Chapter 1931: The Heavenly Phoenix Princess’ Choice

Jin Ge wishing to become an emperor at the wildland was a very rare occurrence. Of course, it made sense too.

Due to the first failure because of Virtuous’s ambush, the War-Monarch Clan was going all out for this second ascension. They invited all of their emperors on top of having promises from other emperors of the Heaven Race. If necessary, these emperors would come out to protect him.

It could be said that there was no flaw in this particular planning. Nevertheless, he needed to be at the wildland because the emperors wouldn’t leave Exploration Grounds without a good reason. Ultimately, the clan settled on the wildland.

The exact location was on top of a divine peak. The clan had built an altar here just like a large lotus blossoming in the sky. Jin Ge was here right now.

The army of his clan was also present and surrounded this place, not even a drop of water could seep through this area. Imperial runes were present and made up some supreme battle formations.

Moreover, many High Gods from the clan were here as well, guarding the important passes.

This mountain emitted a terrible aura. Any intruder would instantly be annihilated by its murderous touch.

Though many spectators were here to see the ascension, no one dared to get close. They didn’t wish to be viewed as an enemy by the War-Monarch Clan. The force of the clan was too powerful. Even High Gods wouldn’t dare to cause trouble here.

Even the dumbest understood that interfering in this key moment would result in an irreconcilable feud. The War-Monarch Clan would never let such an offense go unpunished.

Alas, one person indeed came at the wrong time. He appeared before this peak and slowly walked closer.

The entire mountain was under great vigilance. Not to mention a living person, even a mosquito would be spotted with haste.

Because of this, all eyes were on this intruder, both the spectators outside and the great army of the War-Monarch.

“It’s Fiercest.” Someone shouted right away.

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing Li Qiye. It was no coincidence that he was here before Jin Ge’s ascension.

The whole world knew of their feud. Plus, they had competed in the past so Li Qiye’s appearance here naturally incited many questions.

“Does he want to copy Virtuous? Back then, Virtuous and the experts from the hundred races ambushed Jin Ge.” Someone murmured.

“Fiercest is much more outrageous compared to Virtuous. Virtuous had the backing of Star Stomper High God and the others but Fiercest is all alone right now.” An ancestor from a great power smiled helplessly at this sight.

The crowd felt a storm brewing; a massive battle was about to happen.

The great army became anxious as well; the soldiers were glaring at him. The High Gods felt the same way.  Alas, Li Qiye was still as nonchalant as ever and looked up at Jin Ge.

Jin Ge was standing on the altar with all of his attention on the Heaven’s Wills.

The sky was resplendent with a clear light flowing. It looked like the life force of all the thirteen continents was gathering here.

He needed to do his best because he was ambitious, wishing to grab four wills in one go.

This was a limit for the emperors in the thirteen continents. In a single generation, an emperor only had three chances to should the Heaven’s Wills. If one could grab four at a time, it meant that they have a chance to become a twelve-will emperor.

Though Jin Ge had lost an opportunity before, he still wished to become an eight-will emperor.

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and chuckled. He continued forward as if the army didn’t exist before him.

With a thunderous noise, the whole army turned at him in unison. They readied their weapons as their murderous intent engulfed the world, causing the experts far away to shudder.

“It’s happening.” One spectator commented.

“Wait!” A clear voice came about. Someone stepped out of the army.

It was a magnificent woman with three totems hanging over her head. She was in a full suit of armor with a spear and had a stern expression.

“It’s Heavenly Phoenix Princess!” Many were startled, especially because she was a three-totem High God.

The crowd exchanged glances. Jin Ge was too famous and untouchable but who would have thought that the princess was a High God as well? She rarely showed her face recently, only staying in the War-Monarch Clan and dealing with administrative matters.

It was indeed impressive for such a young woman to be a High God? She would be just famous as Qin Baili if she were in the public more often.

The atmosphere turned tense after her appearance because of her history with Li Qiye. Both her father and brother were killed by him. No one would ever let go of this enmity.

The princess slowly walked down the mountain. Once she made it to the last pass, the High God guarding there said with a solemn expression: “Your Highness, safety first.”

“Ancestor, I understand. My purpose is to resolve this feud.” The princess replied.

The High God pondered for a moment and decided to let her come out.

She walked before Li Qiye without any sign of fear.

“Quite courageous.” He chuckled and praised while looking at her.

She lowered her spear and deeply bowed: “Young Noble Li, our feud is our own business and has nothing to do with my husband. I do not blame anyone for my father and brother’s death. They were incapable and failed to judge the situation. In this world, revenge is not necessary. No one can change the past, but I am willing to let bygones be bygones. Even if my husband won’t become your friend in the future, there is no need to become enemies…”

“... I hope this feud will disappear after my father’s death instead of spreading to my kingdom and the War-Monarch Clan. Thus, I wish to resolve this feud right now and apologize for my father’s improper conducts. Young Noble Li, will you accept?”

She kept her head lowered with a dignified expression.

This scene silenced the world since her action has taken everyone by surprise. She was willing to let go of all vengeance and even went as far as apologizing to Li Qiye.

Perhaps some would see her as being too weak, resolving an irreconcilable feud with her enemy. It was hard for them to accept her action.

However, a few experienced ancestors nodded approvingly. They understood that Li Qiye’s rise was inevitable. Outside of some crazy and unexpected developments, he would certainly become invincible in the future.

The princess wished to nip this problem in the bud or her kingdom and the War-Monarch Clan would have to endure the fire of war eventually!

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