Chapter 1941: Slaying An Emperor

Li Qiye's voice was emotionless just like a devil from hell, causing people to feel a chill running down their spine!

“Pluff!” He mercilessly tore the horn growing from the emperor’s head off.

“Ah!” Blood gushed from the hole as if half of his head was being ripped apart.

“Using an evil weapon is just fine.” Li Qiye threw the bloodied horn on the ground: “However, as a Grand Emperor, you shouldn’t have let evil enter your body and embark on this path. The blood of darkness has stained your imperial blood, you are no longer qualified to be a Grand Emperor.”

With that, he was ripping the scales from the emperor’s body. Miserable cries came about. This whole process was excruciating and more than the emperor could handle.

“This dark blood shouldn’t appear in this world, let it turn to ashes.” Li Qiye was not affected by the emperor’s suffering.

“Pluff!” His hand reached into the emperor’s body to drain out his blood. It was the bloodline of an emperor so it had a dazzling glow just like a jade belt.

However, it was no longer pure. Half of the blood had turned dark as if there was a devil growing inside. This was the Blood Will, fused into the emperor’s bloodstream.

Li Qiye was removing the Blood Will from the emperor but it was not easy due to the fusion. The blood had permeated into every inch of his body. Thus, it was being drained and cutting through his skin. Even though his body was still in one piece, his tendons and muscles were severed from the removal process.

“Ah!” It was painful indeed. The scream of an emperor echoed across the world. The crowd was horrified. Some even dropped to the ground in fear. Who would have thought that this would be the fate of an emperor? 

Ultimately, Li Qiye finished taking out all the dark blood. This liquid seemed to have its own consciousness, wishing to escape after leaving the emperor’s body.

Alas, Li Qiye’s palm instantly suppressed it and he began burning it with his imperial flame.

“Zzz….” The blood was issuing some strange and creepy cries.

“Take my bones and tendons but you won’t be able to kill me. I’m immortal as long as the Heaven’s Will is there!” The pale emperor still declared emphatically despite his pale complexion from the pain.

“I know.” Li Qiye said: “Everything is possible with the Heaven’s Will, a great advantage enjoyed by the emperors. However, we’ll see if you can keep saying this after I tear it apart.”

“Ha, tear my Heaven’s Will apart? In your dream!” The emperor shouted back.

This was a very difficult matter requiring a world-destroying power. However, it was also the most direct method to kill an emperor.

Emperors had a much easier time doing so because they had their own Heaven’s Wills. Alas, doing so without one’s own is much more prohibitive.

“No need to do that, too wasteful to tear apart such a good thing.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Clank.” An ancient law emerged above Li Qiye and instantly pierced through the emperor’s will.

“Buzz.:” This strand of law was actually absorbing the Heaven’s Will.

“Impossible!” The emperor was truly frightened because nothing could absorb an emperor’s will like this. However, this horrifying matter was actually happening to him.

This strand of law was naturally one of Li Qiye’s twelve. 

“Senior War-Monarch, I know you’re here, please save me!” As his will was nearly drained dry, the arrogant emperor couldn’t help but call at the sky for help.

Though he had treated the world in disdain, losing his Heaven’s Will meant losing everything. Even if he were to survive, he would only be a husk suffering a fate worse than death.

He abandoned all pride and asked the War-Monarch Clan for help. Alas, the sky was silent. Everyone was looking up towards the mountain in order to see if War-Monarch Heaven Emperor - the legendary guardian of the Heaven Race - was actually here or not?

“War-Monarch Heaven Emperor, please save me, out of consideration for my three ancestors and our race.” The emperor shouted once more.

Everyone held their breath after hearing the pleading, waiting to hear an answer. The young emperor was a heavener and his three ancestors were rumored to be friends with War-Monarch Heaven Emperor. Furthermore, War-Monarch had stepped up and mediated for him in the past.

In fact, the clan’s army and High Gods were nervous as well, not knowing quite what to do. First, their goal was to protect Jin Ge. Jumping into this muddled water would only complicate the matter. But ultimately, Wildlad Heaven Emperor was still part of their race. Seeing one of their emperors tortured by a junior was an unsettling sight.

Everyone was disappointed since no one answered the young emperor.

“Buzz.” Finally, the law finished the process. The emperor’s will was far from enough to light it up.

Without his will, even without Li Qiye stomping him, he still wouldn’t be able to move a single finger in this weak state. 

“Kill… kill me now.” The emperor spoke feebly: “Show mercy by relieving me of this.” He was drowned in despair; living was meaningless without his Heaven’s Will.

“I’ll send you on your way then.” Li Qiye glanced at him and said flatly.

“Ba!” With a finger strike, Li Qiye destroyed the emperor’s true fate located inside his forehead.

The emperor slowly closed his eyes. This death was strangely peaceful. There was no struggling or hatred. Death was not dreadful at all, only salvation.

“Poof!” Li Qiye spread out his palm and an imperial flame ignited to instantly turn the emperor into ashes. 

Wildlad Heaven Emperor, the insanely gifted emperor with many strange tales and only one will. Ultimately, there was no repentance for his past conducts even after being chased by Mortal Reversion Ancient God.

Arrogance and unbridled were the words to describe his life. Of course, he himself would have never guessed that his end would be so tragic.

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