Chapter 197: Calamity Befalls the Nine Saint Demon Gate (1)

Chapter 197: Calamity Befalls the Nine Saint Demon Gate (1)

Ancient Sky City was boiling up with countless existences. They readied their fists as even more coffins entered the city!

“I’m certain that all the Earth Corpses will be scrambling for the Underworld Boats, and that will be the best time for us to enter the burial ground for treasures!” Sects and cultivators who weren’t here to bury their predecessors were preparing quickly and cautiously.

The ones who wanted to revive during the emergence of the Underworld Boats was far from just dying cultivators; the Earth Corpses, Treasure Lords, and even the Earth Immortals of the burial ground wanted the chance!

Once the Underworld Boats arrived, countless Earth Corpses would rush towards them. This was their best opportunity to live again because this was not only a chance at rebirth, they would also be able to escape from the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. There would also be a few impatient Treasure Lords who wouldn’t mind the loss the lifespan they accumulated throughout millions of years just to come and seize an Underworld Boat. The same case applied to the Earth Immortals. However, their numbers were fewer than the Treasure Lords, because they already have a more promising rebirth chance due to their Dragon Veins!

And so, when all the Earth Corpses and Treasure Lords rushed for the Underworld Boats, all of the treasure inside the burial ground — at that time — was coveted by everyone.

Even though it was an extremely sinister place, there were hoards of saliva-inducing treasures such as treasure metals, godly ores, and sacred wood…

More importantly, due to the countless people who died at the burial ground, it was understood that countless Life Treasures, technique scrolls, and godly items were left behind.

Even with the erosion of time which caused many lost Life Treasures at the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground to lose their divine awareness and turn into scrap metal, those within three hundred to five hundred years would still be usable. The spatial pouches of the dead cultivators in this place could also contain unparalleled techniques. For the small sects and vagrant cultivators, unparalleled technique scrolls were far more alluring than Life Treasures.

Miracles like these had happened before. There had been vagrant juniors who risked their lives to enter the burial ground while taking advantage of the appearance of the Underworld Boats, and they actually scavenged Emperor Laws. In the end, they became Virtuous Paragons and created their own sects and legacies as great masters.

In fact, a development like this happened in every era. This was another reason why the appearance of the Underworld Boats attracted an influx of cultivators to the burial ground. They knew that the risk of dying there was extremely high (upwards of ninety percent), but still they could not fight the temptation as they snuck into the burial ground in hopes to find an unparalleled technique or supremely divine weapons!

The group of Li Qiye was sitting at the base of a mountain inside the burial ground with an unbelievably relaxed atmosphere. Unwary spectators would actually think that they were just sightseeing beneath this cliff.

But in the end, this was the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground. Anyone who came to this place, especially in the territories of the Earth Immortals, would remain cautious. Even Virtuous Paragons were extremely meticulous and had to deal with their fear in such a location.

However, Li Qiye was different. He sat there in complete relaxation as if it was his own backyard; he was complacent as if this was not a burial ground.

Seeing the content Li Qiye made the group of Li Shuangyan relieved as they were also sitting there.

While sitting on a rock, Li Qiye’s legs swung back and forth as he enjoyed the blowing cool breeze in utmost indulgence.

“This guy really knows how to pick a decent location. To be buried in this place after death... It truly was a good decision.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but sentimentally speak.

It seemed as if Li Qiye and the man in the coffin were very familiar with each other, rendering the others in group dumbfounded. However, they felt that it was an impossible matter; their young noble was only fifteen to sixteen years old. In the eyes of other cultivators, he was only a little brat. However, the old man inside the coffin that was hanging on the precipice must have been buried at this place for millions of years.

“Are we going to another place for treasures?” Eventually, Chen Baojiao asked. In fact, ever since they came inside, they had seen many treasure metals underground. However, the first time they ever came here was for transactions and the second time was for the honoring ceremony so they couldn’t dig up any treasures.

“No need to rush, we will wait until the Underworld Boats come out. If we dig treasures at this key moment, we will be ripped to shreds!” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

Chen Baojiao nodded her head in agreement after listening. She was already very satisfied with her Tyrannical Immortal Saber and Heaven Traversing Eight Saber.

“Hey, are you not interested in coming out for the Underworld Boats? Maybe you will have a chance to leave this ghastly place.” Eventually, Li Qiye slanted his head and shouted at the man inside the coffin.

