Chapter 196: Mysterious Dead Person (2)

Chapter 196: Mysterious Dead Person (2)

Since many sects and countries from the Southern Barren Earth, along with the Northern Grand Sea, all brought coffins here, needless to say, plenty of sects and countries from the Grand Middle Territory near the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground had even more coffins. Someone calculated that, without taking into account the size of the sects and powers of the countries, there were more than one hundred coffins being brought into Ancient Sky City each day, and more than half of these were from the Grand Middle Territory.

Even a heritage like the Jewel Pillar Sacred School was not an exception. It also brought one coffin into Ancient Sky City. Plus, their descendant, Jewel Pillar Saint Child, was personally greeting the coffin.

“Crafted from godly wood ah.” Seeing the coffin of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School, a cultivator couldn’t help but say: “Who is the person that the Jewel Pillar Sacred School wants to bring on the Underworld Boat?”

Many people’s expressions became distorted when it came to the Jewel Pillar Sacred School. Even though it did not produce an Immortal Emperor and it was not an Immortal Emperor’s lineage, it was the heritage with the most Saint Physiques in the Grand Middle Territory and even in the whole Mortal Emperor World. There was even a rumor that they had someone with an Immortal Physique and that it was just a bit lacking from grand completion.

“The Jewel Pillar Sacred School has several ancestors with grand completion Saint Physiques ah. I wonder if they will send one of these ancestors up to the Underworld Boat or not?” A sect master said with great fear.

Everyone knew that, in contemporary time, the school did not have any grand completion Saint Physiques! However, they did have several grand completion Saint Physique characters who died in the school. If they could revive these character with the Underworld Boat, then that would truly be too terrifying.

Once a grand completion Saint Physique character from the Jewel Pillar Sacred School revives, they would most likely be an existence at the peak of the Virtuous Paragon realm. Such a terrifying existence was not suppressible unless an Immortal Emperor or grand completion Immortal Physique came out.

“The Heavenly Southern Kingdom also carried a coffin here.” Compared to the other sects who did not come secretly, the Heavenly Southern Kingdom was different. They carried a coffin here, but no one had seen it. Outsiders only knew that besides the elders protecting the coffin, Young King Nantian also came along!

“This time, the Heavenly Southern Kingdom is acting with such a low profile, it is indeed a bit strange.” Many people were puzzlingly discussing the fact that the Heavenly Southern Kingdom brought a coffin but did not reveal it.

“Rumors has it that inside the coffin is not their predecessors nor immortal sages. It’s that the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s Divine Beast Protector cannot hold on any longer, so they want to bring it to the Underworld Boat.” A cultivator who was gifted in espionage managed to find some secrets.

Hearing the title “Divine Beast Protector,” some people were shivering inside their hearts. A church master said: “Rumors state that this is the second generation Divine Beast Protector of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom!”

“This rumor is indeed the truth. The first generation Divine Beast Protector of the Heavenly Southern Kingdom had died a long time ago. This Divine Beast Protector — according to the rumors — was a Spirit Beast brought back by Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, and it always has been reclusive without showing itself. Even with Immortal Emperor Fei Yang teaching the dao to it so that it could steal the heaven’s luck, it has still lived for too long and only has one breath left!” A grand character with some knowledge regarding the Heavenly Southern Kingdom said.

The Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s Divine Beast Protector had always been very mysterious, and people rarely heard of instances where it appeared. However, it was not a great secret that they had one!

For any grand sects and powerful countries as well as heritages, they were very dreadful towards the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s Divine Beast Protector. Anything that could live for this many years was absolutely not a simple being!

“If it is indeed the Divine Beast Protector, then it makes sense why the Heavenly Southern Kingdom is keeping such a low profile like this.” Someone murmured.

The Heavenly Southern Kingdom has existed for so long until now for millions of years, and it was even older than the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. To a certain extent, this had a lot to do with their Divine Beast Protector.

If their Divine Beast Protector was really going to die of old age, then this would be a great blow to the Heavenly Southern Kingdom, and it could even lead to people salivating with greed!

“Boom--boom--boom.” Contrary to the Heavenly Southern Kingdom’s low-key nature, the Jiang Zuo Clan came with an explosive fanfare. Their cavalry in the middle of the sky, creating thunderous roars as numerous riders flew by like an army of the heavens. Such a cavalry was like a flood made out of steel. When they hovered above Ancient Sky City, countless people were shivering at the sight!

The six cavalry branches of the Jiang Zuo Clan all swept past the clouds in the sky with six leading Royal Nobles who had undulating auras and an extremely arrogant countenance.

“Six King Jiang Zuo ah! The descendant of Virtuous Monarch Heng Jiang!” Seeing the flying cavalry in the air with their bullish demeanor, many people were very annoyed, but they didn’t dare to say anything as the cavalry’s banner swept by.

