Chapter 1877: Fiendish Manifestation

“Boom!” The dragon wailed and crumbled. It seemed that time had come to a still. One could only see Wu Fengying being blown away while her dragon pike shattered into countless pieces. The pieces were pushed out with her and scattered everywhere.

“Ooof!” She spat out a mouthful of blood, painting a beautiful scene of red in space.

Everyone became horrified. The spectators still dropped to the ground, being suppressed by this terrible power despite being far enough away.

The masters here took a deep breath as a chill emanated across their body. They retreated even more since this skeletal sword was too much to take.

Remember that the dragon pike came from Immortal Emperor Can Long. It was even made from the spine of a mature True Dragon. Just this alone should indicate its power.

However, it was so easily annihilated into countless pieces, not able to take a single blow.

“True Bones of the Myriad Ages, just like the legends. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to get it.” Li Qiye commented with emotion while looking at his sword.

No one knew this particular name but there was another way to address it - an Epoch Paragon Artifact.

Most people weren’t aware of these titles until they reached a particular level.

Of course, this skeletal sword wasn’t True Bones or a Paragon Artifact. It was only a creation of his supreme will.

True Bones was the ultimate result from sacrificing countless creatures in an epoch.

Li Qiye used his One Thought Creation to craft this sword from the bones around here. It was only an imitation in a loose sense.

Nevertheless, it was still mighty enough because it was copying a Paragon Artifact.

“Crash!” Wu Fengying finally got up after much struggling. She was in a sorry-state, seriously injured with blood all over her armor.

Her legs were weak, complexion paled. There was no doubt that this casual strike had severely damaged her or she would have recovered already, given her cultivation.

“You have lost.” Li Qiye insipidly stared at her. This was a trivial victory for him. True Bones in his hand could strike terror in the heart of the enemies, despite being an imitation.

Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude made everyone tremble. The ones kneeling on the ground couldn’t get up at all. They stared in awe at the skeletal sword in his hand. It didn’t matter who they might be, any existence would feel dread before it.

They didn’t know the background of this sword but its terrorizing aura told the tales.

“Bullshit! As long as I’m alive, I can still fight!” Despite her tattered appearance, she was still as domineering and fearless as ever like a tiger leaving the mountain. Her injuries didn’t diminish her will to fight, never backing down against anyone. 

“Dragon Citadel Lord, it is not too late to back down now.” The princess raised her voice at Fengying out of concern.

She knew full well that even if Fengying had other heaven-defying means, they were meaningless before Li Qiye. In fact, she wasn’t his match even after becoming an emperor.

Once Li Qiye had the urge to kill, she would be powerless to stop him. The Jilin Clan had an amicable relationship with the Dragon Citadel so the princess didn’t want to see a meaningless death.

“Let's go again!” Fengying wouldn’t yield since this was part of her nature. She shouted and floated to the air again with the same confidence as before.

The princess gently sighed. There was no way of persuading Fengying out of this battle.

“Looks like you still haven’t given up. Very well, use whatever you want.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Activate!” A mantra flew out of Fengying’s mouth while she performed a mudra. In the blink of an eye, the power of the myriad worlds gathered in this place for her usage.

“Boom!” The sky turned dark. It looked like a timeworn godfiend was crawling from the depth of hell.

A terrifying evil energy ravaged the world and suppressed all the dimensions here. This godfiend had been slumbering for a long time; now it has awakened to grasp the universe once more.

“Rumble!” A destructive storm began at her position. Thick lightning bolts descended all around her.

She looked like a walking calamity right now, engulfing and tearing apart everything standing in her way.

“Buzz.” She fully opened her eyes. They were as red as blood, no longer the pretty phoenix eyes like before. This was a monstrous pair of blood eyes, devouring the soul of all those who gaze at them. 

She was still the same person with no change in appearance. Alas, those who stared at her felt as if she had turned into a giant. Her immensity could detonate the entire sky. Even the planets nearby were tiny in comparison. People had to lift their head just to look at her and suddenly felt the urge to prostrate before this magnificent being. It was the same thing as worshiping a supreme god.

Behind her seemed to b a pair of black wings blotting out all light from the three thousand worlds. Only an encroaching darkness was left behind to the horror of the crowd.

“Is she letting a supreme devil king take over?” A sect master turned pale and murmured.

Keep in mind that most imperial techniques were righteous in nature. This form of her didn’t resemble these imperial techniques.

The princess was surprised to see this transformation as well. She had never heard of the citadel possessing a nefarious art like this!

“Fiendish Manifestation!” Li Qiye was surprised: “Immortal Emperor Can Long and the others are indeed exceptional, actually able to derive this art into existence once more. This is an ancient art not from our epoch, a main vision technique of that cultivation system. You have actually cultivated it, not bad, no wonder why you were able to become the citadel lord.”

No one had heard of this technique before, not even the disciples from the Dragon Citadel. This was one of the top techniques during a lost epoch.

After finding this merit law, Immortal Emperor Can Long’s group spent many generations to derive its ultimate form. Now, Wu Fengying was able to successfully cultivate it.

“You know this merit law?” Fengying was also astonished. No one should know of this technique outside of their sect’s ancestors.

“But it’s too late now, you have enraged me. This won’t end until blood is spilled!” She roared oppressively.

“No, it’s too late for you. You don’t know what weapon you are facing.” Li Qiye smiled and slowly raised his skeletal sword.

“Die!” Fengying didn’t waste words and unleashed a dual palm strike. The world suddenly became tiny in comparison.

“Rumble!” Stars in the near vicinity exploded with ease.

This resembled an attack from a supreme fiend, enough to annihilate an entire world!”

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