Chapter 1948: Laying The Trap

This area became quiet after the Blood Forsakens’ departure, a scene of deathly stillness.

With his eyes on the altar, he revealed a faint smile: “If I were to let you survive through the long years, how can the beings lamenting for generations without entering the reincarnation cycle rest?”

Having said that, Li Qiye’s eyes flashed with a terrible murderous torrent.

He looked around the area and said: “It is time for I, the butcher, to deliver your death. Don’t blame me for being merciless, blame your own ignorance instead.”

A grin emerged as he went on: “No longer coming out after the Heavenly Execution even if the world were to split apart. However, I’ll make a bet that I’ll be able to drag you out from your lair. The fish only refuses to bite because the bait isn’t fat enough.”

Li Qiye and Saint will work together to kill a dark overlord, the strongest one sleeping beneath this altar.

This lair was fortified; attacking it was simply impossible. It was the key to protecting this overlord so it wouldn’t open without his primal laws. Thus, the only way was to bait him out.

This being has been slumbering for a long time now, ever since he created the Forsaken Bloods and faced the execution.

Even if the outside world were to sunder, he wouldn’t leave his lair without something enough to tempt him. Very few things could do so, but Li Qiye had an idea.

Li Qiye wasn’t careless for he understood the power of this existence. He was preparing for a great plan with an immense amount of resources - refined jades, chaos stones, immortal and divine metals…

This was an exhausting task; his lifelong knowledge and skills were all utilized in this operation. At the same time, in order to avoid any mistake, he used thirty crystals from the fowl mine. This was truly going all out.

Remember, he only asked for one hundred crystal stones back in the nine worlds but he didn’t mind spending thirty to ambush this dark overlord.

Back during the Ancient Ming Era, he had also laid out a murderous formation that only needed several stones. Now, he was using thirty stones. One could imagine just how monstrous the incoming fight was going to be.

Alas, this was worth it if he could kill this overlord since he would be able to obtain all of the guy’s treasures and resources, potentially a Paragon Artifact as well.

Most importantly was the significance in killing a dark overlord. This was a warning to the ones lurking in the dark that there were still people in this world who could slay them. At the same time, it would light a spark of hope in everyone, that the darkness in the future could still be flattened. Third, it would show the wavering and indecisive ones the right side to pick! 

Li Qiye used many heaven-defying methods to perfect every single detail in the plan. Just one wrong move and they would lose everything against a being of this level.

Meanwhile, Pure was still lost in the excitement of Jin Ge’s ascension. Some were happy, others were sad. Of course, the most jubilated was still the Heaven Race.

After all, they already had two Grand Emperors in this generation. This was an impressive initiative and advantage.

Strangely enough, Jin Ge didn’t have a formal declaration to the world afterward or did a ceremonial patrol. He chose to keep a low-profile.

Remember, becoming a Grand Emperor was a prestigious deed that honored one’s ancestors. Furthermore, shouldering four wills was an exceptional and memorable act.

Even his clan didn’t send any message or decree at all. With Jin Ge, the War-Monarch had a total of six emperors. This was quite rare in the thirteen continents, enough for them to reign.

Their lack of celebration puzzled everyone. People started feeling that something was amiss and started to have discussions and speculations in secret.

In the interim, many emperors were quietly gathering in Exploration Grounds. The most unbelievable thing was the scale of this meeting - more than ten emperors have come together.

Even Grand Emperors from the Heaven Race were involved. Who in this world could summon so many emperors from the different races?

Outside of the ultimate expeditions, not too many events could create an alliance between the races.

The racial tension was still high after Emperor Hunt. Emperors from these races still worked together occasionally on a small scale. But this number was exceedingly high.

Emperors and High Gods who knew about this meeting but weren’t eligible to join became scared. They certainly knew that something big was happening.

“A change in leadership, maybe? It’s not an ultimate expedition.” An old High God said nervously.

“A twelve-will emperor is taking charge? Who else can gather so many emperors?” A relatively new Grand Emperor became startled.

The world didn’t know about the emperors gathering in Exploration Grounds. Even their peers could only talk about it quietly among themselves.

Everyone was distracted by Jin Ge’s ascension while this group of emperors was waiting for the right moment.

“Whoosh!” A sound of an arrow flying suddenly appeared in Exploration Grounds.

It was very quiet. In the beginning, not too many people took note of it. 

“Whoosh!” The second time didn’t attract any attention either.

After the fifth time, the noise became more resounding and everyone could hear it echo now.

It didn’t come from the ears but from their heart. It was as if this sound had shot directly in there. Even if they were to cover their ears, they would still hear it all the same.

“Not good!” An experienced ancestor was alarmed to hear this repeated whistle: “We have to leave now!” He immediately left with his juniors.

“Ancestor, what is happening?” A junior was confused to see his strongest ancestor leaving in a panic.

“Don’t ask, this person can kill you without any sign.” The ancestor immediately hushed the junior and continued to retreat.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The same arrow noise rang in everyone’s dao heart.

As time went on, the unaware listeners grew exasperated.

“Who are you, bastard?! Hiding in the dark and annoying everyone?! Come out and fight me if you dare!” A different ancestor who didn’t know about the noise was annoyed and shouted at the sky.

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