Six King Jiang Zuo was absolutely the pillar of the Jiang Zuo Clan. There was a saying that goes like this within the clan: when the Six King is not present, the great mansion will be on the verge of collapse. This was indicative of the Six King’s status at the Jiang Zuo Clan. He could even veto the decisions made by the Jiang Zuo Patriarch!

Moreover, he was also the descendant of Virtuous Monarch Heng Jiang’s direct branch. The most terrifying part was that he was able to create the invincible Six Wise Monarchs Formation that was capable of slaying even a Heavenly Sovereign!

Virtuous Monarch Heng Jiang was an extremely powerful existence. He had even defeated the young Immortal Emperor Min Ren when they were competing for the Heaven’s Will. Even though Min Ren shouldered the Heaven’s Will, in the end, Heng Jiang’s prestige still carried far across the Nine Worlds!

Virtuous Monarch Heng Jiang created the Six Wise Monarchs Formation. The true profoundness of this formation depended on the control of the six branches. Six King Jiang Zuo’s formation was countless times better than Jiang Zuo Hou’s formation that year.

Six King Jiang Zuo came along a carriage with an ancient coffin. This coffin was extremely heavy as it was pulled by six elephants who were raggedly breathing out white air.

“Who is the person Six King Jiang Zuo is trying to put on an Underworld Boat?” Seeing this coffin, a person muttered: “Could it be their ancestor, Virtuous Monarch Heng Jiang?”

The name “Virtuous Monarch Heng Jiang” was capable of scaring even ancient and powerful heritages. This was an absolutely terrifying existence that would be a big threat to any sects and countries!

“Ommm--” Within the same day, Ancient Sky City was filled with an azure mist that encompassed the entire city with a thin layer of azure silk.

This sudden change greatly shocked everyone. Their first action immediately covered all of Ancient Sky City, wasn’t this behavior too aggressive?

However, when people saw the azure energy crossing the sky as masters — one by one — walked forward on an azure rainbow, no angry spectators dared to say a word.

“Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!” Seeing the experts walking on the azure rainbow, a person muttered.

Inside Ancient Sky City, there were numerous sects and countries gathered with countless experts. A sect that dared to take any action involving all of Ancient Sky City was truly too arrogant and did not put the world into its eyes!

However, after knowing that it was the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, even people bothered by its arrogance could do nothing except choose to remain silent.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom — one sect, two emperors! In the Grand Middle Territory, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom was a monstrous existence towering over its vast land! All of the heritages and countries would have to greatly weigh themselves first before considering to oppose the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. Even Immortal Emperor lineages were no exception!

Two Immortal Emperors was enough capital for the Ancient Kingdom to be arrogant, and its disciples always considered themselves to be better than others! Even though people were vexed by them, they had to accept the fact that it was indeed powerful enough to act this way! One sect, two emperors; it would be difficult for this type of ancient kingdom to not act pompously.

No one knew how many experts the Ancient Kingdom brought along, but people saw four Enlightened Beings in the far distance carrying the coffin. At this Ancient Kingdom, even Enlightened Beings were only pallbearers!

Without a doubt, the Ancient Kingdom also wanted to take one of its immortal sages to the Underworld Boat so there were suddenly many rowdy discussions from great characters about which person the Ancient Kingdom wanted to bring on the boat.

This dual emperors lineage was not always dominating every generation, but they always had Virtuous Paragons coming out in each era. At this moment when the Ancient Kingdom wanted to put this coffin on an Underworld Boat, the person inside would absolutely be a great character.

“It could very well be the Ninth Ancestor of the Ancient Kingdom!” A Demon King who had a great understanding of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom spoke.

“Old Ninth Qing Xuan ah!” Hearing this name, no matter whether it was a character of the sect master level or an existence of the high elder ranking, they had to take a deep breath.

“Old Ninth Qing Xuan — even though he is ranked last, he was also the strongest. He was an existence that challenged even Immortal Emperor Ta Kong ah!” A person emotionally exclaimed.

Old Ninth Qing Xuan was also known as Ninth Ancestor Qing Xuan! Old Ninth Qing Xuan lived during the latter half of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s time. After Immortal Emperor Ta Kong shouldered the Heaven’s Will, he finally started to cultivate! But even when Ta Kong was reigning over everything, Old Ninth Qing Xuan was still extremely powerful. His cultivation path was praised with hymns as it surged rapidly during his sweep through all directions.

Legends has it that when Old Ninth Qing Xuan had some achievements in his cultivation, he even challenged Immortal Emperor Ta Kong. However, he was struck flying away by Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s one finger and became seriously injured later on.

Even though Old Ninth Qing Xuan was utterly defeated, he gained prestige from it! For any cultivator, to have the qualifications to challenge an Immortal Emperor — this was already a great feat respected by all!

“Old Ninth Qing Xuan…” In the end, one person could only lament with a gentle sigh.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom appearing caused great pressure to many heritages that wanted their own predecessors to have a chance at rebirth. This was competing against the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom for an Underworld Boat ah!

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