Chapter 195: Mysterious Dead Person (1)

Chapter 195: Mysterious Dead Person (1)

“Who are you?”

When Li Shuangyan’s group was resting on the ground, there was a voice from the sky that suddenly descended down, and it startled all of them into jumping up.

At this point, they noticed that the wooden coffin hanging on the precipice had been opened as a person was sitting inside.

Sitting in the wooden coffin was a man dressed in armor. The armor was already dull without any brilliance. The more frightening part was that the chest piece of the armor was pierced through. And not just the armor, but even the man’s chest was penetrated. From the broken trace of the wound, no one would even dare imagine how terrifying this attack was!

However, this puncture did not affect his presence. The man was handsome and tall with eyes like the swords and facial features as bright as the moon. One could tell that he was absolutely an attractive man that year!

Even though the man did not open his eyes, he could still see Li Qiye. At least, others got that feeling.

Seeing such a man left the group of Li Shuangyan in a daze for a while. When the Martial God referred to him as Predecessor, they assumed that the person inside the wooden coffin would be an ancient old man, not just a young man!

“In the Bamboo Forest, an arrow that pierces the heavens! In the high sky, a war to slaughter the heavens! One feathered arrow as a sign of trust, ten thousand saints all obey!” Li Qiye, while facing the man, smilingly spoke. [1. I do believe that “an arrow that pierces the heaven” is the person’s name (Jian Jingxian), and that he is from the Bamboo forest. But without further context, I simply can’t tell.]

The moment Li Qiye finished speaking, the man inside the wooden coffin immediately opened his eyes and shined his bloody lights to stare at Li Qiye!

In the blink of an eye, everyone became paralyzed. Even though this bloody light did not fall on their bodies, they still felt that they were powerless to resist, just like ants beneath the foot of a giant elephant!

Only Li Qiye stood quietly and shouldered the man’s gaze. While watching the man, he gently sighed and said: “We did not enter the Mourning Cloud Mountain!”

The man stared at Li Qiye for a long time, a very long time without speaking. As time passed by, he finally closed his eyes and went back inside his wooden coffin; he closed it without making any noise.

Li Qiye glanced at the wooden coffin and finally lamented. It was such an ancient memory, yet this person was still as stubborn as an ox!

It took a while before the wits of Li Shuangyan’s group returned. They didn’t know what was going on and they simply didn’t understand Li Qiye’s words!

“Who is he?” Finally, Chen Baojiao couldn’t suppress the curiosity in her heart and whispered to ask Li Qiye.

Li Qiye bitterly smiled and shook his head while saying: “A stubborn guy! He has always been like this for millions of years, just like a pebble in the toilet — hard and smelly!”

Everyone was horrified by Li Qiye’s words. Even the Martial God and Lion Monarch were dreary of this person, yet their Young Noble made this assessment about him. What if this person blew up and killed all of them? Wouldn’t it be as easy as crushing an ant?

They then glanced over at the wooden coffin on the precipice, but it did not make any noise. Only then did they finally heave a sigh of relief.

In fact, everyone was curious as to why, after listening to words that resembled poetry but not quite poetry, did the man decide to help them? To be more exact, he decided to help their Young Noble!

However, since Li Qiye didn’t reveal it, they also didn’t dare to ask. The inside story was not something that they could imagine.

“The proceeds of this time goes to Baojiao.” Li Qiye took out the Tyrannical Immortal Saber and the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique and gave them to Chen Baojiao.

“For, for me?” Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but become a bit stunned. These two items were obtained by risking everyone’s lives so she didn’t expect for them to both go to her.

“These two things could be said to have been crafted just for your Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique. If it wasn’t for your Physique, I wouldn’t have went to take these two items. In the future, you will understand just how appropriate they are for you.” Li Qiye nodded his head and said.

While hugging these two items, Chen Baojiao was tongue-tied for a long time. She was already Li Qiye’s maid; she wouldn’t ask for more than just cultivating a supreme physique, but today, Li Qiye bestowed two supreme treasures to her. At this moment, her nose became stuffy as her heart became warm. There were many heavenly words and countless languages, but she couldn’t express them in this moment while lost in her emotions.

Finally, Li Qiye told everyone: “Shuangyan obtained the formation along with the Heavenly Plate, Grandpa Shi also obtained the Mysterious Ancient Pagoda! This time, everyone contributed, but since everyone had gotten something, these two items will go to Baojiao.”

Li Shuangyan did not say anything. She never had any objections to any of her Young Noble’s arrangements.

Shi Gandang was even more deferential as he bowed towards Li Qiye and added: “Young Noble bestowed this pagoda to me, I do not dare to ask for more.” In fact, he was very happy for his young miss. This clearly showed that his young miss had a position in Li Qiye’s mind.

“This time, Niu Fen contributed greatly. You don’t need any treasures, I will give you two solutions.” Li Qiye told Niu Fen.

