Chapter 1876: Skeletal Sword

The crowd was palpitating with excitement. All eyes were on Li Qiye, waiting to see what heaven-defying attack this devilish man would use.

In fact, even Wu Fengying was full of anticipation as well about his method.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” A series of bone-cracking noises appeared, resulting in a bizarre scene.

There were bones as far as the eyes can see in this place. After Li Qiye’s single thought, one bone flew out from each skeleton.

Among the sea of bones, there were skeletons of flood-dragons spanning for a hundred miles, an ape skeleton as big as a mountain, rare remains of a strange and rare bird; Li Qiye only took one bone from each.

For example, he took the spine of the flood-dragon, the smart bone in the skull of the ape, and the sharp talon of the rare bird...

These were very powerful existences when they were alive, but their bones have lost all divinity after the long years.

However, many didn’t know that these bones were carefully chosen. They were the true bones from these creatures when they were alive and only existed back in their respective epoch. The similar creatures in this era didn’t have these unique bones. Alas, they were only useless bones at this moment after losing their divinity.

“Click! Clack!” The sound of bones coming together appeared; they were flying together and assembling at an unbelievable pace. 

The spectators’ jaw dropped to the ground. This scene was ghastly and unbelievable. They were confused about his intention.

In a short period, these bones finally finished coming together. A gigantic skeletal sword appeared in the sky. This might be the largest skeletal sword anyone had ever seen, made from smaller pieces coming together.

“Pluff!” With a quick thought, Li Qiye ignited the sword on fire. This was an extremely ancient form of True Fire. It was burning the sword in order to refine it.

“Clank.” After the heating process, the sword re-appeared before the spectators. It was much smaller this time, at least relative to its initial size.

However, it was a complete longsword now, no longer looking like an amalgamation of bones. It didn’t emit a frightening presence, only a dark glow.

“Ah!” Anyone who saw this faint glow vomited blood as if their heart had just been pierced.

“No, this is an evil weapon!” The aghast crowd quickly retreated to a safe distance.

They stared at the sword again and got a cold sweat. Everyone understood that it hasn’t unleashed its power just yet. Alas, this faint glow alone could grievously wound weaker cultivators and slightly injure the stronger ones.

Just imagine, once this sword actually exuded its real power, how frightening would it be?

“Is that a High Heaven Scroll?” People couldn’t help but shudder despite maintaining a safe distance. Some started to wonder about its origin.

However, this thought was quickly dispelled because the sword was made from bones coming together. Everyone didn’t know why the result would be so terrifying.

Wu Fengying knew her stuff. She had seen imperial weapons and even Heaven Punishing Weapons. Nevertheless, this sword still instilled fear into her.

She couldn’t tell what it was but intuition was telling her that this thing was scarier than anything she had seen before!

“Die!” Her dragon pike erupted with a star-destroying attack.

With loud detonations, all the stars exploded. Multiple images of her weapon aimed fatally towards him, wishing to turn him into a sieve.

Each image carried an incomparable sharpness. Just one could pierce through the earth or flip over the ocean.

“Clank!” However, the skeletal sword easily repelled this attack. Keep in mind that even a top Dao Celestial with an imperial weapon wouldn’t dare to think about stopping the myriad pikes successfully.

With the sword in his hand, Li Qiye let out a quiet sigh and said: “The Paragon Artifact of an epoch.”

The skeletal sword suddenly trembled a bit. Just this slight vibration blew Fengying flying for several thousand miles.

Once she stabilized her stance, blood oozed from the corner of her mouth. There was no doubt that a simple vibration of the sword had wounded her.

Everyone gasped in response. They compared themselves to her and found that they were completely inferior. Even a top Dao Celestial wouldn’t dare to boast about being stronger.

Thus, it didn’t matter how strong Li Qiye was, this showed the terrorizing aspect of this skeletal sword.

“You’re not my match.” Li Qiye gently shook his head: “Not to mention robbing me, if I cut down with this sword, you will be annihilated. It’s not too late to give up.”

Wu Fengying was unconvinced and shouted: “Fuck you, come, I’m not afraid!”

This woman was very stubborn on top of being violent. She wasn’t one to accept defeat.

“Someone of your cultivation can barely qualify to be a bedwarmer maid for me but you’re not gentle at all, I have zero interest.” Li Qiye teased.

The crowd was speechless. Fengying was the master of the Dragon Citadel, the main successor of a lineage with four emperors. Li Qiye said she could only “barely” be his bedwarmer? This was a ludicrously arrogant statement.

“I doubt you can handle it! Defeat me and I’ll be your bedwarmer!” She retorted without any semblance of feminine bashfulness. Her frankness could cause men to blush.

“Not interested but I can still show you how vast this world is. You won’t be able to keep your dragon pike.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Die!” She poured all of her vitality into her weapon. She herself disappeared while a True Dragon jumped up.

This was the real thing, not an illusion. A draconic aura came sweeping by to the horror of the crowd. 

“She has completely activated the spirit of the pike, this attack is the same as the ultimate attack of an imperial weapon!” An old man murmured after understanding the power of this strike.

The sky vault shattered. This was the only way for a True Dragon to leap up this high. It shattered the stars before lunging for Li Qiye. This attack was perfect, consisting of offense and defense together. There were virtually no flaws to speak of.

However, Li Qiye only casually swung his sword without analyzing the opponent’s attack.

“Clank!” The myriad ages could go down from this slash. Even the river of time would turn to ashes.

Nothing could stop this sword, it was an era-ending attack. There was no technique included, this was only the pure power of the weapon.

“Boom!” The sword slashed the dragon, resulting in a blinding explosion. The shockwaves immediately shattered the space nearby. Everything became ashes.

After a miserable cry echoing across the world, the True Dragon’s body completely crumbled.

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