Chapter 1958: Changing One’s Mind

Li Qiye responded to Tamedragon with a smile: “Don’t you think it’s too late to be begging for mercy now?”

“Not at all.” With a friendly expression, the High God bowed and said: “Senior, you are an immortal, surely benevolent and magnanimous unlike common folks like us. We are insects in your mind, can’t reach the apex or get into your sight. You won’t waste time bothering with us.”

His subservient attitude was quite nauseating. The crowd found this act to be despicable. This was still a High God with eleven totems, representing a great power. But now, he was begging for his life? It was truly shameless.

Certain High Gods didn’t like this either since someone like him was besmirching their kind. Emperors like Sentry Arrow wouldn’t look down on people so easily but they found nothing but contempt for Tamedragon.

In fact, the majority didn’t understand how he became an eleven-totem High God in the first place. Most people of his level had an arrogance to them but it was nowhere to be found here.

Li Qiye smirked and said: “If I think you are an insect, then why should I care at all? After all, one would just trample over an ant without a second thought.”

Tamedragon didn’t become angry or embarrassed. He was still showing the same sycophantic act: “Senior, you are so honest, I’m learning so much from listening to you. If you don’t mind my insignificant strength, I am more than willing to work for you…” 

“Alright, put away your disgusting expression.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively: “Even if I want a Little Brother, I wouldn’t want a shameless one like you. You can beg or struggle but your death is assured today! It is up to you if you want to die standing or kneeling.”

Tamedragon could no longer smile after hearing the absolute refusal. There was no point in begging any further.

Li Qiye then glanced at the emperors and back to the High Gods: “Come one at a time or together? This will be the last choice of your life.”

It was a leisure remark but it carried an emotionless bloodthirst. He was raising his blade while his opponents were fish on the chopping board.

The emperors and High Gods glanced at each other and couldn’t come up with a better plan. It was due to their lack of knowledge regarding his killer moves since he didn’t participate from start to finish. It was frustrating not knowing anything about the enemy’s techniques and merit laws.

“Brother Sentry Arrow, death is before us, it is time for us to work together.” Tamedragon represented the cavalry with this request.

In the beginning, they talked about working together but were the first to run with wanton disregards for their allies. 

Nevertheless, the emperors had no other choice. It was either fighting alone or with the cavalry against Li Qiye.

There was no doubt that victory was impossible fighting alone. Perhaps there was a sliver of hope by teaming up with the cavalry. Something is better than nothing.

Sentry Arrow glanced over at Li Qiye and saw that the guy was nonchalantly standing there without giving a damn about their discussion.

“You have any good idea?” In the end, they had no choice but to team up with the cavalry again despite their personal disdain.

“Brother Sentry Arrow, your arrow attack is indeed invincible and unblockable. However, it is not enough with your fourteen wills alone. We must go all out and improve it in order to kill him.” Tamedragon said.

“Then what is your group going to do?” Despite the looming disaster, Sentry Arrow didn’t trust Tamedragon at all. Certain people simply couldn’t be trusted.

“I know that you do not trust me but this will be our final move. Our lives depend on it so even if I am untrustworthy, I won’t toy with my brothers’ lives and my own. You don’t need to worry, we’ll stop him for a bit but you must be successful in ambushing him or we won’t be leaving this place alive.”

“Very well.” Sentry Arrow pondered and accepted. There was no other choice outside of this final gamble.

“Buzz.” While the two were talking it out, Li Qiye opened his palace to release his World Seal.

A person identical to him stepped out from the seal. The difference was in their aura. This person had a suppressive and unparalleled imperial aura.

Next, the two of them fused together with an eruption of power. After loud explosions, a boundless imperial flame soared to the sky.

In this form, he was deriving the myriad laws and controlling the cosmic dao.

“What is that?” People were shocked since it looked like an emperor has taken over his body.

“Was he an emperor in the first place and had separated his imperial self?” Many wondered if he was an emperor but couldn’t come up with a suitable one. 

They found the notion ridiculous as well. Who could separate their imperial self and the Heaven’s Wills? This was a type of decapitating the dao; one would have nothing left afterward.

Of course, no one knew that once Li Qiye made it to the tenth world, he immediately copied his peak state as an Immortal Emperor.

More importantly, since this was a copy of himself, it didn’t matter how weak his current body was. There was no side-effect to this particular fusion since his body could withstand it.

While his imperial aura was ravaging the world, twelve gigantic figures rushed out of his palaces. They were also identical to him - six gods and six devils. The gods were full of divinity while the devils were engulfed in flames.

These were the twelve gods and devils, one of his strongest weapons.

“Buzz.” They immediately fused with him as well.

“Boom!” This peak state was already terrifying enough but now, the fusion with these beings allowed him to have twelve grand completion Immortal Physiques.

Even though these versions were a bit weaker than the real things, there was no point in considering this minor detail after the fusion since no one has ever been able to cultivate all twelve to completion in the past. Thus, no one knew what a person with twelve Immortal Physiques would look like so Li Qiye’s version was the best in practicality.

He was unbelievably monstrous at this moment. Just a single wave could destroy an era; a single finger could pierce through the earth. Pure wouldn’t be able to withstand one palm strike from him.

He was simply untouchable. The experts here all prostrated before him.

“Is he a twelve-will emperor…” Tamedragon’s legs were trembling at this sight.

Everyone’s intuition was telling them that a twelve-will emperor has arrived!

Certain emperors were watching from the shadows. They took a deep breath and said: “Twelve grand completion Immortal Physiques? Being an emperor alone is not enough. It needs to be another emperor with an immortal bloodline to take him on!”

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