Having heard Li Qiye, Niu Fen immediately became crazily excited and bowed all the way down to the ground as he ecstatically replied: “Young Noble bestowing two solutions is much more precious than any supreme treasure.” To him, no treasures could compare to the eighteen solutions!

While Li Qiye was swindling the Earth Immortals in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, even more cultivators appeared at Ancient Sky City. Many hidden sects and heritages began to show up as well.

During this lively time, there were more and more coffins appearing in Ancient Sky City from all of the grand sects and powerful nations. Why did everyone do this as the Underworld Boats approached? Even though there were some younger cultivators and sects who were indeed here for treasures, but to many of the grand sects, especially the unfathomable immortal gates and emperor lineages, they were only here for the chance to rebirth in order to live for another generation!

A harsh way to put it is that for these millions of year old heritages, which house didn’t have one or two dead people? One could even say that people were never lacking the dead. Plus, these dead people were once the most powerful in their generation.

In fact, only the dead or the soon-to-be dead were even more eager to bury themselves inside the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground! These eternal existences had lived for one generation after another and only had a single breath left. They were afraid of death more than anyone else, and they did not spare any method in order to prolong their survival.

With the arrival of the Underworld Boats, this was another opportunity for these eternal dying existences to live again!

At this time, countless powers in the world were carrying coffins that contained wise sages who have been dead for countless years or eternal existences who were holding on to their last breaths!

For the dying or the already dead, the Underworld Boat was worth betting on. Once successful, it would be a rebirth for another generation. Even an Immortal Emperor did not have such an opportunity!

The appearances of some coffins actually caused quite a commotion! Coffins that were capable of stirring the crowd meant that they were carrying amazing characters!

“Isn’t that the Eastern Hundred Cities’ Immortal Goal Ancient Sect?” At this time, a black coffin was being carried into the city, and a cultivator from the Eastern Hundred Cities quietly murmured.

Seeing this black coffin, a sect master was surprised as he muttered: “The Immortal Goal Ancient Sect has a requirements for burial. People who are qualified to use a black coffin are very few in number! To be buried in a black coffin, the person must be of a grand creation generation and had incomparable merits for the sect. The Immortal Goal Ancient Sect didn’t have anyone from a grand creation generation for the last thirty thousand years. Could the person inside this coffin be Demon King Cang Hu from fifty thousand years ago!?”

“A golden coffin crafted from Extreme Mysterious Chilled Gold ah!” At this moment, a golden coffin was carried into the city and was met by an emotional exclamation: “The Northern Grand Sea’s Tortoise Country actually paid such a great price to use the Extreme Mysterious Chilled Gold for a coffin. This is such a grand gesture.”

“You don’t understand, inside the coffin is the sixth generation son-in-law of the Tortoise Country’s king.” A demon merman, who came from the Northern Grand Sea, shook his head and said.

“A prince-in-law is treated so well like this?” Someone was caught by surprise and asked.

The merman then replied: “The sixth generation prince-in-law of the Tortoise Country is an unfathomable character. He came from a merman tribe, but his bloodline was actually one fourth Charming Spirit. He actually transformed from a carp to a dragon and had climbed up the mythical Dragon Gate before! He is not only the pride of the Tortoise Country, but also the pride of the Merman Race!” Having said this, this demon merman couldn’t help but to reveal a proud expression.

When the words “Charming Spirit” was brought up, many cultivators were astonished because, to them, no matter if they were human or demon, to be able to carry the Charming Spirit’s bloodline was a matter worthy of pride.

The Charming Spirit Race was the favored child of the high heavens. Their first branch’s cultivation could be described to be extremely easy! There were even people who believe that the Charming Spirit Race were descendants of the Ancient Immortals. There were also some who referred to them as the Godly Race or the Heavenly Race. To many people, it was indeed a proud matter to have some Charming Spirit blood.

Even though the Heavenly Devil Race and the Ghost Immortal Race both did not recognize the Charming Spirit Race as the most excellent race in the world, they could not deny that the first Immortal Emperor came from the Charming Spirit Race… Immortal Emperor Gu Chun!” (Ancient Purity)

“The Southern Barren Earth’s Ye Feng Clan (Dark Phoenix) is also here.” Seeing a clan carrying a wooden coffin forward, a cultivator from the Southern Barren Earth couldn’t help but murmur: “The Ye Feng Clan has not showed up for almost ten thousand years ah, but they made an exception this time.”

“I heard that the Ye Feng Clan had no other choice. Their last ancestor only has one breath left and has to rely on the large amount of Era Blood Stones to stay alive. But recently, the clan sent out news that the Era Blood Stones could no longer maintain the seal even with a higher quantity, so they couldn’t afford not to gamble and bring their ancestor up to the Underworld Boat.” A royal lord who came from the Southern Barren Earth softly sighed and explained.

For millions of years, how many characters dominated for so long yet, in the end, still didn’t want to die? They even buried themselves in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground to be friends with countless corpses. Of course, characters like this royal lord, even if they feared death, they still weren’t qualified to be buried in the Feng Shui Treasure Earth in the burial ground!

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