Chapter 1951: Tamedragon High God

The spectators gasped after hearing this and became stupefied. Even Sentinel was shocked but improperly expressing their emotion wasn’t something emperors did.

Ultimately, bowing in front of Wildlad’s grave wasn’t a big deal. This was the simplest and lowest way to let go of this feud, not difficult at all. One could even say that Sentinel basically didn’t care about pursuing this matter and only wanted to keep up appearances.

Thus, they thought that it was insane for Li Qiye to refuse this easy request. Only a madman would do so. Furthermore, it even exacerbated the issue even more since this was akin to slapping Sentinel in public.

Not to mention emperors, even an ordinary expert couldn’t swallow this indignation.

The four exchanged glances before Sentry Arrow spoke: “Fellow Daoist, we are willing to settle this amicably but your aggressiveness is not befitting of your status. You should reconsider, it’s not easy getting to this level.”

Sentry Arrow chose his words well as an emperor should.

“I have no status to speak of in the first place.” Li Qiye smiled casually in response: “It is not too late for you all to scram but time is running out. I’m so merciful for telling you all this.”

“Fellow Daoist, you really want to fight?” Sentry Arrow’s expression darkened, same as the other three.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Want to hear the truth? If all of you wish to remain ignorant, then I want nothing more than a fight so that I can slaughter a few emperors, enough for a warm-up. Of course, I can be more courteous instead and phrase it differently - please leave before making a mistake resulting in death without a burial!”

The crowd smiled wryly after hearing this. How was this more courteous? It was simply annoying and akin to pouring oil into the fire.

The four emperors had a cold glint in their eyes. Their auras erupted causing the world to tremble.

Emperors were never ones to be afraid of fighting. However, some were careful and judged themselves and the enemies. But when it came to push or shove, they wouldn’t back down.

This was the case for Sentinel right now. Though they couldn’t compare to monsters like Heaven Authority, they weren’t to be bullied either.

The style of the emperors was to never panic or cause trouble needlessly. Right now, they couldn’t figure out Li Qiye’s power so prudence was necessary. This didn’t mean that they were afraid of fighting when reconciliation wasn’t possible.

“Such a big tone!” A cold voice interrupted the current conversation.

A carriage seemed to be slowly coming from the horizon. Of course, it was moving with unbelievable speed. In one second, it was over yonder. In the next, it was already present at the wildland.

It was dragged by nine flood-dragons, completely black and large. Their scales had a metallic luster to them.

These dragons were different from normal dragons due to their horns resembling antlers.

They flew quietly, virtually soundless, but it was still enough to cross through the countless miles in the sky.

On the carriage was an old man dressed in embroidered silk. He had no frightening aura but his features were sharp and emotionless. People would shudder with fear after seeing his visage. When he opened his eyes, he could cause the entire world to explode into ashes. 

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” The ones caught in his gaze exploded into mists of blood without a chance to scream.

He didn’t try to contain his destructive glare at all, letting it kill the nearby spectators. This was quite domineering and cruel - no regards for lives.

Therefore, the other experts didn’t dare to stop. Even High Gods got the hell out of there.

He had eight companions behind him with varying ages. The old ones were even older than him. The young ones didn’t look a year older than twenty.

They wore black armor with a dark luster while riding stallions. There was no sound in their travel just like a group of phantoms. The eight seemed to be a cohesive unit; eight bodies but one mind. They were all-penetrating and elusive like a serpent hiding in the shadows, waiting to deliver the fatal bite.

There was no escape after being hounded by this group. They would wait for their prey’s weakest moment then finish it off.

“Tamedragon Cavalry!” Someone shouted after seeing this group of nine. 

The crowd was horrified to hear this name. Even those from a strong background got the hell away.

For example, people would be in awe after seeing a group of emperors. But fear was the dominant reaction after seeing this cavalry.

It was definitely the most terrifying squad of High Gods in Pure. It was strong enough but its conducts were the worst part. To put it frankly, this was a group of bandits with zero morals.

However, even bandits would follow certain creeds of the secular world. These High Gods would have none of that.

If a clan or an individual were to be targeted by this cavalry because they possessed a certain item, the cavalry would immediately start an ambush. It didn’t matter if the target was a junior, these High Gods would still rob and kill the target and their family.

Some emperors have robbed people before. However, they maintained a certain style. For example, doing it blatantly and openly, not worrying about others seeking revenge in the future.

This wasn’t the case for the cavalry for they preferred to hide in the darkness before delivering the fatal blow. They wouldn’t spare the old and the young and went as far as destroying all the corpses in order to hide their sinister deeds. Their victims would evaporate out of thin air as if they never existed in the first place.

Even imperial lineages have been robbed by this cruel squadron. Many lineages hated and feared them. In Pure, so many hoped that someone would put an end to them.

Of course, the cavalry also chose their targets quite well. For example, imperial lineages with only one emperor or no surviving ones.

They wouldn’t dare to provoke powers like the War-Monarch or Dragon Citadel. This was the reason why despite all the atrocities they have committed, they were still alive and well.

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