Chapter 1884: Jin Ge’s Arrival

It was very lively, rowdy even, outside of Imperial Change. People came and went; shops were set up by merchants shouting advertisements.

“A unique Buddhist bone excavated from the plain, capable of expelling evil and protect the body, very cheap!” One merchant quietly advertised.

Despite the numerous merchants, no one dared to shout in this place or they tried to minimize their shouting to the limit. They were afraid of disturbing the peace of the emperors inside. Once provoked, the emperors might turn everyone here to ashes.

Some came purposely to visit Buddhist Plain while others were only here to do some sightseeing. Their trip could eventually become a nice conversational topic, completely worth their time in Exploration Grounds.

There were a few buildings and pavilions quite far away from Imperial Change. They were built by some real masters. Among them were High Gods who wanted to copy the emperors by establishing a home here. Alas, they still haven’t found success because it wasn’t that easy to refine the land in this place. The city was made from many emperors working together. Even High Gods didn't have this type of power.

Because of this, these buildings eventually became ruins or a temporary resting place for cultivators. 

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” At this time, there was someone loudly slamming their head on the ground. An old man was doing so in a respectful ceremonial manner.

He wore a dragon robe and solemnly shouted: “Ancestor, please guide our sect back to glory.”

He kept on kowtowing while shouting at the city.

“What is he doing?” The newcomers didn’t know what he was doing.

“That’s the Ye Clan Master.” An old man sighed and revealed: “He wants guidance from his Immortal Monarch. The Ye had fallen recently, given the cold shoulder by several races on top of having their territory invaded and annexed. When their monarch was around, no one dared to do anything to them but not anymore. That’s why he wants guidance right now.”

“He has been kowtowing for three months but his ancestor on duty here wouldn’t meet him.” A young merchant nearby added.

Jilin Princess became slightly emotional after seeing this. This was, in fact, a rather common occurrence. After a decline, many sects would come asking for their ancestors to come out and prop up the clan once more.

“It’s not easy being an emperor. Some risked the threat of the Heavenly Execution and still came into being in order to help their descendants navigate the storm.” She murmured.

“The majority of descendants are useless.” Li Qiye said calmly: “Of course, it’s not easy for emperors to sever their blood ties either.”

He was familiar with this type of scene as well. Some emperors eventually gave up and let their clan and descendants fence for themselves.

“Return from whence you came.” Finally, a voice resounded from within. It had an unquestionable divinity and supreme power.

The rowdiness outside the city immediately ceased. Everyone stopped what they’re doing; the merchant halted their quiet peddling. All eyes were on the city.

No one could see what was going on within but the voice of an Immortal Monarch made many shudder.

Even though the monarch didn’t exert his aura, people still felt a sense of reverence all the same.

The clan master went stiff with a gray complexion. His eyes were filled with despair. This was too big of a blow for him. Their clan needed the help of their ancestor but he didn’t care about their fate!

After a long time, he regained his wits and didn’t dare to oppose an order of a monarch. He left quietly afterward.

People felt sympathy after seeing this. Many great powers have fallen before; they wanted to ask for help but being abandoned by their ancestors was truly devastating.

“Looks like the Ye Clan won’t rise again.” Someone said sentimentally while looking at the pitiful departing figure.

The refusal meant that the Ye Clan no longer had an Immortal Monarch for their backing. It would be prohibitively difficult for them in the future.

Of course, others should act with prudence before deciding to annihilate the Ye Clan. Even though this Immortal Monarch ignored the clan’s prosperity, it didn’t mean that others could massacre them if they wanted to. It wasn’t certain that this monarch would be idle in the worst case scenario.

Next, a carriage slowly came forward. It was simple with only five old men accompanying it.

They all wore a gray outfit with a hat pushed down low to hide their face. They hid their aura so it was hard to see through their real power.

It stopped in front of the city gates. In the beginning, no one cared about it.

When a man and woman got off, all eyes were attracted and shocked.

The woman was peerlessly noble just like a phoenix descending from the sky. She had a wondrous nobility with beautiful features that would attract all gazes. Others couldn’t help but stare in admiration.

The man had a yellow robe without much decoration; it was a simple and low-key style. Nevertheless, the robe was still delicately made and well-suited, seemingly by the best of tailors. It could accentuate his perfect physique. Though he had no bulging muscle nor was he overly tall and stalwart, he was the embodiment of steadiness. A boundless power seemed to be contained beneath this outfit; a True Dragon soaring in the horizon he was.

He wasn’t overly dashing but there was an inexplicable charm to his cold demeanor. He gave others a metallic impression as if a knock would produce a tinkling sound.

He stood proudly with the sharpness of a spear. Though he had converged his vitality and dispersed his divinity, he still had an unbeatable aura engulfing the myriad realms.

“Jin Ge and Heavenly Phoenix Princess!” People took a deep breath after seeing the two.

“Jin Ge!” Both the young and old were moved after hearing this name. He was the hottest topic in Pure right now.

He was the most hopeful candidate to become a Grand Emperor; a talent deemed worthy of obtaining twelve wills. Alas, an ambush had robbed him of his first collection attempt. Many big shots from the Heaven Race were full of regrets. The overall situation would change if he could have become a top emperor.

“Is he here to see his ancestors?” The older characters shuddered, knowing that something big was going to happen.

“Li Qiye is here as well.” A keen-eyed cultivator also saw Li Qiye and Jilin Princess.

In a short time, eyes darted between the two groups of duo. Everyone held their breath with anticipation.

Jilin Princess also glanced at Li Qiye then over at the two in the distance. She smiled wryly at the upcoming storm.

Everyone has heard about Fiercest, especially about his involvement in the death of Heavenly Phoenix Crown-Prince and royal lord. This news had early spread across Pure. They thought that both the princess and Jin Ge wouldn’t be able to swallow this anger.

So now, Jin Ge and Fiercest were meeting at Imperial Change. They thought a good show was about to happen.

“The road is narrow for enemies. They must be eager to fight now.” One cultivator murmured.

Jin Ge and Heavenly Phoenix Princess also heard someone called out Li Qiye’s name. Both of their gazes became fixated on him as well.

The scene became silent since everyone started focusing on spectating. One could hear the drop of a needle right now.

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