Chapter 1885: Narrow Road For Enemies

At this time, rather than silence, everyone was anticipating a great battle. Jin Ge had threatened the world while Fiercest was a new talent with an unstoppable momentum and bizarre techniques. This was going to be a battle between a dragon and tiger so the crowd was quite excited to see Jin Ge’s attempt at retribution.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was completely unaffected with his leisure stroll in spite of his enemies ahead and the imposing city. The princess, on the other hand, wasn’t as leisure. A great battle was surely coming from this, even emperors might get involved.

In this split second, Jin Ge slightly changed his gaze. There was no blatant aura nor supreme divinity, it was only a slight bat of the eyes. However, a jade-like hand tightly gripped his brutish one. The princess gently shook her head, gesturing her husband to stop.

Jin Ge took a deep breath after seeing her expression and withdrew his gaze. He calmed his thoughts and turned to face the city. Next was tidying his attire before coming in front of the gates.

Everyone was surprised to see this and couldn’t react. In their mind, Jin Ge wouldn’t forgive Li Qiye. After all, the feud of killing one’s father-in-law was irreconcilable!

But Jin Ge was able to subdue his anger to the astonishment of the crowd. 

He held an ancient writ with both hands while the princess accompanied him. He respectfully kneeled and said: “Your unfilial descendant, Jin Ge, is here today to visit you, ancestor.”

“Creak…” After three bows, the heavy gates slowly opened. There was so much chaos energy inside as if it had turned into its own world.

The duo bowed again before standing up. They took a deep breath and walked into the city, hand in hand.

As they disappeared into the chaos energy, the gates closed once more.

During this event, Li Qiye had already entered Buddhist Plain. The meeting between him and Jin Ge was just a glance.

The battle was over just like that, leaving behind only one thought - if it wasn’t for the princess, Jin Ge might have attacked.

The crowd then turned towards Li Qiye’s direction but he was nowhere in sight either.

“A dragon meeting a tiger yet no fight.” A few cultivators who lived for the chaos lamented.

“Yes. It really is unexpected, no, it’s a miracle to be able to restrain this level of anger. Plus, Jin Ge had never been afraid of anyone in the thirteen continents. He still directly fought against Virtuous during the competition for the Heaven’s Will. Despite the successful ambush, his group still got Virtuous back for it later on.” One youth stated. His peers felt the same way.

“I heard the Grand Emperors from the War-Monarch Clan have the shift right now at Imperial Change. Look, his emperors are right here, even a stronger enemy would only be an ant. Why didn’t he attack?” Another youth couldn’t understand Jin Ge.

Jin Ge himself was powerful enough to take down a High God easily as well, let alone Fiercest. But under such an advantageous circumstance, Jin Ge chose inaction and perplexed the crowd.

Of course, no one would dare to mock him for cowardice. They didn’t think he feared Fiercest either since he had experienced countless battles and bathed with the blood of his enemies.

“It’s because he married a virtuous and intelligent wife. Nothing is more important than becoming an emperor right now.” A big shot noticed the small gesture by the princess and understood the situation.

He continued on: “The princess isn’t blinded by hatred. After the last ambush, she realized how to keep a low-profile and maintain her forces. Only the Heaven’s Will would make them go all out. Personal feuds are trivial before the business of the throne.”

These older characters were quite impressed. Any woman would lose their rationality after having their brother and father killed. Vengeance would be on their mind, especially when she had military power.

But she chose against it and didn’t even want her husband to be distracted. She wanted his full focus on obtaining the Heaven’s Wills.

Meanwhile, Jilin Princess who was with Li Qiye commented: “Heavenly Phoenix Princess is very rational despite coming from an imperial lineage. She’s indeed worthy of becoming the imperial queen.”

Li Qiye replied: “It’s understandable. She’s an outsider yet the War-Monarch Clan still gave her great authority. Even if the ancestors of that clan have grown senile, their experienced Grand Emperors certainly aren’t. The decision to entrust her wasn’t something an ordinary person in the clan could decide, they needed permission from someone like War-Monarch Heaven Emperor. And for this high-level character, they wouldn’t pick an ordinary girl to be their daughter-in-law.”

Li Qiye was only casually commenting on what he had heard about Heavenly Phoenix Princess. Nevertheless, he got all the essential facts straight right away.

The princess felt that this was correct since she was from an imperial lineage as well. It wasn’t easy for someone outside the clan to be in power. It showed the trust the clan had placed in Heavenly Phoenix Princess.

But this was also the reason for her family’s demise. Her brother and father thought they had an unbelievably strong backing so they treated others with contempt, resulting in their death.

The two were in Buddhist Plain right now, an endless plain was in sight. Strange enough, it was hard for Exploration Grounds to have any vegetation. Not to mention a tree, not even a grass could be seen.

This was not the case for Buddhist Plain. There were yellow grasses growing everywhere on this plain. They fluttered in the wind like beautiful ladies.

However, these grasses had a yellow dryness upon inception and looked a bit burnt. They gave the feeling of being near-death, as if they carried a fatal disease right away and could wither at any moment.

Nevertheless, these young grasses persevered and populated the plain.

“How can grasses grow in this place?” Jilin Princess had heard curious stories about the plain.

Despite their sorry state, they still had life unlike other places in Exploration Ground.

“Exploration Grounds consisted of broken temporal planes like a shattered river of time. Each of these epochs had been destroyed. Thus, life cannot grow here, unless there is something extremely heaven-defying going on. The phenomenon you see here is quite mystical.”

“How so?” The princess yearned for more knowledge.

“A safeguarding power.” Li Qiye said: “In fact, the existences of these broken continents alone are impressive enough. They contained the power of an entire world or they wouldn’t have survived when the river of time broke. However, this place is different from the rest.”

The princess listened without interrupting.

“One day, when the world is on the verge of collapsing, what is your course of action?” Li Qiye looked at her and asked.

“Self-preservation.” The princess didn’t need to think. Her answer was simply common sense, an instinct in all creatures!

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