Chapter 1953: Looking Down On All

The newly-formed alliance horrified the spectators and robbed them of their breath.

“You want to fight? We’ll take you on.” Sentry Arrow’s entire body became resplendent with his surging grand dao. No one could look down on an emperor.

Ultimately, most emperors were fearless in face of trouble and would fight to the bitter end!

“Boom!” Li Qiye waved his hand and a large path was erected from the wildland all the way to the current battlefield.

“I’m ready to fight whenever.” Li Qiye said: “However, I’ll be merciful and remind everyone again that it is not too late to run if you want to stay alive. Be a good boy from now on or become my sacrifice.”

Li Qiye’s comment was annoying regardless of whether it was out of kindness or deliberately provocative. No one would be able to swallow this anger, especially people with high status like emperors.

Nevertheless, the path leading to the wildland still made the emperors hesitate. After all, this wasn’t their home ground. Maybe Li Qiye had prepared a trap there for them already.

“Hah, it’s too late for you to change your mind now.” Tamedragon High God snorted: “Looking down on the emperors and even killing one? All of your crimes are unforgivable. Today, our Tamedragon Cavalry and Sentinel will not leave until we decapitate you. There are no cowards among emperors and We High Gods do not falter either. We shall fight together until the end!”

He wished to tie Sentinel together with their cavalry. In his eyes, Li Qiye had killed too many of their descendants and disciples. Given their fierce nature, there was no letting this go without killing Li Qiye. So now, they needed to tie Sentinel to their war chariot. This was the best chance to form this alliance.

“No need to be hypocrites, bandits. It doesn’t matter what happens, don’t think about leaving the wildland alive since I happen to need sacrifices.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and declared.

At this point in time, the crowd would be more astonished if Li Qiye wasn’t acting so domineeringly.

The High God’s expression darkened, extinguishing the stars and dimming the dao. His aura became oppressive and ominous to the dismay of the crowd.

“Junior, keep on acting arrogant. I’ll be there to kill you.” The fierce High God cupped his fist at Sentry Arrow and said: “Brother Sentry, we High Gods will be going ahead. None of us are cowards that would let a junior walk all over us like this! Even if our head were to fall to the ground, it will be after a bloody battle!”

With that, he and the other eight High Gods walked on Li Qiye’s pathway to reach the depth of the wildland.

His comment was meant to egg the emperors on. He was intelligent enough to prevent his allies from backing off without losing all face.

Now, all eyes were on the four emperors. It was up to them now whether to fight or not.

Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor stared at the three emperors to see their opinion. One of them replied: “The grand dao is full of trouble and misfortune. No need to be afraid, it’s only death!”

The other two emperors nodded in agreement.

“Alright, Fellow Daoist Li, to the death it is then!” Sentry Arrow finally shouted with his eyes flashing as if he was deriving an entire world. He stepped on the path with his surging imperial aura.

The other three emperors followed right behind him.

“It’s happening.” Someone murmured after seeing Sentinel joining the fray.

Ultimately, the crowd wasn’t surprised to see the emperors’ choice. Li Qiye’s humiliating words were too much to take.

If Sentinel were to acquiesce, then they would have to tuck their tail between their legs forever, as Li Qiye had said previously. They would lose all of their prestige as a result.

Thus, it was no longer about avenging Wildlad Heaven Emperor. Sentinel had no choice but to fight to the end against Li Qiye. In a certain sense, their fate was sealed the moment they chose to come to the wildland for revenge. 

In the depth of the wildland, Li Qiye was still shining with an immortal radiance. It had dispelled the fogs and mists of this world, allowing everyone to clearly see the battlefield!

The four emperors and nine High Gods surrounded Li Qiye in order to gain the most advantageous position for the fatal blow.

All of them were experienced and powerful enough so they were able to find the right spots right away. There was no need for communication among them since it was all implicitly understood. Ordinary experts couldn’t compare to them in this regard.

Everyone watched with bated breath. This battle was going to be the most memorable fight in this generation. It has been a long time since the last one of this scale in Pure.

The four emperors carefully perused the area. They could feel that a grand momentum has been created here, but they couldn’t analyze it right away.

Nevertheless, they were certain that it wasn’t meant to stop them from escaping or to kill them. In short, whatever thing here wasn’t meant for them. This perplexed the entire group. Tamedragon High God’s eyes flashed as well. He could also see the momentum here but he came to the same conclusion as the emperors.

Li Qiye gave them time to look around. He sat there calmly without any rush.

“Don’t worry, all of you aren’t at the level that necessitates preparation from me. No need to use a butcher’s blade to kill a chicken.” Li Qiye leisurely smiled.

Anyone would be vomiting blood after hearing this taunt. Calling High Gods and emperors chickens? No one else would be able to utter such an outrageous comment.

Sentry Arrow and Tamedragon’s eyes darted at each other. Clearly, they both wanted the other side to attack first.

“Your Majesties, your laws are peerless on top of possessing the invincible Heaven’s Wills. This Little Brother will watch your back. We’re on the same boat now and need both offense and defense.” Tamedragon said.

He wanted Sentinel to go first while his group waits for a better opportunity.

The emperors nodded at each other. They were already on the battlefield; there was no retreating. It was only a matter of time before they needed to fight.

They weren’t afraid of the High Gods taking advantage of the situation either. No one was going to leave this battlefield that easily. Only blood shall remain.

“Fellow Daoist Li, we four brothers would like to see your supreme grand dao.” Sentry Arrow stepped forward and spoke in a dignified manner. His temperament was still righteous, unlike Wildlad Heaven Emperor.

“What a shame, I’m sure it wasn’t that easy becoming an emperor. But now, you all are walking towards the gates of hell.” Li Qiye shook his head and said.

“Fellow Daoist Li, get ready.” A different Immortal Monarch uttered coldly.

“Boom!” The Heaven’s Wills and their weapons emerged. The invincible auras of the four emperors swept through the world. Other beings were mere specks of dust before them.

Three emperors revealed their three wills each while Sentry Arrow had five. Fourteen wills were present at the same time, causing others to tremble before their might. 

In fact, the High Gods here held their breath as well. Even though the fourteen wills weren’t aimed at them, they still exercised caution.

Totems weren’t comparable to Heaven’s Wills. This was the biggest gap between a High God and an emperor. It wasn’t something that can be made up by merit laws or treasures either.

“As you wish.” Li Qiye chuckled while still sitting there. With a buzz, his Death Chapter showed up.

It flew outside and engulfed the entire wildland. Next, it imprinted its mark on the ground and death energy filled the place. Now, Li Qiye was still covered by an immortal radiance. However, due to the presence of this deathly energy, he seemed like a reaper from the crevice of hell, ready to harvest the lives of his foes!

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