Chapter 1950: Threatening The World

Li Qiye stood inside the boundless immortal light while exuding a magnificent flame. The ordinary Li Qiye was transcending at this moment just like an immortal.

He himself looked like a flowing dao. As he stood there immobile, people would think that he was moving through the river of time. Past, present, future - these no longer applied to him.

Everything else turned to dust and no longer mattered. Three thousand worlds would be born and destroyed with a single thought of his.

If he took one step forward, a new era would be formed. If he halted, it was the destruction of an epoch. He was the master of all - the sand of time was flowing in accordance with his whim.

This was an everlasting existence. Emperors would slowly dissipate standing before him. There was an uncrossable gap between them.

“What is going on? Is this an ascension?” Everyone was slack-jawed after seeing Li Qiye in this immortal state. They didn’t know whether this was an illusion or not.

Everyone knew that immortals didn’t exist in this world but after seeing him right now, they found the opposite more likely.

Even High Gods couldn’t stay calm because just a single palm of Li Qiye was enough to crush the dao avatar of an emperor with five wills. Just how much power was required to do so with such ease?

“What power is this?” The High Gods noticed that Li Qiye didn’t have the aura of a Heaven’s Will or apex chaos energy on him. 

Some couldn’t help but kneel down before him. It was an instinctive fear.

“He’s rising against all common senses; can such a being exist in this world? Maybe only twelve-will emperors can challenge him.” An old god knew more compared to the others here and spoke with apprehension.

“Boom!” While everyone was frightened, space suddenly collapsed. The entire sky in the wildland seemed to have been stomped to smithereens. Someone was coming from a distant realm and the sky here was only a portal as thin as paper to him. Just one stomp was enough to crush it.

In the blink of an eye, four majestic figures appeared before everyone. They came too quickly so the crowd didn’t truly grasp how they got here.

“Boom!” Their auras assaulted the world. Even before the wills themselves have appeared, this power came like a storm. All beings quivered before it.

They came with their real body this time around, with engulfing flames and blinding radiance like the rising of a thousand suns. Even heavenly gazes couldn’t stay open.

The four of them had armor on just like generals that could take on the high heaven and sweep through all the evils in this world! Nothing could resist their might and will.

“Your Majesties!” Countless prostrated on the ground in reverence.

“Sentinel…” The High Gods slowly retreated, not daring to mingle around.

The remaining four members of Sentinel were here outside of the late Wildlad.

The world became silent. Everyone watched with bated breath, knowing that Sentinel was here for revenge.

As emperors, their oath wasn’t mere rhetoric. They must stay true to these decrees and have revenge for their fallen brother.

This was one of the reasons for Wildlad’s rampant arrogance. After all, killing Wildlad was easy but provoking Sentinel was very problematic.

“You are Li Qiye?!” The middle-aged man with the strongest aura of the four stood out. He had a golden pair of eyes, resembling the reincarnation cycle. Just one glance could start the cycle and destroy an era. People were scared out of their mind just by being stared at by him, let alone actual combat.

This was Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor, the creator and strongest member of Sentinel. Because he was a devil, his eyes had a strange charisma.

Rumor has it that his origin was quite wretched, a flute-boy for watching livestock. Later on, he came across an old scripture and began his path of cultivation. 

It certainly wasn’t easy for someone like him to have such great achievements.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye was now meditating in the light just like an everlasting immortal. Each of his words turned into mantra instantly.

With a profound glare, Sentry Arrow asked: “May I ask who you are?”

He still couldn’t see through Li Qiye despite being an emperor. This guy didn’t have a Heaven’s Will but was even more frightening than low-level emperors like them.

He was an experienced person and not arrogant like Wildlad. 

“Does it matter? If you want to fight, come and fight.” Li Qiye said flatly.

His straightforward response surprised the four emperors. They were here in person yet he still showed such disdain? 

“Fellow Daoist, we, Sentinel, have a blood oath together. You have killed our brother so we can’t let this go.” Sentry Arrow spoke while slightly raising his brows.

“Is that so?” Li Qiye was still as relaxed as ever: “What do you want to do about it then?”

Li Qiye had no intention of settling this peacefully to the surprise of the emperors. They glanced at each other and Sentry Arrow was still the one to speak up: “Fellow Daoist, our demand is very simple. As long as you bow before our brother’s grave and perform a respectful ceremonial, I’m sure we can let go of this feud.”

Now it was the crowd’s turn to be shocked. In the beginning, everyone thought that Sentinel was here to fight but now, the emperor had changed his mind? This action could be construed as giving up.

Of course, this was because Sentry Arrow didn’t waste his time living. He couldn’t see through Li Qiye’s background but he was certain that the guy was unfathomably strong.

Only Wildlad would do something so unwise. The group was aware of Wildlad’s personality so they weren’t surprised that he finally got killed by someone.

However, due to the oath, they had no choice but to do this. Even if they couldn’t pay it with blood, the least they could do was to appease Wildlad’s soul.

In a short time, all eyes were on Li Qiye since this was an easy way out. Any rational person would definitely agree with this request.

Li Qiye smiled and answered: “There’s something you don’t know. There are only two paths for those who oppose me. First, tuck your tail between your legs even if I were to slap you. Later on, stay as far as possible away from me and live like a coward, regardless of how powerful and prestigious you might be. Coil if you are a dragon and cower if you are a tiger! Or, if you can’t do this much, then come. Use your fist and power to fight me with all your might! However, this is a path towards demise.” 

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