Chapter 200: Bloody Battle (2)

Chapter 200: Bloody Battle (2)

“Yes, now the Nine Saint Demon Gate will perish. That brat wouldn’t dare to fart loudly at this moment regardless of where he is hiding. Hmph, if he dares to come here, Big Brother Sheng Tian will surely kill him with one move.” The amount of flatterers was not few.

Of course, many Royal Nobles and sect masters looked down on these flatterers. However, they couldn’t deny that with the backing of the two great powers, the Heavenly God Sect will surely thrive like the sun at high noon!


At this time, Chi Yun finally lost to Wan Shengjian and was knocked away by one strike as he crazily spewed out blood. Wan Shengjian then coldly sneered and void stepped to chase right behind him.

“Kill!” At this time, the Heavenly God Sect disciples’ morale was high and had an unstoppable momentum while the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples kept on retreating with many injured and dead. This situation had deteriorated and it would be extremely difficult to reverse the trend!

“Haha, it is almost over for the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Opposing the Heavenly God Sect and the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom surely will not end well.” Seeing the remaining disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate with nowhere to go, some cultivators were happily smiling.

These flatterers began to speak cold and sarcastic comments. Some even mockingly jeered.

In fact, not everyone wanted to see the Heavenly God Sect’s ascension. However, this was already a foregone conclusion. The Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor was a general under Immortal Emperor Ta Kong, so they surely had support from the Space Trample Mountain. Now, by climbing up the Ancient Kingdom, this fortified their inevitable rise. Maybe in this generation, the Heavenly God Sect will actually become a true Kingdom!

“Haha, ah, where is that haughty and arrogant Li brat hiding at now? The Nine Saint Demon Gate won’t last for long, and the brats of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect over there will soon be finished as well! Ah, Little Li is probably scared out of his wits and is hiding below his mother’s skirt, not daring to come out ah…” A young prodigy was very pleased and loudly burst out in laughter!

“Bang!” But after this young prodigy’s words came out, a shadow with unparalleled speed struck forward, causing him to fly up in the air as blood spurted out like a majestic spring. The crisp sounds of broken bones were clearly heard by everyone nearby.

When this prodigy fell to the ground, he was no longer breathing since he became dead on the spot.

“What was that about the Azure Mysterious Ancient Sect? Do you think such a small sect like this could scare your grandfather?” At this time, an unhurried voice rang as Li Qiye stepped forward with a cold, high-spirited demeanor while looking at the crowd.

“Li Qiye! It’s that brat from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!” Seeing Li Qiye’s sudden appearance, everyone couldn’t help but become alarmed. Li Qiye’s cultivation didn’t matter. The Emperor’s Possession in his hands alone was enough to make people dread him!

“Li Qiye…” After seeing his appearance, Dao Child Sheng Tian cried out with a roar filled with anger and animosity. Following his roar was a Virtuous Paragon’s aura that shot up to the sky. Suddenly, all of his blood energy channeled up high in the sky.

Dao Child Sheng Tian wished that he could drink Li Qiye’s blood and taste his flesh while flaying his skin. He would never be able to erase the humiliation in blood unless he killed Li Qiye. So, right when Li Qiye showed up, he immediately shouted and took out his Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure to directly aim for Li Qiye. He wanted to kill Li Qiye before he had the chance to take out the Emperor’s Possession!

“A declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect… An Emperor’s Possession isn’t shit!” As Dao Child Sheng Tian was rushing forward, Jikong Jian also shouted and took out his inkstone with its immediate rolling emperor’s power.

Dao Child Sheng Tian and Jikong Jian had the same thought and both attacked at the same time, wanting to give Li Qiye a mortal blow without giving him a chance to take out his Emperor’s Possession!

“Scram!” Before Dao Child’s Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure could strike down, the separated Yin and Yang along with the six dao culminating into a sword traversing the heavens came down with a “clank.” With just one blow, it repelled the Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure.

The cry of one sword pulling down the sky like a flooding waterfall from above came straight down, creating the Six Dao Sword Formation and, in a flash, trapped Dao Child Sheng Tian inside.

“Opposing my Heavenly God Sect... Your Nine Saint Demon Gate will surely meet its demise!” Dao Child Sheng Tian caught his Life Treasure and yelled out! At this moment, his Life Treasure was hanging above his head and its energy reached the Dipper and Ox constellations above!

Li Shuangyan naturally wouldn’t give Dao Child Sheng Tian and Jikong Jian a chance to attack Li Qiye together, so her Six Dao Sword immediately slashed straight towards Dao Child.

“You’re only a loser who previously lost to me, you can’t reach the apex.” Li Shuangyan coldly exclaimed like the cold, domineering apricots in the middle of the snow.

“Kill!” Being disdained like this by Li Shuangyan caused Dao Child to explode with anger. He shouted and released his Life Treasure onward. Li Shuangyan also roared as her Six Dao Sword traversed the sky to form a sword formation, trapping the heaven and earth along with Yin and Yang. As the clanking sounds of the sword appeared, the reincarnation cycle of the six dao cut through everything!”

