Chapter 189: Honoring the Ancestors (1)

Chapter 189: Honoring the Ancestors (1)

Eventually, the medicinal concoction inside the iron wok finally condensed into a medicinal cake. This medicinal cake resembled a greasy butter, exuding a burst of sweet fragrance while giving off a comfortable and hypnotic sensation. It was as if wings appeared, allowing people to fly up in the air once smelled.

“Finally did it! This is the right mix!” Finally, the old ghost couldn’t help but become excited and shouted!

“God damned, finally finished!” Li Qiye shouted as well during his excitement and even jumped up in the air. Then, he sat straight down on his butt as his body became weak. To him, this was truly a miracle. Even if the Alchemy God was reborn, he still wouldn’t believe it.

If the world knew that this dan recipe was successfully mixed, then they would be frightened until their souls left their bodies or screamed out in astonishment.

Li Shuangyan, along with Chen Baojiao, were relieved. Even though they didn’t know what the dan recipe was, they knew the item inside the iron wok was absolutely peerless.

At this time, they silently wiped the sweat off their young noble and shared his joy.

After a while, Li Qiye regained his wits and looked at the medicinal cake in the iron wok as he slowly said: “The mix is complete. As for the dan making in the future, it is up to you. There is still a long road to go!”

The old man didn’t say anything and simply gazed at the medicinal cake in the iron wok with happiness in his eyes.

Eventually, he handed a Heavenly Ceremonial Pig over to Li Qiye. Before Li Qiye’s departure, the old ghost looked at Li Qiye and still slowly spoke: “How about you stay behind? Worship me as a master. As long as you accept me as your master, in this generation, the Immortal Emperor’s seat belongs to you!”

These words surprised Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao greatly. Was it that easy to become an Immortal Emperor? However, this old ghost spoke as if it was such a trivial thing. For any cultivator, to be able to train an Immortal Emperor was the absolute highest honor in one’s life. Even the supreme generations would not dare to say that they could train an Immortal Emperor, but this old ghost before them was one hundred percent confident!

“No, your words are mistaken. In this generation, with my presence, I will surely become an Immortal Emperor! Anyone who competes for the Heaven’s Will against me will only be a pile of bones on my grand dao road. Even a disciple trained by you would not escape this fate!” Li Qiye leisurely said.

Such a nonchalant tone yet it was the fiercest rhetoric that Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao had heard! There was no one in my sight, I alone am invincible!

The old ghost stared at Li Qiye quietly. The two were afraid for their young noble in case the old ghost exploded. This old ghost ahead was definitely incomparably terrifying.

However, Li Qiye maintained his composure and was as natural as the gentle breeze and soft clouds; it was as if nothing had happened. After a while, Li Qiye then added: “The day of dan refinement, I can come. At that time, if you want me to do it, this is not impossible. However, for this matter, items that can interest me aren’t many!”

Ultimately, the old ghost didn’t say anything and sat silently behind his counter with his eyes closed, seemingly asleep just like a corpse.

Li Qiye smiled and left with Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao.

After leaving the small shop, Li Shuangyan glanced at Li Qiye once and inquired: “One favor?”

“A very worth-it favor.” Li Qiye looked and reached out to gently stroke her silky black hair as he idly said: “Little Girl, don’t underestimate him. Since the ancient times, he was one of the hardest people to mess with in this world. One favor from him is priceless. Even an Immortal Emperor would not get any face from him!”

Only Li Qiye could do such an intimate action like stroking her black hair.

Hearing this, they were both alarmed and took a long breath. What type of characters were Immortal Emperors? They shouldered the Heaven’s Will and became invincible in the Nine Worlds! What type of person would not give any face to even Immortal Emperors? They had never heard of such a character before!

Li Shuangyan didn’t notice that Li Qiye was stroking her hair as she was in a daze. The moment she recovered, she angrily glared at Li Qiye and shouted: “I am older than you, right!? Call me a little girl again and I won’t be so nice!” Here, she gritted her teeth from anger.

Li Qiye didn’t pay her protest any mind and only smiled, resulting in Li Shuangyan’s sudden urge to kick him while Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to chuckle.

Two supremely peerless beauties; one was annoyed and the other chuckling. These two completely different types of beauties made the most wondrous scene in the world that one would never become tired of watching.

