Chapter 1908: Buddha Destroying The Myriad Laws

“You court death!” The eleven-totem High God roared, shocking the myriad realms and breaking the stars. The laws of the world wailed; all were nothing before his voice. The experts and beings were quivering.

“Boom!” The nine High Gods attacked together, seemingly part of one being. Their divine flames blotted out the momentum of all creations.

In this split moment, all spatial realms and domains were sealed by their flames.

“Oh mother!” The cataclysmic flames coming out of nowhere scared the hell out of the visitors in Buddhist Plain. Personal strength no longer mattered since all would be swept by its might.

The strong dropped to the ground while the weak soiled their pants.

“Boom!” The divine flames crazily shrank and gathered in a single spot. A black hole came into being, capable of sucking and devouring all things.

Stars were victims as well. They instantly crumbled after being sucked inside and turned to ashes.

There was no point in trying to escape. This power was enough to swallow the entire plain.

“Amitabha.” In the blink of an eye, Li Qiye placed both palms together for a mudra. There was no overly dazzling Buddhist light and affinity this time around. It was only a faint glow around his body.

But he seemed to be crossing through eternity and the river of time itself. This was a being from an old epoch traveling to this world, no longer restrained by the yin-yang and temporal sphere.

He still had the same physical appearance with a faint glow. Alas, he had become an everlasting grand dao, capable of persevering through the epochs to the present day and even the future!

He was the start of an epoch, one of Buddhism, that will continue to flow towards the unknown.

“Buzz.” Multiple kingdoms appeared around the plain. Each of these Buddhist kingdoms was massive. One of them was even larger than Pure.

Multiple sacred Buddhas were present in each kingdom, spanning from one era to another. They seemed to have come here from the past just to greet Li Qiye.

Furthermore, trillions and trillions of beings in these kingdoms were quite different from each other with the exception of one thing, their faith in Buddhism!

“Amitabha.” The all-too-familiar chant echoed across Exploration Grounds. A Buddhist affinity finally permeated throughout the entire area.

The Buddhist Plain had become dazzling with this light, just like the rebirth of an epoch. In the perilous locations of Exploration Grounds, many pairs of eyes lit up and turned towards the light.

The citizens from the countless eras and the Buddhas were all bowing at Li Qiye. The faith of an entire epoch was gathering on him.

At this moment, Li Qiye who was still himself became the creator of an epoch, the master of Buddhist Plain!

The cultivators instantly kneeled. Li Qiye didn’t have a divinity suppressing them at all but they instinctively did so, not wanting to stand up.

“A grand Buddha with a golden avatar!” The princess was aware of the significance.

“Boom!” Li Qiye slightly raised his fist and a Buddhist palm descended. It instantly crushed the black hole and went straight for the nine High Gods.

“You dare?!” Tamedragon High God furiously shouted but the palm was already before them.

“Boom!” Their struggle was meaningless since they were instantly rendered to ashes without the chance to scream.

This shocking scene made other High Gods and even emperors who were watching tremble in fear. Even though it wasn’t their real body, this was still a formidable force yet it was annihilated with a single palm. These members of the Tamedragon Squadron were mere ants before him, not enough to do anything.

Buddhist Plain fell into a silence again. Cultivators were prostrating on the ground without moving in the slightest. They didn’t even dare to look up at all.

“Too weak.” Li Qiye said leisurely: “Maybe a twelve-will emperor will be able to put up a good fight.”

Such a nonchalant comment was quite frightening. An eleven-totem High God was “too weak”? The latter part of that sentence was even more domineering!

After the Buddhist seed showed its power, some emperors inside Imperial Change gently sighed.

They had nothing to say since they were aware of this thing in Li Qiye’s possession. The seed allowed him to be invincible in this area since he could control the plain. What was left of an epoch was under his grasp.

In fact, when they built Imperial Change outside of Buddhist Plain, they were already thinking about the seed. In the end, none was able to obtain it.

This wasn’t to say that these emperors were too weak. First, they didn’t have the right Buddhist fate. Second, they didn’t wish to be involved in the associated karma due to the threat of the Heavenly Annihilation.

At that point, even hiding in Exploration Grounds would be pointless. The execution would come down and destroy them. This was because the karma of the Buddhist seed was too great. Plus, they were already powerful beings.

These emperors wondered about Li Qiye’s origin to be able to obtain the seed. This turned him into a grand Buddha with a golden avatar in the plain.

In the long Buddhist Epoch, there were only nine Golden Buddhas. Meanwhile, the plain was still considered part of this epoch. Thus, how strong was a Golden Buddha walking in his own epoch? Like Li Qiye had said, he would be able to fight against a twelve-will emperor!

Therefore, both High Gods and emperors didn’t want to provoke Li Qiye, a Golden Buddha in his own territory! Number was no longer a factor; all would be annihilated in a battle with him.

Li Qiye dispersed the Buddhist light. He was still the same guy as before as if nothing had transpired. He walked towards Tamedragon Child who was paralyzed on the ground. His fear had rendered him unable to crawl and escape. There was no strength left in his body. Naturally, one could also smell urine coming from his trousers. 

“Anything else??” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “I’m afraid your master and uncle won’t be coming here any longer.”

Tamedragon Child opened his mouth but no words came out for he was stricken with fear.

“Scheming in front of me? Even the greatest of machination is only a mere speck of dust before me. Just a simple wave of the hand and it will cease from being.” Li Qiye continued.

This was indeed the truth. Most schemes were useless before absolute power. It was akin to a mortal scheming before an Immortal Emperor - quite a naive and foolish endeavor.

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