Chapter 1899: Contest In The Golden Shrine

Qin Baili and Jin Ge both had the aura of a king. They weren’t the aggressive type that bears their fangs. Nevertheless, each of their words was resounding and powerful in an awe-inspiring manner.

They were flawless in both attitude and style; it was hard for people to criticize them.

“It would be difficult for men like them to not become famous. That’s how a hero should be.” Members of all races had this thought.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “How interesting, very well, I’ll entertain the two of you and see how long you can last.” With that, he entered the Golden Shrine.

The princess didn’t follow since she wasn’t part of the bet. This was Li Qiye’s business.

He entered the shrine and sat straight down as if he didn’t see the piles of treasures at all. They were mere trash, unable to move his dao heart.

“Fellow Daoist Li, how do you want to do this?” Qin Baili asked. 

Li Qiye smiled in response: “I’m down with whatever rules you two want. Just tell me.”

“We’re only testing our dao heart today, not our battle prowess. Whoever can resist temptation the best will be the winner, what do you think?” Jin Ge said.

“That’s fine since you two are wanting to do that.” Li Qiye looked at the two of them and said: “When you think you can’t handle it anymore, quickly run. I don’t want your lives today and will give you a chance.”

The contest has yet to begin but Li Qiye was already so domineering in tone. It made the spectators outside glance at each other. Those who were fans of Baili and Jin Ge became quite unhappy.

“Hmph, he’s boasting already? We’ll see who wins in the end.” A heavener scowled.

On the other hand, Jin Ge and Baili didn’t become angry at all. Baili said: “In that case, we’ll thank you then for sparing us. Even if I lose, I won’t have any complaints since it’ll just show that my dao heart is still lacking.”

“I’ll lose gracefully as well. There are many invincible and profound laws in this world but only the dao heart alone can reach them all.” Jin Ge said: “One can be crafty with the grand dao and explain the mysteries, only the dao heart requires step-by-step cultivation! If I lose to you in this regards, it’ll be a clear defeat.”

“True, the thing you’re missing now is the Heaven’s Will. If it wasn’t for the ambush, you would have become a Grand Emperor.” Li Qiye looked at Jin Ge and said.

“Thanks for the kind words, I will keep on trying.” Jin Ge was straightforward without being overly humble.

This was outside of everyone’s expectation. They thought that Jin Ge and Li Qiye would fight to the death for sure. But now, the two were just chatting it up without hostility, as if they were old friends.

“We can’t understand the world of geniuses.” A young expert smiled wryly: “If it was me, I would have rushed over to fight Fiercest already due to his disdain for our race.”

Qin Baili said: “How about each of us pick a treasure, the best one wins just like before?”

“I have no objection.” Jin Ge replied: “Like Fellow Daoist Li said, if we might not be able to stabilize our dao heart upon a close inspection, leave instantly. Deciding a winner is good enough, no need to take it too far!”

Li Qiye looked at the two and smiled: “If you two don’t mind, I can also pick a treasure for each of you. Of course, you can also select one yourself.”

“That’s fine too.” Jin Ge looked back and said: “The only thing that matters in the Golden Shrine is the dao heart. You are an apex genius, I’m sure you won’t take advantage of this.”

“Foe or friend, I’m sure Fellow Daoist Li will be righteous in this place. I won’t speak for Brother Jin Ge, but I don’t mind at all. You can pick one for me.” Qin Baili said with a smile.

Jin Ge added: “I have no objection either, you can pick one for me.” 

Everyone was astonished after hearing this. They would think that these two have become crazy but this certainly wasn’t the case.

The bet wasn’t only about their dao heart but also the quality of the treasures. They must pick something better than Li Qiye’s choice. That’s the path to victory. Thus, this was a test of one’s dao heart, knowledge, decisiveness, and vision.

In this situation, letting the opponent pick the treasure was the same as leaving one’s life in their hand. Only a fool or a madman would do such a thing.

Jin Ge and Qin Baili were neither but they still gave Li Qiye the initiative. Ultimately, they all had a righteous dao heart and believed that Li Qiye wouldn’t take advantage of them.

This seemed like a foolish choice but it was about character and trust!

“Very well.” Li Qiye said: “Since I’m picking yours, you two can pick mine as well.”

The other two exchanged a glance. Qin Baili nodded: “Good, if you trust us, we will listen to your idea. You can pick one for us first then.”

Li Qiye leisurely said: “Even ordinary imperial treasures won’t be able to tempt the two of you since you are no stranger to them. At your level, I must find artifacts that are the most suitable.”

Having said that, he stared at Qin Baili and said: “You come from the Can Long branch with a focus on auspicious energy and simplicity, a natural dao path. I just happen to know of a treasure beneath that cauldron.” He pointed at a large cauldron in the corner of a room.

“What kind of treasure is it?” Baili was surprised to see Li Qiye’s quick selection.

“This is a divine crest, worn by a god in a distant epoch. It surpassed the myriad realms and laws across the years. It carried a natural presence with auspicious energy. One strand of this energy can create countless things. Time is not a limiting factor for it.” Li Qiye elaborated.

“That’s a good treasure then.” Baili had to praise since his cultivation required such a treasure.

“Are you sure you will be able to resist? Get ready, it is even more tempting than my description, enough for you to salivate.” Li Qiye slightly smirked.

In fact, many people were already full of anticipation even before seeing it.

Baili took a deep breath and calmed his dao heart. He nodded solemnly: “I will bring it over for everyone to have a look.”

With that, he walked over to the room and lifted up the cauldron. Sure enough, there was a crest inside. When he took it out, an auspicious energy erupted, seeingly turning into a supreme grand dao. Baili was instantly engulfed by this energy; it seemed too familiar with him.

His expression became quite serious but he still chose to wear it on his head.

With this, the energy instantly converged and turned into strands pouring down. Just like Li Qiye had said, these strands had boundless potential. His aura changed completely; he was now a god that could travel through the myriad ages.

“Yes, it’s incredible. Wearing this crest takes him to the next level.” An imperial ancestor had saliva dripping out of his mouth.

Everyone stared intensely at him. Not to mention Baili, even these spectators felt that this treasure was too amazing. If he couldn’t calm his dao heart, death was waiting for him. Alas, this was a truly difficult task.

As everyone held their breath, he walked up to the table and put the crest down on the table for the other two to see.

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