The man inside the coffin was an invincible existence ah, other people who dared to talk to him like this would be courting their own deaths. In fact, Shi Gandang’s group was wiping off their sweat in place of Li Qiye! If the man inside the coffin became angry… Let’s just say that he was absolutely capable of crushing everyone here to death with just one hand.

However, the man remained silent and did not answer Li Qiye.

“If you are interested, I can give you a hand. The spot for five hundred years has already been taken by someone else. If you want, I can give you a three hundred years spot, instead. How about that?” Li Qiye smiled and spoke to the coffin.

Initially, there was no answer, but after a long time, the wooden coffin opened and the man with a hole in his chest finally sat up. Even though his eyes were closed, he still seemingly stared at Li Qiye and said: “Are you the type to give out a free lunch?”

“No! You should already know the answer. If you want to discuss these matters with me, you will have to owe me a favor!” Li Qiye calmly replied: “But out of pity for your difficult time here, I am already a great person for not asking you to pay the favor!”

The group of Li Shuangyan instantly became speechless. This was a bit too ridiculous ah! An existence that has been buried for millions of year owed their young noble a favor? However, at this time, they understood why this person protected them.

“I will give you three hundred years and you will work for me for one hundred years, okay? In my opinion, this is a very good deal. At least, it’s much better than you staying here for millions of years.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

“Not good enough!” The man ultimately went back inside and closed his coffin lid!

Li Qiye could only shrug as he added: “Really now... You can do many things in just two hundred years. Of course, your wound is also very problematic.”

After a long moment of serenity, the coffin opened once more. The man sat up and asked Li Qiye: “Can I live for another era? If I can live for another era, you can name your price!”

“Are you joking? Pah!” Li Qiye then angrily answered: “Do you think I would still look for you if I knew how to live for another generation? I would rather keep it for myself! Who wouldn’t want to live for another generation? If I could live for another generation, I would absolutely reach eternality!”

“The old man from the War God Temple lived for another era!” The man, with closed eyes, directed his gaze at Li Qiye.

“Haha, are you talking about the old fellow War God Mu?” Li Qiye laughed “hek hek.” Of course he was clear about this matter. Naturally, without his aid, War God Mu would definitely not have been able to live for another era.

At this point, the crowd of Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but to glance at Li Qiye. Living for another era — there was indeed this legend. Li Shuangyan was even more attentive because she had heard her master, Lun Ri, talk about this. War God Mu of the War God Temple did indeed live for another era inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground.

“Living for another era — this chance is too small. I’m afraid there won’t be another opportunity like this in our lifetime.” Li Qiye shook his head and continued on: “War God Mu being able to live for another era was merely a gamble, and he actually paid a huge price! In my opinion, wanting to live for another era in this generation... This chance of this happening is much smaller than wiping out all the Ancient Ming brats!”

“I can wait for the next generation!” Having heard this, the man stuck his head back inside the coffin.

“Haha, wait for the next generation?” Li Qiye chuckled and then responded: “With just you, I’m afraid you won’t be able to live for another era, so why bother caring if there is a chance in the next generation!”

Since the man in the coffin no longer said anything else, Li Qiye could only shrug and murmur: “This personality of yours is still as stinky and hard as a pebble in a manure pit.”

Once again, the group was scared out of their minds because Li Qiye’s words were directly provoking an invincible existence ah. However, what confused them was that the man in the coffin didn’t bother to even retort, let alone become angry. It was as if he didn’t hear what Li Qiye said at all.

“Hey, give us a ride. Walking out of here is truly too troublesome.” At this point, Li Qiye turned his head towards the man in the coffin and shouted.

Such words made the group of Li Shuangyan turn silent while Niu Fen was filled with embarrassment. This was an invincible existence ah! A preeminent sovereign ah! Who did our young noble think he is? A carriage driver? Or a litter carrier?

At this moment, they were stunned because only their young noble would dare to say such a thing to an invincible existence.

During their moment of absence, the man in the coffin held out his hand and lightly shot out a wave with his finger. A godly rainbow immediately appeared and stretched over the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground all the way to its frontier.

At this point, the group of Li Shuangyan lost control of their bodies as they walked over to the godly rainbow and flew towards the burial ground’s entrance. This speed was simply too fast! They flew from the Earth Immortal’s Dragon Vein to the frontier in just the blink of an eye.

When they reached the frontier, the godly rainbow immediately disappeared, resulting in the group falling down like potatoes as they tumbled on the ground.

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