Chapter 1976: Unbeatable Dao Heart

The holy light continued to flow on the river of time. It has yet to fuse with it entirely, but it was definitely all penetrating, seeping through the nooks and corners. Saint was lighting a spark of light in the heart of all existences.

Even a fierce beast would change its way and crouch with reverence.

The light still burned the brightest at the wildland epoch. It was burning away the darkness in order to refine the entire epoch. Alas, it was also burning itself. In order to destroy the darkness, the light has to turn to ashes as well.

The reason why this epoch was the focal point of the flame was due to Saint’s roots at the place. He was lighting up himself. 

In this place was a pure and resplendent dao with a drumming noise. It was as if there was a large heart beating there.

This jumping heart exuded this holy power to the world, allowing to illuminate the myriad ages.

Indeed, this was Saint’s immovable dao heart. It had turned into the source of light and fuel for holy power. Only this heart could make the light eternal.

This time period was also changing. The darkness had melted into the epoch itself so one could hear the splashing waves.

A dark ocean began to rise with tsunamis. Under it was the source of darkness, filling the ocean with endless water.

“Szz…” Though the holy light was crazily burning the darkness, the dark and towering tsunamis began to retaliate by completely surrounding Saint’s dao heart.

This epoch was an ocean of darkness. Any source of light, no matter how powerful it may be, would be in quite a predicament.

Saint’s dao heart was certainly incredible but Samsara’s root was much deeper in this epoch than him. His darkness was included in every second in the history of the epoch.

Because of this, though Samsara had self-destructed his origin, but as long as a sliver of the temporal period of the epoch remained, so would he and the darkness.

Thus, after the fusion between Samsara and the epoch, Saint couldn’t destroy Samsara despite having a method to boost his power beyond Samsara.

“Szz…” Waves of burning noises resounded. Though the light was doing its work, there was no way of getting rid of the darkness.

Those able to watch the river of time would see the light losing its brilliance. The sacred light flowing through time could go out at any moment.

Meanwhile, the wildland epoch was now a black hole. Even the greatest creature of light would forever fall into the darkness in that place, never to see the day again.

Thus, the emperors became pessimistic. There was a reason why Samsara was the origin of darkness - he was indeed an incredible being.

This was akin to looking up and seeing the sun being devoured. The little existences would never see the sunlight again. Just imagine the despair and screams afterward in a world devoid of light.

As for the wildland, there would be nothing but darkness without Saint’s guiding light. The lost souls without a chance to reincarnate wouldn’t even have the chance to scream in the dark abyss, forever chained and tormented.

“Open!” Li Qiye shouted at this grim moment. His dao heart became the next thing to illuminate the epoch.

The power of this dao heart was unsurpassable and eternal. It had been accumulated for the ages and sharpened by the experiences in life, becoming the toughest and strongest heart in the world.

“Boom!” His will traveled through a path across the river of time in order to reach the wildland epoch.

If one were able to see this, they would see a determined ray going backward on the river just like a meteor. This dao heart attacked the depth of the black ocean. Its tyrannical attack made the waves rage even more.

The emperors held their breath after seeing this domineering entry by Li Qiye’s dao heart because this abyss was the origin of the darkness. No emperor would dare to think that they could handle being there and maintaining their dao heart.

“Rumble!” Li Qiye’s and Saint’s dao heart resonated, causing a massive quake.

An explosion shook the entire river. The resonation was akin to an erupting volcano. The holy light exploded and instantly destroyed the surrounding darkness, turning them to ashes.

With another blast, the river became unstable. This will was too powerful since it had half the power of an epoch.

In the depth, Li Qiye’s dao heart shot to the sky and created a torrential tsunami of darkness. It was tearing the ocean apart, leaving a permanent scar.

At the same time, Saint’s holy dao heart was heading for the source of the darkness like a boulder falling to the mouth of a spring.

“Szz.” More burning occurred at the depth with Saint’s dao heart.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s own above the ocean was pouring out an endless strength.

His dao heart wasn’t exuding boundless holy light like Saint’s. This one had a light of eternity as if it had stored so much brilliant time. Countless eras couldn’t erase it.

Li Qiye’s supreme will acted like a gigantic fan above and started flapping. Not only did it push the waves away but also made the holy light stronger.

If the darkness was firewood, Saint’s light was a spark, then Li Qiye’s dao heart was a fan fueling the fire. Saint’s dao heart accepted this boost of power and became even stronger down below.

The burning process continued. In the beginning, the wildland epoch was an ocean of darkness but now, one could see a bright brilliance burning away the darkness from the depth. It started from the center and began to spread, wishing to eliminate the darkness entirely.

The emperors were shaken because this had nothing to do with merit laws and dao. These were the powers from their dao heart alone.

Samsara had a heart of darkness, Saint had a heart of light, and Li Qiye had an indomitable dao heart.

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