Chapter 1880: The Mythical World Destruction

Chapter 1880: The Mythical World Destruction

The princess’ heart grew heavy after hearing this. She finally understood the phrase - ignorance is bliss. She has never thought about this issue in the past but after finding out, she felt a never-dissipating darkness engulfing this world.

“Young Noble, did you come into being because of this matter?” Her eyes flashed brightly with a revelation: “You want to stop the inevitable world destruction?”

Li Qiye laughed in response and flicked her jade-like nose: “That’s quite funny.”

“Am I wrong?” She was quite confident in her speculation. After all, a supreme existence like him wouldn’t travel the mundane world without a good reason.

“Girl, I’m afraid you will be disappointed.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I’m not that benevolent of a person. My travel isn’t to break the situation as a savior.”

“Then why did you come into being?” The princess mustered enough courage to ask an inappropriate question, given her status as a junior.

While gazing into her supreme beauty and a pair of eyes full of hope for the future, he answered softly: “There’s no savior in this world, at least I’m not one. A passenger is who I am.”

The princess didn’t quite understand the statement and continued to stare at him.

“I’m not here to break the inevitable situation. I only want to fight at the end of the world.” He gently sighed while meeting her gaze.

“The ultimate expedition!” She trembled. This topic was too heavy; no one has ever returned from one.

It started with the innovative Origin Heaven Emperor to the brilliant Deep South Divine Emperor then came Immortal Emperor Fei; next was the astonishing Immortal Emperor Gu Chun and the determined Immortal Emperor Min Ren; last was Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen. None had returned from these expeditions; no news of triumph.

Thus, she remained dazed after finding out that Li Qiye came into being for the legendary ultimate expedition.

It took a while before she could speak again: “What about the end of the world? Why is is that all the emperors want to embark on the expedition instead of caring about the world?”

“It’s complicated, not something for you to know.” Li Qiye elaborated: “World destruction can be construed differently, depending on the perspective. It might not happen either. I call it world destruction from my personal perspective.”

The princess heaved a sigh of relief but the next statement depressed her once more.

“Alas, it is the truth.” Li Qiye stroke her hair and said: “If you are to look forward to something, then start hoping that this type of world destruction won’t happen in your lifetime. That’s also a type of happiness. Who gives a damn about the calamity after they’re already dead?”

“But if it is the truth, then why don’t the emperors do something about it?” She asked.

“It’s because you aren’t privy to certain information, such as what the emperors have done and the secrets in the past. You might have the chance to find out after possessing ten Heaven’s Wills.” Li Qiye revealed.

“Is the ultimate expedition even more important than breaking the looming threat?” She didn’t understand.

She had heard of legends about the expedition but its purpose remained unknown.

“The world destruction is only a branch on the expedition path.” He looked at her and said: “If you can win, then the myriad ages are mere ants. The so-called world destruction can’t reach the apex. Just win the expedition and no need to worry about anything!”

This answered exceeded her imagination. Something even greater and more stress-inducing than world destruction?

Just what the hell was the ultimate expedition then? She found the mystery running even deeper.

“Your goal is still to save the world then.” The princess said: “Winning the expedition is one way to break the situation, to save the myriad beings.”

“Once again, you think too highly of me.” Li Qiye denied: “I only want an answer by fighting at the end of the world. Saving everyone else isn’t my responsibility.”

The princess became quiet because she had learned many incredible things tonight. She eventually asked again out of curiosity: “Who has the lingering Paragon Artifacts?”

Li Qiye answered: “It’s better for you not to know about this particular matter. After you become an Immortal Monarch with ten wills and up, you can worry about this then. Anything less can only be cannon fodders.”

She took a deep breath after hearing this shocking statement. In the mind of others, an emperor was the lord of a generation. Even if there was a disparity between emperors, these beings were far above regular people. Other experts were simply insects in comparison. Thus, Li Qiye’s statement was so unbelievable but she still believed him.

“Alright, no need to think so much about this. Keep on cultivating and become stronger. You can worry about these matters then.” He said.

The princess found this reasonable. There were so many emperors left in this world, especially the top ones. Even if the sky were to fall down, they would uphold it first. The juniors didn’t need to worry about it.

She smiled and returned with him to Eternal. Back on the ship, she became worried about Wu Fengying’s wounds and said: “Young Noble, I’ll go check on Citadel Lord Wu and see if she’s better.”

Li Qiye didn’t care too much and sai: “Go, tell that brat to be a good girl and stop provoking me. Even if she has no ill-intent, I’ll still kill her.”

“I’ll definitely persuade her.” The princess smiled wryly. It wasn’t easy to convince someone as stubborn and competitive like Fengying but maybe she had learned her lesson this time around.

The crowd changed their expression after seeing Li Qiye. Some were even afraid of him enough to stay away. His story had spread throughout the ship. It was suicidal to mess with this devilish young man.

“Brother Li, congratulation, congratulation.” Before he went back to his place, someone cupped his fist towards him: “Your newly found treasure is truly worth celebrating.”

This was no other than Tamedragon Child, the guy who could put up a good talk yet flees before a battle.

Li Qiye gave him a quick glance before losing interest. However, Tamedragon didn’t mind his attitude and shamelessly followed him with a bright smile while pouring on the compliments: “Brother Li, you are untouchable with such an amazing method, your amazing style has won me over as a fan full of admiration…” 

Li Qiye stopped and gave him a cold stare: “State your business.”

Tamedragon rubbed his palms and said: “Everyone is envious of your peerless treasure, such a joyous occasion…”

“You think I won’t throw you off the ship?” Li Qiye said coldly.

“No…” Tamedragon quickly waved his hands anxiously: “Brother Li, please don’t misunderstand. This Little Brother only wants to do business with you.”

The guy smiled and continued: “I’m somewhat of a businessman, a trader of sorts of high-level goods. I don’t mingle in ordinary items so I have a few customers who are all grand characters.”

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