Li Shuangyan, who wielded the Six Dao Sword, had a heavenly oppressive aura. With her sword formation sweeping through the sky, Dao Child Sheng Tian was still at a disadvantage even with his Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure. One had to know that the Six Dao Sword was much stronger than a Virtuous Paragon Life Treasure!

“Boom!” Within the blink of an eye, the inkstone in Jikong Jian’s hand surged with a deluge of emperor’s power and turned into the word “Subjugate”. People immediately felt as if an Immortal Emperor was striking forward with his spear.

An Immortal Emperor’s subjugation shook the heaven and earth, causing the sky and clouds to lose their colors as all beings prostrated in worship! The celestials up above immediately lost their glimmer.

“Zhang…” The sound of the zither appeared as Li Qiye began to pluck his ancient instrument. The emperor’s power intensified, turning into a heavenly sword that hung above the nine heavens. One swing to destroy all six dao, and one swing to collapse Yin and Yang!

“Boom!” Another loud explosion occurred, causing all of Ancient Sky City to tremble. One sword versus one spear, blow for blow, over millions of miles created fiery sparks that were more blinding than even the sun in the sky. It was as if stars after stars were exploding from the collisions.

As the emperor’s powers raged above Ancient Sky City, countless people’s legs became weak as they sat straight down on their behinds! Under the emperor’s power, even Enlightened Beings were shaking in fear.

“Again...” After an unsuccessful strike, the arrogant Jikong Jian angrily roared and propelled the inkstone, causing all the ink inside to immediately turn into the word “Subjugate”. All of the remaining emperor’s power amalgamated under this one attack.

“Zhang--” Li Qiye played the zither one more time without holding anything back. As the underserved melodies reached the sky, all of its emperor’s power surged forward, creating a huge heavenly sword once again.

“Booom!” The battle spear battled against the heavenly sword up in the nine layers of heaven. Blow after blow, the spear and the sword battled in the sky before the spear finally shattered along with the broken heavenly sword. Under this collision, stars after stars in the nine heavens crumbled. When the remaining emperor’s power descended down to Ancient Sky City, numerous cultivators were no longer able to stand still. This contest was outside of the horizon, but the falling remnants of emperor’s power was still extremely horrifying!

“Crank!” The sound of the inkstone cracking resonated. “Zhang---” and Li Qiye’s ancient zither also lost three of its strings.

After both sides utilized all of their emperor’s power, nothing remained as the once invincible Emperor’s Possessions turned into mortal items — they no longer carried the Emperor’s aura!

Both sides were so fierce and immediately used Emperor’s Possessions right at the start of the battle; they simply didn’t treasure these priceless Emperor’s items. This stunned all of the watching spectators. These were truly Immortal Emperor heritages, there was not an ounce of hesitation when using Emperor’s Possessions. It was as if they were worthless. Such boldness and luxurious actions could only be taken by disciples of Immortal Emperor heritages.

“Kill!” At this juncture, the group of Chen Baojiao, Shi Gandang, and Niu Fen had also joined the battlefield. Chen Baojiao rushed straight towards the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s disciples, wanting to save these juniors. Shi Gandang, on the other hand, roared with majestic grandeur and went straight towards an elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

Niu Fen immediately saved Chi Yun from his precarious position and then immediately used his tentacles to catch more than a dozen Heavenly God Sect disciples and swallowed them. Such ferocity left many Heavenly God Sect disciples in fear with their legs shivering; they didn’t dare to come close to Niu Fen.

“Little Demon, accept your death!” The prideful Jikong Jian couldn’t accept the fact that even by expending an Emperor’s Possession, it still wasn’t enough to kill Li Qiye. Wearing his armor and changing his hand into an imperial palm that was capable of repressing dragons, he aimed straight towards Li Qiye.

“So suicidal!” Li Qiye smiled. Attacking with bare hands meant that Jikong Jian simply did not see through his Hell Suppressing Godly Physique.

Li Qiye, without any moves or transformations, flashed his body. As rumbles came out, his body directly slammed forward. It was the most powerful of weapons, just like a tyrannical dragon.

“Banggg!” Even an Emperor’s law was not enough to counter the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique. Li Qiye’s shoulder heavily slammed into Jikong Jian’s body. “Crank crack” sounds of shattering appeared as Jikong Jian’s armor was annihilated on the spot, followed by the sounds of broken bones as his entire body flew backward,crazily spurting out blood.

Li Qiye did not show any mercy as he jumped up into the sky and intimidatingly smashed down like a thousand mountains right onto the flying Jikong Jian.

“Treasure, open…!” With death before his eyes, Jikong Jian shouted and suddenly, a long box appeared before him. Immediately after it opened, a flying saber slashed forwards.

The flying saber’s speed was unparalleled. This blade was like the crescent moon in the night sky — pretty and flirtatious yet coldly severe!

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s attack was met by the slashing saber, resulting in a loud blast. Blood was spilled as Li Qiye was cut by the flying saber. Even his fortified body was chopped, leaving behind a deep cut while revealing bare bones.

This flying saber had a remarkable origin, but the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique was not just for show. A “clank” sound bellowed. It did not matter that his body was cut, in the end, the thing knocked flying away was still the flying saber. This flying saber with a frightening origin was still suppressed by Li Qiye’s Physique and became dull without any brilliance!

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