Chapter 1956: The Holy Light Exists Within Me

“Buzz.” The emperor fighting against the sand bull became dimmed. On the other hand, the runes became increasingly resplendent.

It was obvious that the emperor’s dao heart has been directly affected by the beast. This was even more serious than having his body destroyed.

Fortunately enough, the three wills protecting him turned brighter. With a single buzz, his aura once again lit up. These wills had an immeasurable effect during the most perilous moment, granting him enough power to protect his dao heart.

“So terrifying, even an emperor is affected.” A High God who understood the situation became startled.

An emperor’s dao heart was unparalleled and firm but this emperor was still moved by the sand bull’s power of belief.

At the same time, he became envious due to the helpful role of the Heaven’s Will at this moment, even going as far as saving the emperor’s life. The totems couldn’t do so. Even though they carry the grand dao and shoulder the fate palaces of the High Gods, the totems were innately inferior to the Heaven’s Wills. Just having one or two more totems wasn’t enough to make up for this deficiency.

The four emperors didn’t have an upper hand fighting against the Four Beasts. In fact, some emperors were even at a disadvantage. This wasn’t a good situation for them since they haven’t even touched Li Qiye just yet before being suppressed.

The crowd was astonished to see the emperors losing at the start. Plus, Li Qiye hasn’t actually done anything himself from the start.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a cold and sharp ray aimed straight for Li Qiye’s throat. It was puny with extreme speed, capable of piercing the star to deliver a fatal blow. It was akin to a poisonous needle shot out from the shadows against an unaware opponent.

Even High Gods with eight or ten totems became serious after seeing this ambush. It was definitely a sure-kill move.

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” The ray shot through multiple dimensions, leaving behind tiny holes. It became much weaker once it truly made it to his throat so he easily gripped it with two fingers.

Those who were strong enough could tell that this ambush needed to go through many dimensions before reaching Li Qiye’s space.

Space Displacement - even though he seemed to be so close, he had moved many dimensions away in the blink of an eye. The ray needed to pierce through all of these dimensions before reaching him.

“A dog won’t change its way even after becoming divine. A bandit will remain a bandit even after becoming an eleven-will High God! These phrases are apt to describe you.” Li Qiye calmly stopped the ray and coldly uttered.

The ambusher was naturally Tamedragon High God. He wasn’t happy with Li Qiye drawing parallel with him and a dog.

He only wanted to try for an ambush while Li Qiye was distracted. In fact, he didn’t think it would be successful at all.

“It makes sense that some people will never become an emperor. An emperor can be cruel, emotionless, but never despicable!” Li Qiye threw down the ray and his eyes flashed with another intent.

“Buzz.” Strands of holy light emerged all around the wildland and started gathering in the sky.

More and more came out like streams floating into an ocean in a majestic process.

Keep in mind that death and darkness were the main affinities at the wildland. This place has been reaped for many generations so blood permeated into the ground. Even the sky was filled with mists of blood.

Alas, this radiance spectacle seemed to be granting hope to the place. It seemed to have been buried in the deepest location of this epoch. It contained the struggle and hope of countless existences. There strands, the embodiment of hope, would bring light to all.

The wildland became quiet; the wailing souls and specters stuck on the river of time became calm. The light was washing away their torment and placating an entire epoch.

Underground, certain dark overlords were robbed of their slumber by the holy light in the sky. Their eyes became serious as a response because they knew who this light belonged to. It nearly ended their dark epoch by illuminating the entire world. Alas, this person still failed. His light was buried deep underground but today, these strands were coming out once more. These overlords felt an instinctive fear.

“Buzz.” In the next second, all the light gathered on Li Qiye’s body. Two wings appeared behind him. They were as white as snow without a single blemish as if they were the purest thing in this world.

“Ba!” The pair of wings flapped and easily crushed the dimensions nearby. Li Qiye took one step to return to the main space.

His whole being was peerlessly holy. Nothing dirty could touch him; all evils would instantly run at his sight.

He was the holy lord representing the light and hope!

Numerous spectators kneeled on the ground out of respect coming from the heart!  This was a supreme saint removing all the darkness!

“Start the formation!” Tamedragon was aghast and shuddered after seeing this holy power. It was truly the nemesis of people like them.

“Rumble!” All nine High Gods released their totems. Chaos energy poured down like an ocean.

This was truly a magnificent scene. Many spectators have never seen nine High Gods working together like this in their lifetime.

“Boom!” The formation was formed with haste. These gods have known each other for a long time and have fought together enough. Their teamwork was simply impeccable.

The totems hovered on top of this grand formation in a dazzling manner. In the next second, all nine disappeared and replaced by a gigantic monster.

It looked a bit like a scarab or a beetle with a thick carapace on top, seemingly capable of shouldering the entire firmament.

“Rumble!” This creature easily trampled over the peaks after waking up. It could even blow the stars out of the sky with a slight touch.

Everyone felt their hair standing on end after seeing this creature.

“Tamedragon Cavalry’s Skyplowing Insect. They used this formation to flip over a Grand Emperor’s lineage back then.”

This was one of the cavalry’s ace cards, relying on their totems to create this formation. It had immense defensive potential. One would need to break through their totems before taking down this insect.

This was easier said than done since breaking through a god’s totems was essentially the same as needing to kill one.


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