Chapter 193: Lion Monarch Ba Xian (1)

193 : Lion Monarch Ba Xian (1)

As they were riding the snail away like crazy, Li Shuangyan inquired: “How do you know that the Wu Clan’s Progenitor will see a flaw and chase after us? As an Earth Immortal, wouldn’t he be just like the Treasure Lords and can’t easily come into being?”

“My method was impairing his judgement.” Li Qiye continued: “Us honoring the ancestor could be said to be perfect, so the Wu Clan’s Progenitor was not going to find out that we were impostors. However, when we were leaving, I revealed a lion rush. If he saw it, then he would become suspicious. The moment he sees that we are escaping towards Tyrannical Immortal Lion Monarch’s burial ground, he will absolutely think that we are closely associated with the Monarch!

“The Wu Progenitor will absolutely not be able to take losing the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique. However, even if we take a step back and say that he is able to accept this loss, once he assumes that we are related to the Monarch, he absolutely will not be able to swallow this anger.” Li Qiye continued: “The Wu Progenitor and the Monarch are from the same generation. More importantly, they were mortal enemies and fought each other their whole lives! Once he believes that the Monarch sent us to swindle his technique, he will absolutely go crazy and hunt us down.”

Everyone started to have cold sweat all over their bodies after hearing Li Qiye. Wasn’t this playing with fire!?

“What about the Su Xiu Clan? Is Old Alchemist Su Xiu also part of the Su Xiu Clan?” Chen Baojiao then curiously asked.

“You are correct about this. When we brought up the Su Xiu Clan, it was only a technique to anger him. The Wu Clan’s Sacred Ancestor is not comparable to its Progenitor. One or two sentences can fool the Sacred Ancestor’s heart, but the Progenitor is different. The Su Xiu Clan and his Sacred Wu Clan are mortal enemies. To be more exact, they were a match made in heaven. Before the Sacred Wu Clan existed, the Su Xiu Clan was already an alchemist clan. When the Wu Progenitor was younger, he wanted to marry a woman from the Su Xiu Clan. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t marry her. Because of this, he had always maintained this grudge in his heart, which is why the Sacred Wu Clan was built in the Western River to oppose the Su Xiu Clan.”

At this point, Li Qiye couldn’t help but to burst out in laughter and add: “When the Wu Progenitor was alive, he was always antagonistic towards the Su Xiu Clan without letting this matter go. However, later on, the later generations of the Su Xiu Clan and the Wu Clan were always in-laws for many generations!”

“Simple words — I’m afraid that they were insufficient to stir the Wu Progenitor, and he would not be willing to take out the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber. However, when I used the Su Xiu Clan to anger him, this became a completely different matter. This was an obsession he carried his whole life, something that he was not able to let go of.” Li Qiye then commented: “After hearing that the Su Xiu Clan was bullying the Wu Clan, he for sure was not able to swallow this anger!”

The group of Li Shuangyan was amazed because fooling Earth Immortals was the defining danger out of all dangerous tasks; it was like playing with fire. However, Li Qiye was very much at ease and relaxed as if it was only a relaxing stroll.

“How does Young Noble know that both the Wu Clan, along with Tyrannical Immortal Lion Monarch, were both buried at the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground?” Shi Gandang couldn’t contain his curiosity and asked.

The Wu Clan’s ancestors being buried at the end of a Dragon Vein — this was not something future generations were privy to, but Li Qiye knew it like the back of his palm. This matter was too unimaginable.

However, right after the question came out, Shi Gandang felt that his words were superfluous for this was not the first time something like this had happened, and he didn’t need a reason either.

Regarding this inquiry, Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer Shi Gandang.

How could he not be knowledgeable about the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground? For generations till now, he came into this burial ground time after time. In fact, this was not the first time such a matter had been done. However, he didn’t directly appear before people as the Dark Crow before.

By riding the snail, they quickly flew past several Dragon Veins. Niu Fen’s speed was very fast, and Li Qiye brought the group of Li Shuangyan to the top of a wilderness.

This wilderness was completely desolate. At this place, there were no high mountains; it only had short hills and it appeared to be very inconspicuous.

However, Li Qiye was standing on a melancholic place with broken walls as if there used to be a palace at this place since there were many scattered broken tiles and bricks on the ground!

Li Qiye let Li Shuangyan hold the Emperor’s tiled seat up high while he held the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber with his two hands and loudly spoke: “Sacred Wu Clan, 637th descendant. Under the command of the Martial God, we are here to visit the Heavenly Desolate Domain Lord!”

“Bang bang bang!” At this time, the earth shook and an ancient palace suddenly erected and rushed out from the ground. With two majestic godly lions sitting in the front, this palace was extremely archaic — very lively and suppressive!

Li Qiye glanced at Li Shuangyan once, then Li Qiye brought everyone inside this palace. It was extremely vast, but no one was inside.

In the middle of the palace was an ancient treasure coffin with a godly lion engraved on top. It had an appearance like it could jump out at any moment!

“Why did Old Devil Wu send the living here?” Finally, a decrepit voice came out from the ancient treasure coffin. The voice was heroically magnificent like an awakened Lion Monarch.

