Chapter 1944: Jin Ge’s Visit

The news of Jin Ge’s coronation with four wills swept through Pure like a storm. Some were still shocked despite it being in everyone’s expectation.

His talents and power were perfect to become an emperor if it wasn’t for the first ambush by Virtuous. The more shocking part was the four wills. People even guessed that this could have been a twelve-will emperor.

More importantly, this was the second emperor in this generation already. When will the first be?

The first was Dao Dragon Heaven Emperor, not the most brilliant nor the most talented. In fact, he was inferior to Jin Ge and Virtuous in many aspects. No, even when compared to Qin Baili.

Nevertheless, he was still the first Grand Emperor that have experienced two will-seizing attempts for a total of six.

There was no doubt that the Heaven Race was shining in this generation due to the first two emperors being heaveners.

Thus, many waited for the third emperor and wondered which race will they be from?

The most promising now was Virtuous from Arrogance Continent. Alas, his first attempt was the same as Jin Ge’s - being ambushed and lost the chance.

Though the top emperors agreed to seal the thirteen continents and stopping the passageways, shouldering the Heaven’s Will was still an earth-shattering matter. People could sense the change in the number of the remaining wills.

Normal experts couldn’t sense anything but High Gods and emperors from the other continents knew that a new emperor has been born.

People had different feelings after the coronation. Some young ones beyond excited, thinking that the next emperor could be themselves.

Jilin Princess and Wu Fengying had this thought as well. After all, virtually all imperial successors had this ambition.

However, they were born a bit late compared to Jin Ge and Qin Baili. There was still a long way for them to go before catching up to Jin Ge in his pre-ascension state. But at that point, many wills would have been taken. This only added more pressure to them due to the lack of time.

“Boom!” It hasn’t been two days after his ascension before Jin Ge decided to show up outside of Eternal.

His imperial aura alarmed everyone.

“It’s Jin Ge, no, Grand Emperor Jin Ge.” Someone shouted after seeing him.

Though his attire was still the same on top of converging his own imperial flame, he was still a Grand Emperor. His aura still robbed the breath away from spectators.

“Your Majesty.” Many experts on Eternal dropped to their knees, subservient to the Grand Emperor.

Jin Ge wasn’t trying to suppress others and only stood there calmly. There was no trace of arrogance nor a need to show off. Nevertheless, emperors with four wills and up made weaker cultivators cower instinctively.

“Brother Li, Jin Ge would like to see you.” The emperor requested.

The volume wasn’t loud but each word was resounding with a peerless charisma. People felt especially comfortable to hear it. His words were an unquestionable decree in resonation with the dao.

The first thing he did after becoming an emperor was to visit Li Qiye? This made people raise their eyes; all attention was on Eternal.

“Does he want revenge now?” A cultivator wondered.

Even though the princess had foregone old grievances with Li Qiye, it didn’t mean Jin Ge would be able to swallow it. He had four wills now and was countless times stronger.

“Will this be Jin Ge’s first battle after ascension?” Some experts became quite excited.

Everyone knew about Fiercest’s ferocity after he tore Wildlad Heaven Emperor apart. But now, maybe Jin Ge with four wills was a more worthy opponent, resulting in a more colorful battle.

“Probably not.” An older High God carefully dissected Jin Ge’s tone. From his attitude, this didn’t look like a challenge.

Meanwhile, Jilin Princess and the others were surprised too. They didn’t know of his intention and they were powerless to stop him in the first place. Shi Hunlin wasn’t a match for Jin Ge either.

During their hesitation, the wooden door creaked and opened. Li Qiye came out from his isolated cultivation.

He glanced outside before answering: “Come in.”

Jin Ge cupped his fist and said: “Excuse me then.” With that, he turned Eternal and disappeared from sight.

“It’s not happening then?” The people said.

“Fiercest is really too much, he didn’t bother with formalities at all, just telling him to come in.” An ancestor stated.

In fact, many felt this sentiment. An enemy seeing an emperor coming in person would be scared out of their mind, probably even kneeling on the ground and begging for forgiveness already. Even the courageous ones would be preparing for a fierce battle.

As for the non-enemy, it was a glorious honor to be visited by an emperor. This latter group would be preparing a grand reception. Not Li Qiye; his only response was a nonchalant “come in”.

It was as if Jin Ge was only an ordinary guest. No, not even a guest. After all, the host would at least come and greet a guest. His domineering attitude made everyone think that Fiercest didn’t give a damn about emperors.

After Jin Ge entered the room, the rest of the group could read the situation and left. After all, this was a meeting far beyond their level.

Li Qiye was still sitting down while leisurely glancing at Jin Ge. He wasn’t surprised at the four wills at all.

Jin Ge actually bowed towards Li Qiye instead and said: “Today, I wish to correct myself, no longer daring to call you Brother Li.”

“Sit down.” Li Qiye nodded.

Jin Ge didn’t waste words and sat down. He finally realized who he was speaking to and how unreachable he was.

“I’m sure you’re here for more than that today.” Li Qiye said.

“Today, outside of formally visiting you, Sacred Teacher, I have also thought about our feud.” Jin Ge smiled and said.

Jin Ge could calmly face Li Qiye because there wasn’t a great history between the two. For example, his ancestors actually fought on the battlefield to the death against Li Qiye. On the other hand, his issue was due to the death of his wife’s family.

“I’m listening.” Li Qiye chuckled and had a sip of green tea.

“Sacred Teacher, my wife and you have let go of your feud, so I don’t need to worry about it either. But back at the imperial city, I was too blind to see Mount Tai and had plans for a future fight with you. That’s what I’m here for.”

Jin Ge was righteous, fitting of his current status. Wildlad was completely inferior in his regards.

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