After a good while, Chen Baojiao couldn’t help but to quietly ask: “What dan is he trying to refine?”

Regarding this question, Li Qiye simply gazed at the horizon in silence as if he was being dragged into an old memory.

Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan did not disturb him and quietly waited for his response.

“It is a non-existent dan recipe that could only be found in the legends! In a very, very old age, this legend had been handed down. No one knew when this legend started; it could be during the Legendary Era, or an even older era, such as the primordial beginning. In short, if this dan recipe were to be refined successfully, then the invincible giants, and even Immortal Emperors, would not be able to sit still!”

Even though the two of them prepared mentally, but hearing this, they were still amazed. What kind of existence was this? Or rather, what kind of godly dan was this?

Coming back to the courtyard, Li Qiye became busy. He let Li Shuangyan prepare many pots, scoops, and bowls… From his appearance, it was as if he was preparing to show off his cooking skills.

After everything was ready, Li Qiye locked himself in the room. Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan only heard clanking and banging sounds from inside, then he was frying, steaming, and boiling… It was as if he was cutting the meat and chopping off the bones.

These busy sounds inside made Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan look at each other in confusion. Other people would think that Li Qiye was a cook and was busily preparing a feast, but they knew that their young noble was absolutely not a cook, and he wouldn’t personally prepare a banquet for anyone.

The next day, appetizing fragrances burst out from the room as if the feast had been prepared.

Even the group of Nan Huairen and Qu Daoli, who were cultivating in the inner court, were attracted by the flavorful scents. Standing right outside, Nan Huairen salivatingly licked his tongue and asked: “Oldest Brother is preparing a feast?”

Xu Pei’s big eyes were bright and softly asked Chen Baojiao: “Sister Chen, what is Oldest Brother doing?”

“I’m not sure.” Chen Baojiao lightly shook her head. She didn’t really know what Li Qiye was trying to do exactly, outside of him preparing ceremonial materials.

As the juniors salivated outside the door, not long after, Tu Buyu, Niu Fen, and Shi Gandang all came and curiously looked around as well.

Waves and waves of flavors caused the group of Tu Buyu to swallow nonstop. Even Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan couldn’t help but do the same.

On the third day, a “squeak” sound rang; Li Qiye finally opened the closed stone door and came outside.

“Oldest Brother, are you a cook now? Can you please let us have a taste?” Seeing Li Qiye, Nan Huairen couldn’t wait and asked with a grin on his face.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and took out two big pots with an appearance that caused the group of Nan Huairen to become dumbfounded.

The two pots were filled with soup, but part of it was green, the other was white; one red and blue… There were all kinds of colors, like a sample platter. There were many things floating in the soup like chicken feet, dragon breasts, something that resembled a human head, and a turtle’s penis… There was a lump of fat, a black lacquer root, and even some dried meat covered with long green feathers…

That’s right, the extremely appetizing fragrance did come from these two pots of meat soup, but after seeing it, people were creeped out. This soup meat appeared to be the most disgusting soup in the world. There was devil’s meat along with decomposing corpses inside… In short, the appearance of this soup made people want to vomit.

“Not good, let me puke first…” Seeing the two meat soup pots, Nan Huairen shivered a little bit!

In fact, not only Nan Huairen, but even the group of Li Shuangyan was terrified. If Li Shuangyan didn’t prepare the materials herself, she would be suspecting that the two meat pots were indeed made from decomposing corpses and devil’s meat!

Li Qiye slapped Nan Huairen’s head and smilingly scolded: “Boy, you better stop daydreaming, these two pots of Heavenly Ceremonial Soup are not something you can’t eat! Even a Heavenly King is not qualified to eat it! Know that this is the most mysterious and amazing soup in this world for men and ghosts to connect!” With that, he covered the two pots and sealed them up.

Li Qiye commanded Niu Fen to prepare a table, then he placed some strange items — one by one — on top. These strange items included platinum papers; some yellow papers stacked in the form of treasure swords and treasure pagodas while others resembled a Heavenly Grotto. These bizarre things made others think that they were to honor the dead.

After everything was laid out, Li Qiye told Niu Fen and Shi Gandang: “The two of you go cleanse yourselves to prepare for the incense offering. Remember, you have to be sincere with a peaceful mind! Early tomorrow, you both will follow me to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, Shuangyan and Baojiao will also come along!”


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