Chapter 1942: Shouldering The Heaven’s Will

No one dared to utter a word at this moment. Even the gazes on Li Qiye have changed as if he was a ghost.

It was one thing to kill the emperor, but to do so in such a brutal manner was an unbelievable feat.

All the experts of the War-Monarch Clan shuddered in fear as well. At this moment, they were secretly glad about their princess’ vision. If it wasn’t for her, they might be fighting against Li Qiye right now.

Regardless of the victory in this conflict, it would have certainly been a bloody and expensive one for their clan.

“This brat is too much, we have to stay away from him.” The gods watching nearby also trembled and moved far away.

Was there anything Fiercest didn’t dare to do in this world? These gods warned themselves to not get in his way or it might end with a fate worse than death. Wildlad Heaven Emperor was the perfect example.

“Is this a declaration of war? Torturing Wildlad Heaven Emperor in public like this. The three ancestors from that clan won’t let this go.” One god murmured.

Wildlad still had three emperors for his ancestors on top of being part of Sentinel.

Sentinel was founded by Sentry Arrow Devil Emperor. They had five emperors including Wildlad. The members had a blood ceremony to become sworn brothers.

Though Sentinel was no match for something unique like Heaven Authority, it was not to be underestimated.

Due to the blood ceremony, the five emperors made an oath to prosper and decline together. In other words, fighting against one of them was akin to fighting the entire group. Thus, Li Qiye had antagonized a total of seven emperors after killing Wildlad.

The frightened crowd was still too scared to speak until one High God said: “First, he messed with the Tamedragon Cavalry, now Sentinel too? He’s really challenging all the Grand Emperors in Pure. A storm is brewing…” 

He shuddered at this point, thinking that he needed to get the hell away from this mess or not even bones would be left of him.

Tamedragon and Sentinel weren’t the strongest organizations in Pure. However, provoking them was still quite suicidal. After all, the members were emperors.

But now, Li Qiye alone was going against two organizations. Just who the hell would dare to do so?

That’s why the powerful experts could already see the trouble coming ahead in Pure but the full extent remained unknown.

As long as Li Qiye was present, no one would dare to breathe loudly. The guy was completely worthy of his title, Fiercest.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye gave Jin Ge who was sitting on the altar a quick glance before leaving. Shi Hunlin and the others calmed down and followed him in silence.

Everyone felt much better after this god of calamity was gone, as if a heavy weight had been lifted off their shoulder. 

On their way back to Eternal, the juniors and even Shi Hunlin were quite nervous, thinking that Li Qiye might scold them.

Of course, this wasn’t the case. He went into isolated training right away.

It wasn’t for cultivation this time. He was preparing a great formation for the upcoming earth-shattering battle. Even though he has done some in the past, he didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest. He knew exactly who he was facing. Even a twelve-will emperor wouldn’t dare to mess with this existence.

Li Qiye was never one to fight a losing battle. Thus, he needed to be sure about capturing the overlord of the wildland without fail. Thus, he began deriving all the possible scenarios.

“Rumble!” In the interim, the peak where Jin Ge was located had loud explosions. The sky turned bright.

There were many grand dao appearing above Jin Ge with boundless power. The Heaven’s Wills were definitely appearing.

The most nervous was not Jin Ge at this moment but his protectors and army. Their nerves were being tortured right now as they carefully scanned the entire area, lest the same ambush as in the past were to happen again.

Heavenly Phoenix Princess was nervous as well. She cared for her husband more than anyone else and was suited up for battle herself while also scanning the entire area. It was precisely because of this attitude and effort that the clan valued her so much.

“Boom!” Jin Ge finally stood up and roared: “Open!”

His palaces jumped out with loud explosions.

“Twelve palaces, who knows, maybe Jin Ge is just as gifted as Wildlad Heaven Emperor.” Someone from the last generation commented after seeing the palaces.

There have been enough geniuses with twelve palaces in Pure. Alas, not that many of them became emperors.

“In terms of dao comprehension, Jin Ge might not be as good as Wildlad Heaven Emperor. The emperor was simply a genius, but that also backfired on him.” A High God that had lived for a long time said: “On the contrary, Jin Ge has the wisdom to go along with his intelligence. He wasn’t as devilish like Wildlad so he faced enough challenges and blood to sharpen himself. This period is very important to a future emperor. It allowed him to grasp the fundamentals of an emperor, all he needs is the Heaven’s Wills to become a real one.”

A different High God commented: “Instead of innate traits, I would say that the dao heart plays a bigger role. Wildlad was an emperor but he didn’t have the dao heart of one; his was still the same as the one back in his youth. Otherwise, he might not have suffered that demise earlier. In short, his life was too easy.”

The other High God agreed: “Being too intelligent might not necessarily be a good thing. It might even ruin someone’s life. Jin Ge has both the bearing and dao heart of a Grand Emperor right now, just need the Heaven’s Will.”

“Boom!” With loud detonations, Jin Ge’s twelve palaces turned into a large maelstrom with a runic chapter inside. This chapter was vast and omnipresent in the world of the maelstrom.

It was his supreme grand dao. He created it in order to shoulder the Heaven’s Wills.

“Pop!” The maelstrom released a pulse that shot into the sky.

“Rumble!” Another identical maelstrom appeared above just like a reflection. It wasn’t a reflection though. Jin Ge was imprinting his grand dao right there, using it to shoulder the wills.

The two maelstroms crazily spun. The imprinted one above was being pulled down along with the Heaven’s Wills. The entire world shook during this process. Everyone felt that he was pulling everything towards this spot.

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