Chapter 1905: One Thought Manipulation

The atmosphere became somber instantly. Those who were furious with Li Qiye felt their anger subsiding after seeing this.

People calmed down and regained their wits, realizing that this might not be what it seemed on the surface.

“Brother Li, I guess we don’t have the same idea then.” Tamedragon Child cupped his fist and said: “We brothers are full of sincerity, wanting to work for you and make something out of ourselves but you view us as hounds. That’s quite disappointing.”

“You think too highly of yourselves. Just your group is qualified to be my hounds?” Li Qiye said flatly: “At your level, it is already a reach to clean my shoes for me, that’s why, don’t stand here and dirty my view. Suicide into the Ganges, right now.”

“I can’t take this anymore!” One member in the squadron furiously shouted. Their name alone had frightened the soul out of people; their presence could make knees weak, being the notorious bandits that they are. How could they handle the contempt going on here?

If it wasn’t for Tamedragon Child stopping them, these members would have rushed over to try and kill Li Qiye.

“Brother Li, I guess we don’t share the same view then. Goodbye.” Tamedragon Child knew that this play was over so he coldly said while cupping his fist.

But as the group was turning to leave, Li Qiye suddenly appeared before them.

“Brother Li, what do you want?” Tamedragon Child’s expression turned cold.

“Nothing, just for you all to jump into the Ganges.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Brother Li, don’t push us too far, we have gotten so many treasures for you, our effort ought to mean something. How can you be so ungrateful…” Tamedragon Child assumed a stance of indignation.

Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the treasures on the ground and said flatly: “Don’t cover yourself up with gold foil. These are treasures? Only a bunch of scrap metals, I wouldn’t pick them up even if they were lying around on my path. Only a bunch of fools like you would consider trash as treasures and dare to claim some merits in front of me for them.”

“Senior Brother, let’s take him down!” Another furious member clamored.

Tamedragon Child uttered: “Brother Li, you are way out of line. We can only blame ourselves for being blind and will drop this matter. From now on, we’ll have nothing to do with each other!”

“It’s not your turn to give orders here.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Since you dared earlier to plead loyalty to me, your dog lives are in my hand. Thus, disobeying my order will only end with one thing, death!”

“Brat, you’re pushing it, you think our Tamedragon Squadron is afraid of you?!” These disciples were annoyed enough earlier already so they instantly jumped to the front.

In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by the squadron. These members wanted nothing more than to take him down.

Such a development caught the crowd off guard. In a short time, people glanced at each other. Of course, many were willing to watch since this was like a dogfight to them. They didn’t like either side.

“You think your group alone can take me down?” Li Qiye smirked without any trace of anger while staring at the squadron.

“Brat, we’ll cut you to pieces!” One of the members loudly threatened.

“Clank!” The members unsheathed their weapons, ready for combat.

Outside of their notoriety, they were also battle-hardened and ferocious. A murderous aura permeated the air after they took out their weapons. One could smell a thick stench of blood.

“No mercy.” Li Qiye’s eyes suddenly flashed as his dao heart circulated.

“Kill him!” The members of the squadron crazily shouted with reddened eyes.

“Ah!” Suddenly, heads fell to the ground one by one with blood spurting out.

A shocking scene appeared before everyone. The squadron members were actually killing each other. In a flash, one in the back stabbed a member in the front through his chest but the latter had also already swung his sword back at the former’s head.

Decapitation and dismemberment became a common sight with screams and blood staining everywhere.

“Have you guys gone mad?!” Tamedragon Child was overwhelmed with shock and cried out but it was too late. All the members were already dead, killed by each other. 

In a short time, the entire scene came to a horrifying silence. All eyes were wide open. The crowd couldn’t calm down at all since this was completely outside of their expectation.

Of course, Tamedragon Child was more shocked than anyone after seeing his members who were as close as brothers killing each other.

One Thought Manipulation. This was one of the six thoughts in the scriptures, capable of turning someone into a Buddha or a devil with a single thought. Of course, it could also turn others crazy or force them to become murderers.

This particular transformation was completely different from Li Qiye turning into a Buddha with his dao heart. The former also allowed for him to control the enemies’ emotions. Thus, when he used this particular technique, he could either pacify them or turn them into tools of murder!

The dao heart from these squadron members wasn’t that strong in the first place. Furthermore, their heart was filled with cruelty and killing. This made it easy for him to control and make them kill each other. They had no chance of resisting his supreme will.

Tamedragon Child was a brutal person who never knew what fear felt like. Alas, he was experiencing it now, not wanting to become a puppet like his fallen brethren.

When people calmed down, they started staring at Li Qiye. Some even started backing off to a safe distance with a pale complexion.

Li Qiye could make these brothers kill each other so he could also control them all the same. They would instantly become his murderous puppets. Thus, their eyes on him instantly changed into a shade of fear.

Ultimately, one could gauge and even resist a powerful cultivator. But as for a devilish art like Li Qiye, they didn’t even know where to begin.

“It’s not too late to jump or you’ll die a much, much worse death.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

Tamedragon Child faltered backward and pointed at Li Qiye. His finger was shaking as he shouted: “Li Qiye! You… you… don’t push it! My, my master is an eleven-totem High God and I have eight martial uncles as well, all High Gods! If, you, you dare to kill me, they will seek retribution. At, at that point, even if you have an imperial lineage as your backing, they can still annihilate all of you.”

The severity of the message couldn’t mask the guy’s weakness. Nevertheless, this threat was still enough to frighten some of the crowd.

Tamedragon High God had eleven totems, quite a dreadful existence. More importantly, he also had eight other High Gods on his side.

Antagonizing this group was quite frightening. This was the reason why ordinary imperial lineages didn’t want to mess with them. This made it possible for Tamedragon Child and his group to do whatever they wanted since their masters would back them up.

“An eleven-totem High God? Only a nobody, can’t reach the apex. Let them come since I’m in the mood for a refreshing cup of High God’s blood.” Li Qiye happily responded.

The crowd was speechless to hear this. How many in this world would look down on an eleven-totem High God like this?

A low-level emperor would still need to be very careful because some have died to High Gods before. But now, Li Qiye’s arrogance, evident by his comment, was simply impossible for anyone to replicate. 

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