very precious so she always kept it with her. She liked it enough to memorize each word in the book.

“This is my favorite.” She wasn’t in a position to not give it to him so she handed it over with both hands.

Li Qiye accepted it and took a look. The book was quite thick and heavy with the title, “Legends of the Human Race”. He smiled after seeing this.

He flipped the pages. Each word was neatly written by the author himself; this wasn’t a copy version.

Despite its length, the author took his time crafting each word.

“It’s written well, as if all the stories are real.” Li Qiye praised.

“Right, I think so as well. The author says that there is a shadow protecting our human race, from nine to the tenth world. There are a lot of evidences within indicating so.” She became animated as if meeting a good friend.

The book consisted of old stories about a human guardian lasting for eras. Though the actual details were lacking or purposely vague, one could make a direct connection between the characters in the tales and actual emperors from the thirteen continents.

“They’re just stories. The author probably picked a few emperors as models then added some embellishments mixed together to form a legend.” Li Qiye said.

In fact, the author was talking about the Dark Crow. Alas, he didn’t dare to actually write with details so he only listed some stories as an excuse to avoid getting into trouble. It looked fake but had some truth to it.

“Not necessarily.” The gentle girl became much more combative when it came to her favorite book: “Maybe it is the truth since the characters are based off emperors. Perhaps our hundred races actually have a guardian, it’s just that lowly people like us don’t know about this savior.”

“There’s no savior in this world. People need to rely on themselves. Waiting on someone else to save them will result in just-deserved death.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

She boldly retorted: “There must be one! I, I’ve read an old book about a war named Emperor Hunt in the thirteen continents. The person behind this war might be our savior who will save the humans in times of need.”

It was quite amusing for him to refute his own existence while this girl was so stubborn about it.

“There’s no way to obtain proofs and evidence for these stories.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

She felt as if he was pouring a basin of cold water over her head and lowered her voice: “Some of these stories are quite vivid, perhaps we can go look into it.”

“What are you waiting for?” Li Qiye smiled.

She became dejected and took a while to answer: “Because… I can’t. The journey is too long and there are too many destinations.”

She was certainly interested in the validity of the stories and truly wanted to verify them. However, how could her family ever let her be drowned in these intangible tales rather than cultivation? Traveling across the thirteen continents would require a massive amount of chaos stones, not something she alone could handle.

Li Qiye took note of her dispirited self and said: “But then again, everything is possible. Maybe you’re right, they’re not necessarily made up, it’s up to you whether you want to keep on believing.”

“Then you think they can be real too?” Her mood changed for the better instantly.

“My opinion doesn’t matter here.” Li Qiye leisurely said then changed the topic: “Where are the other two students?”

The shift caught her off guard for a bit before she answered: “Old Liu and Big Brother Wang… right, they’re studying right now!”

She looked diffident while stealing glances at him with her head lowered as if she was afraid that he would notice something.

Her sneaky behavior was caught by Li Qiye. He smiled and said: “Studying, huh. Okay, take me to them then.”

Her voice became even softer: “Well… I’ll, I’ll go bring them here, okay?”

“No need for that. I’m a teacher here now so the least I can do is to go see my students.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

There was nothing else she could do but to take him along.

Study Room didn’t only consist of these buildings. It encompassed the entire land of this region with books everywhere. Even the cliffs and caves had books hidden inside. Even the stones, paintings, and statues told a story.

The majority was left behind by the previous generations of students or guests. The emperors also added things as well.

The carvings and paintings were either masterpieces or just casually done at a whim. Most had nothing to do with cultivation, more about the arts.

Xinxue took Li Qiye to a stone forest with varying shapes. On these stony peaks were characters and even paintings.

The people here didn’t put a lot of effort into carving them but at the very least, they were different in scales, spanning from a few words to a grand story. Some had signatures while others didn’t.

The two traveled deeper into this formation and saw someone climbing on top of a large monolith. He draped a large piece of cloth over this hill and began copying the characters on the monolith.

This was a muscular middle-aged man with a tan complexion. He wore golden rings on his wrists, giving off quite a mighty look.

“Big Brother Wang.” Xinxue enthusiastically greeted from the distance.

“Sister Xinxue, you’re here? Wait a bit, I’m coming.” The man laughed loudly while copying the characters.

“Big Brother Wang loves to copy stuff. He had done so to many paintings in Study Room.” Xinxue quietly told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t say anything and only watched the man copying word by word.

After a while, he finally finished copying the entire thing and finally jumped down.

“Oh? Our Little Sister is finally growing up, no longer just hiding and reading in your room. You’re on a date now? What an improvement, I’m quite impressed.” He gave a thumbs-up after the two of them together. 

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