Li Qiye raised the technique while Li Shuangyan also raised the Emperor’s Possession, and then she raised her voice: “We, the Wu Clan’s descendants, are here under our ancestor’s order to especially greet the Heavenly Desolate Region Lord, the great ancestor Ba Xian!”

“Hmph, if you have something to say, then just say it! If it wasn’t for me never bullying juniors, just for the fact that you are Old Devil Wu’s descendant, I would have crushed you to death!” A domineering voice came from within the ancient coffin.

At this point, the group of Li Shuangyan’s hearts were quivering. One had to know that the Lion Monarch and the Wu Progenitor were mortal enemies.

“The Underworld River has appeared and the Underworld Boats are coming!” Li Qiye said with a solemn tone: “Being buried inside the Dragon’s cave for millions of years only for three and a half years of life, the chance for revival is hopeless! My ancestor wants to live for another generation so he wants to climb up an Underworld Boat!”

Here, Li Qiye paused for a moment, then he continued: “My ancestor believes that Ancestor Ba Xian’s godly saber is invincible. If he could work together with Ancestor Ba Xian, then it would be like the fusion between the heaven and earth. Your joint effort will surely be invincible, so my ancestor ordered this junior here, bringing along the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber, to form an alliance with Ancestor!”

“Haha, hek hek, so there is a time when Old Man Wu can accept his loss.” At this time, the loud laughter of Lion Monarch Ba Xian echoed inside the ancient coffin as he said: “Hahaaaa, good time, good time! The old Wu who was stubborn throughout his whole life… In the end, he still has to accept his defeat towards me, hahaha!”

The burst of laughter resonated, causing chills amongst the group of Li Shuangyan. The laughter eventually subsided, bringing back the silence inside the ancient coffin.

“My ancestor ordered this junior here with the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber to form an alliance with Ancestor. My ancestor wishes to trade the technique with Ancestor’s saber. The two items will be tokens of trust. After the union ends, both sides will return the trust tokens!” Finished speaking, Li Qiye raised the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber technique up in the air!

Li Shuangyan also raised the Emperor’s tiled seat to prove their identities.

“Haha, hek, Old Wu even took out his Heaven Traversing Eight Saber, doesn’t that old man always consider it as his baby?” Lion Monarch Ba Xian coldly laughed and said.

At this point, the group of Li Shuangyan all didn’t dare to breath heavily. This was a very dangerous maneuver — using the technique to trade for the godly saber. One wrong step and both treasures will be gone, and they could even lose their lives at this place.

Li Qiye did not panic and continued to calmly speak: “To my ancestor, the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber is indeed a priceless treasure. To my Wu Clan, the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber is our special defining family heirloom! However, if it is possible to trade it for my ancestor’s revival for another generation, a higher price would still be worth it. Moreover, this is only a trust token. Ancestor Ba Xian is a generation that dominated the nine heavens and was undefeated in the ten earths. Your whole life was filled with proud heroism, how could you be greedy for the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber! Even though my ancestor and Ancestor are enemies, my ancestor had always praised your character, and he trusted that Ancestor will absolutely not go back on your words!”

“Haha, well said boy, no wonder why Old Wu sent you here.” Lion Monarch Ba Xian’s laughter rang from inside the ancient coffin, and he then continued: “Boy, your mouth can speak such lotus flowery words and unleash such a deluge of heavenly flowers!”

“This junior is only speaking the truth without the slightest exaggeration.” Li Qiye respectfully bowed his head and added.

The ancient coffin became silent as the group of Li Shuangyan started to become nervous. If Li Qiye guessed correctly, then the Wu Progenitor was almost here, pursuing them. Amongst them, only Li Qiye was able to remain calm.

“Zha—zhaa–zhhaa,” the ancient coffin finally opened. A person stepped out with his eyes closed just like the other Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals.

After the old man came out from the coffin, his sight caused the group of Li Shuangyan to marvel in astonishment. No wonder this old man was called Lion Monarch Ba Xian by others. He had golden hair just like a golden lion and he emanated a domineering aura like the king of all beasts!

“Clank” Before the group of Li Shuangyan could regain their wits, a treasure saber — in its sheath — fell down exactly in front of Li Qiye’s toes.

“I actually am a bit interested in Old Wu’s proposition.” Lion Monarch Ba Xian began to speak and then stretched his hand forward: “Bring the Heaven Traversing Eight Saber over here!”

However, Li Qiye did not reply and took a step back instead.

“What, changing your mind, Boy?” Even though Lion Monarch Ba Xian’s eyes were still closed, it seemed as if he was still gazing intensely at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye licked his lips nervously, then he said in a careful and respectful manner: “Dear Ancestor, this junior has never seen the godly saber before. This… The stake of this matter is too great. This junior wants to look at the godly blade first!”

Li Qiye’s caution without losing any reverence was well suited for his role, and it could even be said to be flawless. It was truly difficult for others to doubt him.

“Hmph, pick it up and look at it.” Lion Monarch Ba Xian finally coldly grunted.

Li Qiye put away the technique and, at this time, he bowed once as he said: “Excuse this junior.” Then he deferentially picked up the godly blade and carefully looked at it.

Rather than saying that Li Qiye was checking on the saber to see if it was real or fake, it was more accurate to say that he was stalling for time. As Li Qiye was meticulously looking at it, he was carefully calculating the arrival time of the Wu Progenitor in his mind.

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