Chapter 1929: Easily Pushing Back A Grand Emperor

Chapter 1929: A Simple Wave Pushing Back A Grand Emperor

“Die!” The emperor’s furious roar echoed. His eyes spewed out even more light, causing his will hovering above to become resplendent. This eruption in power stole the breath from the spectators. His word was resounding like a supreme mantra, wishing to crucify Shi Hunlin.

He didn’t take the last part of Hunlin’s response too well since it evoked his insecurities. 

“Rumble!” But before anything could happen, the entire area suddenly quaked like crazy. Tiny dots suddenly appeared in the air.

“Boom!” These tiny dots were actually falling stars and broken mountains, aiming straight for the young emperor. 

Just imagine the sheer number of these features; this was once the sky of an entire epoch. Too many were simply hanging above.

It looked as if an invisible palm was ruthlessly swatting at the emperor. This was a fascinating display of power since the barrage could destroy a world.

“Break!” The young emperor didn’t become alarmed. His three swords instantly unleashed a horizontal slash and swept through the billions of miles up above.

“Rumble!” Numerous stars and mountains were swept away, not even one was left behind to crowd the sky.

This scene was quite shocking. One sword technique alone could clear the sky? Only an emperor could wield such power. Those who saw this for the first time all quivered in fear.

The young emperor suddenly turned. His eyes fixated on a coordinate. A person emerged in that spot, an ordinary-looking man.

“You attacked me earlier?!” The emperor uttered coldly.

All eyes were on him. In the beginning, many thought that it was Shi Hunlin, not a third party. The crowd took a deep breath. This guy was quite courageous for sneak-attacking an emperor.

“It’s Fiercest!” However, someone also recognized his identity right away and shouted.

“That’s Fiercest for you, daring to provoke an emperor in person. Damn.” People glanced at each other and thought that it was too bold.

It was indeed Li Qiye who was standing there leisurely.

Hunlin didn’t say anything and quietly backed off. He understood that everything was over the moment Li Qiye took action.

“How impudent, daring to sneak-attack me?!” The emperor had latched onto Li Qiye with his vision. There was no escaping from this.

“Sneak attack?” Li Qiye smiled and said flatly: “You think too highly of yourself, that was only a warning. If it was a sneak attack, you wouldn’t even had the chance to resist.”

This nonchalant comment shocked the crowd again. A few experts in the wildland had no idea about him. One of them said: “Isn’t that too much, daring to talk to a Grand Emperor like that.”

“He’s always been like that.” A High God who saw Li Qiye back at the Buddhist Plain shook his head and said: “This brat can’t be judged with common sense. His fierceness is actually justifiable.”

“Hahaha, a bit interesting.” The young emperor unexpectedly laughed and said: “How rare, someone so arrogant and young. I’ve made my debut long ago but this is the first time I’ve met someone even more arrogant than me. Brat, state your name!”

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye answered before giving him the side-eye: “And you need to stop being conceited with your meager skills like a frog under the well, claiming to be invincible and all that.”

“What?” Everyone was stunned speechless. It was outrageous for someone to reprimand an emperor in this manner right in his face.

The emperor himself was caught off guard. Even those who didn’t like him wouldn’t criticize him so openly like this. It left him unable to react in a short time.

He eventually smiled, one of anger, and said: “Good, so courageous. You’re that brat that got the Buddhist seed in the plain, right? Perfect, I want that seed too. Don’t think that just because you’re invincible in the plain that you are here too. I’ll teach you how to act today, and that true power doesn’t come from external help.”

Li Qiye waved his sleeve dismissively: “Forget it, someone of your pitiful level like a three-year-old child shouldn’t try to teach me. There have been countless geniuses in history, you’re not special. I don’t have time to waste with you. Go have fun somewhere else.”

“Let us go.” He then gestured at Hunlin and the juniors.

Everyone nearly vomited blood from hearing this, including the emperor. Comparing a Grand Emperor to a child? Moreover, Li Qiye’s expression showed that he didn’t care for Wildlad at all, as if Wildlad was a nobody.

This was certainly not the logical way to view an emperor even if he only had one will, but Li Qiye was indeed doing so.

One High God smiled wryly and concluded: “I don’t think anyone is more arrogant than that. Alright, Fiercest made a fan out of me.”

“You court death!” The emperor roared and controlled his swords. The three of them came together and pierced through time and space, straight for Li Qiye’s throat.

This move was fast beyond perception. Only the powerful High Gods present could see it clearly.

“Pa!” The sword failed since Li Qiye was no longer standing in that spot.

In the next second, a gigantic sun occupied the area instead. Its flame annihilated the world and turned everything to ashes.

“Oh, mother!” Many felt their soul leaving their body from fear. They started to flee with haste.

“A sub-dimension.” A strong High God saw through the technique. At this moment, both the emperor and this sun were located in a different dimension.

Nevertheless, the sunfire was still raging inside and affecting the outer physical realm.

Shi Hunlin immediately brought the juniors away from the battlefield.

This was spatial manipulation. Li Qiye started by moving a sub-dimension to this area followed by a sun in order to incinerate the emperor.

This powerful display of spatial control frightened the powerful High Gods. It was as if he was the lord of space, capable of bending it to his will.

“Rumble!” Among the explosions, the emperor actually devoured the world. With the help of his Heaven’s Will, he actually swallowed the entire sun.

“Brat, this is merely a trick, real invincibility comes from your own abilities.” The emperor was radiant at this moment as if there were countless suns in his body.

“Bang!” He crossed through space and unleashed another slash at Li Qiye who was on top of a peak.

“Go play in the mud.” Li Qiye didn’t give him the time of day and lazily imprinted the Death Seal into the earth.

“Rumble!” The area crazily quaked. Several peaks instantly shattered.

Next, a huge skeleton climbed out of the ground and trampled a mountain.

This was a humanoid skeleton, one of a large ape of unimaginable size. It could grasp the sun and moon above or reach the bottom of the ocean.



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