Chapter 1927: Perilous Situation

After sucking the blood of these experts, the beast’s scales stood straight up and emitted a red glow, seemingly having recovered some strength.

It was licking its mouth still as if it haven’t gotten enough. With another roar, it initiated another offense.

“Pluff!” Its tongue separated again into several dozen tips and headed for the experts even further away.

These tips were truly too long, capable of extending an impressive amount of miles away and piercing through these cultivators like spears.

“Shit, run!” The nearby experts finally regained their wits and understood why the emperor dispersed his barrier. He wanted to let the beast feast on all the spectators.

In a short time, everyone was scared out of their mind and tried to run.

“Ah!” Another ten fell to the monster’s tongues. It knew which ones were strong so even though the emperor was close to it, it didn’t try to attack him at all and only picked the weaker cultivators.

“Why run now, stay for the fun.” How could the emperor let the food run away? He laughed and made a fist. Suddenly, five mountains sealed the entire area and blocked off the escape paths.

“Ah!” The stopped cultivators naturally had their blood drained by the beast.

“Break!” Someone decided to attack the emperor’s fingers acting like five mountains. They took out their treasures in order to kill their way out.

“Impudent fool!” The emperor snorted.

“Boom!” An imperial aura suppressed the area and crushed all the treasures. With a wave of his sleeve, the running cultivators were pushed back into the mountain range.

Of course, they instantly became victims to the beast.

Next, the emperor poured down laws from the sky just like waterfalls and widened his blockade, stopping the cultivators running in all directions. The disparity in power was simply too great. The weak had no chance of resisting the emperor from throwing them into the lion’s den.

“Rumble!” A few High Gods with one or two totems were present in the spectators. They initially brought their juniors here to broaden their horizon and didn’t expect for something like this to happen. Thus, they were escorting the juniors away by destroying the imperial laws blocking the way.

“Not that easy.” The young emperor personally gave chase this time. With a single step, he appeared before them.

“Wildlad Heaven Emperor, don’t forget your position!” One High God with two totems shouted.

“What position?” The emperor laughed loudly.

“You are a Grand Emperor of the Heaven Race who should be respected by all, not a devil who treats the weak as food!” The High God declared.

“Hahaha, a respected Grand Emperor? An emperor doesn’t need your respect and love. In my eyes, you’re mere ants. Why should a giant care about what the ants think?!” The emperor was quite amused.

“A Grand Emperor only challenges the strong and protects the weak!” The High God cried out again.

With a sinister smile, the emperor responded: “Who told you that? Us Grand Emperors only view you all as fat lambs to be slaughtered whenever we want!”

“You!” The High God was speechless after hearing this because he has never met a Grand Emperor like this before. Even the Immortal Monarchs from the other races were still righteous against their foes.

But this wasn’t the case for Wildlad Heaven Emperor, the unrestrained scoundrel!

“Too much talking, take this!” One sword behind him issued a hum and unleashed a slash capable of subduing the myriad realms!

“Break!” The High God roared and took out a gigantic shield to stop the slash. Sparks went flying as if a meteor had just slammed on it.

“Two totems are not enough!” The emperor laughed again.

“Boom!” His Heaven’s Will emerged and released a terrible pressure. All three swords flew to the sky and looked quite sacred.

On the other side, Shi Hunlin told the juniors: “Let’s go, Wildlad Heaven Emperor is mad now, his arrogant personality hasn’t changed at all.”

He was much more relaxed compared to the other fleeing cultivators because he wasn’t afraid of Wildlad. 

“What kind of Grand Emperor is this? No other emperor would act in this manner.” Wu Fengying said.

None of the juniors expected this development at all. In their mind, emperors were supreme existences that would never bully the weak. Of course, Wildlad was proving otherwise.

“Ah!” After using all three swords and the Heaven’s Will, Wildlad had killed the High God with two totems. He threw the corpse and all of the High God’s juniors into the cave area for the beast to consume.

His next target was Shi Hunlin and appeared before the group in a single flash: “Where do you think you’re going?”

Shi Hunlin was still fine. He calmly looked at the emperor and said: “Wildlad Heaven Emperor, we have nothing to do with each other. I’m only bringing my juniors away.”

“Hahaha, Shi Hunlin, I have heard of you before. Back in the northern frontier, you were only a nobody who couldn’t even enter the Earthen City.” 

Shi Hunlin wasn’t angry at all and smiled back: “Yes, I was a nobody back then, nothing like your world-renowned self. You couldn’t find a match in that generation.”

The group was quite surprised. They didn't expect for these two to be from the same generation. They finally realized why Hunlin knew the emperor’s past so well.

“Hah, a nobody like you dares to bark in front of me like this now? Back then, just a single word from me would have scared the soul out of you.” A murderous glint flashed in the emperor’s eyes.

This was indeed a thorn to the emperor. He was a supreme genius who looked down on the rest of the world while Shi Hunlin was only a nobody back then.

Just imagine, one was at the apex of fame while the other was merely trying to survive. After so many years have passed, Wildlad was only a Grand Emperor with one will while Hunlin has become a High God with three totems.

This change made the emperor quite unhappy. If he had twelve wills right now, he could still look down on Hunlin like before.

Unfortunately, they were on the same level in the present.

“Indeed.” Shi Hunlin didn’t find this shameful at all: “I still remember when you got to the northern frontier. It was quite an event, the princess of that region personally came out for the reception while you instantly defeated their eight heroes. Meanwhile, I couldn’t even become the disciple of the Earthen City Lord. Your fame back then was quite enviable.”

The juniors felt that time was a crazy entity that could change everything. Shi Hunlin was but an ant back then to the emperor but now, he was strong enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the emperor. No, he might even be stronger.

At the same time, the group thought that talent wasn’t everything. Wildlad was the perfect example. His innate gift was virtually matchless but now, he was reduced to a one-will Grand Emperor!

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