Chapter 1995: Seeing Yao Ting Again

When Li Qiye made it to the outskirt of the academy, the registration for new students was about to end so the entrances were less frequented.

He was slightly moved while staring at the place from the distance. People came and went; geniuses replaced by young faces after each generation. Regardless of these changes, the academy remained standing.

If it were to fall one day, the hundred races would face an existential crisis.

It wasn’t to say that the academy was the root of the hundred races. However, losing it would result in a loss of morale and a sanctuary.

It was different from other sects. The latter could be narrow-minded and selfish but the academy was all-accepting.

Thus, cultivation aside, the alumni from here were more knowledgeable after training and living with others.

It was to open the shackles of the mind, so that these youths could see how vast the world was and build relationships with others.

Thus, Arrogance could afford to not have lineages like Archaic Repository and Mysterious Bamboo, but it needed the academy.

Without these sects, other imperial lineages could rise up and take their places. There was no way of rebuilding the academy.

Why? There would never be another Immortal Emperor Fei or Deep South Divine Emperor. To a certain extent, it wasn’t just Fei who spent tremendous effort on its creation. The academy was also Deep South’s masterpiece.

The majestic sceneries here stirred Li Qiye. Too many talents have been here including Immortal Emperors from the nine worlds. He himself had taught here.

Alas, he didn’t leave his name behind like Immortal Emperor Fei Yang and Immortal Emperor Hao Hai, only acting as the secretive crow like always. Thus, though he had taught some invincible characters, there was nothing written about him here.

As time passed, people eventually left regardless of how powerful they were unlike this eternal academy.

Images began to play in his head even before reaching the entrance. Certain youths came in, full of vigor. Eventually, they came out as masters. Today, he has returned but all of these people were no longer around.

Some students were still rushing back to the academy. The majority of this group were ordinary students because those from powerful sects could run back whenever. They had more access to resources and dao portals.

As for the other group, they were either training or going back to visit family. Most had to either travel on the ground or fly. Perhaps some had access to dao portals with limited range. This was the reason why time was more pressing for these students to return, especially if something unexpected happened during their journey.

These rushing students didn’t give Li Qiye a second glance. After all, he was too ordinary in appearance. There was no time for them to care about a stranger.

Eventually, he withdrew his gaze and started walking towards the academy.

“Dao Brother Li.” Suddenly, a cute voice came from a girl running over.

It was Yao Ting. She was slightly out of breath with a pink complexion, heaving up and down.

Li Qiye stopped and smiled at her.

“We meet again, Dao Brother.” She was pleasantly surprised to see him since she didn’t expect another meeting after the village.

“It’s a small world, fate is all you need to meet again.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

Though she was vigilant back at the village, she felt an indescribable sense of closeness to him. It was impossible to describe but ultimately, she felt as if he was a family member.

She thought that he was a student from the academy and said: “So you are a senior at the academy. I’m from the Hundred Halls, may I ask for your class?”

In terms of talents, Yao Ting was certainly top-notched. However, this was the gathering place of the talents in the hundred races. She didn’t quite stand out here as much.

People shouldn’t dream about joining Mortal School. As for Emperor Mansion? It was exceedingly hard to join as well. The ones currently enrolled were all top geniuses in the world, such as Virtuous in the last generation or Mei Suyao in the current.

Sacred Institution also recruited many students but their requirement was tough as well. Thus, the majority of them were from the great powers, primarily the successors and descendants.

Hundred Halls was the most diverse one with people from all over the place. Some students were purposely hiding their background here too.

It was the easiest to enter. There were two methods: passing the examination or paying enough chaos stones.

The top classrooms couldn’t be paid to get in but Hundred Halls was different. Even if one was as dumb as a pile of manure, they could still join to learn. Thus, not all alumni from this class became exceptional. Some were certainly useless idiots.

This group got in due to their parents and families paying in order to gain some prestige of the academy.

Of course, this wasn’t to say that the place was useless. On the contrary, it has produced many heroes and High Gods for the hundred races.

Yao Ting naturally didn’t pay to get in. She was chosen by a teacher there and brought to the academy. After passing the examination, she became an official student.

It could be said that a girl from a remote village like her being able to join the academy had changed her fate. After finding out that she was a student, the king of her country personally came out to greet her in a grand ceremony.

Li Qiye looked at her and said with a smile: “Your talents are just normal but your foundation is great. You have done a great job cultivating the Emperors Art. Your achievement today can land you in Sacred Institution.”

At the academy, the initial selection wasn’t permanent. With enough improvements and achievements, one could enter the upper classrooms. 

“Thank you, Dao Brother Li.” She wasn’t arrogant of her achievements and said softly: “I still need more training. Teacher says I can try the examination after this semester.”

Once again, a village girl going from Hundred Halls into Sacred Institution was extremely difficult. She would bring great pride and honor to her ancestors.

If she were to actually do it, the king of her country would ask her to take on the Grand Tutor position.

“Certain things are inevitable...” Li Qiye commented with a tinge of emotion. Her ancestors wanted their descendants to live as ordinary mortals, away from cultivation. Alas, she still chose to walk on the same path as them, despite not knowing of their glorious past.

“What do you mean?” She didn’t quite understand the random comment.

“It’s nothing. The path is long, just take your time and appreciate it. I guess this is fate at work.” Li Qiye answered with a smile.

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