Chapter 1864: She-man

Jilin Princess didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing Fengying. This wasn’t her first time seeing Fengying’s aggressiveness. 

Li Qiye ignored her and continued leaving. However, Fengying was not ready to end this and shouted: “Smelly brat, tell me already, what the hell is that item in your palace?!”

She followed right behind him while others steered clear of these two. They couldn’t afford to provoke either one.

Fengying was walking shoulder-to-shoulder with him now and asked: “You better tell me about the item or I’ll really beat you up.” 

Her brutish manner was really letting down her kingdom-toppling face.

“Citadel Lord Wu, try your best to ask the Young Noble calmly, don’t be rash. I’m sure if you humble your tone, there will be a better result.” The princess reminded Fengying.

Though Fengying was very powerful and famous in Pure, the princess knew that she was not worth mentioning in front of Li Qiye.

“Just hurry and tell me about the thing in your palace already.” Fengying didn’t give up.

“A bit keen but why should I tell you? A girl needs to be gentle, watch it or no one will want to marry a rough girl like you.”

Fengying turned red from anger and glared at him: “Smelly brat, don’t think so highly of yourself! There’s nothing special about ugly men! I’m surely stronger than all of you!”

“There’s nothing special about men, but where did women come from without men? Did you come out of a rock? That’s why there’s no need for you to put us down since you will still need a man in the future.” [1]

“You…” Fengying was caught off guard again.

As for the princess, she wanted to laugh from the banter but it would be inappropriate so she tried hard to hold it back.

“You’re really asking for it!” Fengying resorted to violence again after words failed her.

“You’re not my match. I can annihilate you with the tip of my finger.” Li Qiye said leisurely.

She nearly vomited blood from anger and retorted: “Don’t be complacent, it’s just that I had no hostility earlier so I didn’t use merit laws or you wouldn’t have been able to suppress me!”

“That’s why I spared you but even if you were prepared with an imperial armament, I would only need one hand to crush you.” Li Qiye asserted.

“You!” She surprisingly managed to stay calm this time: “I’ll let this go if you tell me what’s in your palace!”

“Looks like you are very interested.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“There must be something in there, I saw your pillar of life. A regular pillar of life can’t withstand that much lightning, unless it belongs to emperor.” She stared intensely, as if wanting to strip him naked.

Others couldn’t see what was going on but she found some clues. Alas, she couldn’t figure it out entirely which was why she became so curious.

“Why should I tell you? What’s in it for me?” Li Qiye said leisurely.

She raised her voice: “What do you want? Just name the price and keep it reasonable, I’ll say yes.”

Li Qiye looked her up and down a bit and she responded by saying: “Wait, that perverted look, don’t tell me you lusting after my beautiful self?”

He responded with a calm stare: “Beautiful indeed but too brutish like a tigress, no, a she-man would be more appropriate in this situation. Such vulgarity isn’t to my liking.” 

“You! Take a look in the mirror first, I don’t like you either!” She angrily glared.

“That’s a relief. Being liked by you is really a type of disaster. If we were to say that it is a blessing to be liked by Mengying, then it is so much bad luck to be liked by you. I’m sure no man would wish that for themselves.” 

“You want to die?!” A fierce glint flashed in her eyes as she clenched her fists. One could hear them cracking and imagine the power within.

Li Qiye continued walking leisurely and ignored her ferocious pose.

“Fine, I won’t argue with you anymore.” She suddenly revealed a smile that proved her kingdom-toppling beauty. Anyone would be swayed by her current charm.

“I’ve made my decision. I’m formally announcing my intention of marrying you!” She boldly declared.

“Uhh…” Jilin Princess was stunned. Though she had seen women chasing after men, this was her first time seeing such a blatant method.

If she wasn’t aware of Fengying’s personality beforehand, her jaws would have dropped to the ground already.

“Marrying me?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh: “You can’t marry me just because you’re from the citadel. Plus, I’m not interested either.”

Fengying didn’t mind at all and copied Li Qiye’s leisure manner and speech: “No problem. I’m persistent enough. Since you called me a tigress, no, a she-man, then I want to keep you down under my shadow forever.”

The princess was very amused at Fengying copying Li Qiye’s demeanor. She was wondering how this woman became the citadel lord. Did she just beat everyone who was unconvinced to take the position? Otherwise, it was really a miracle for someone like her to take charge in that sect.

“Don’t dream about marrying me. You would need to learn how to be gentle and feminine first.” Li Qiye said.

At this time, they have returned to their place. Li Qiye entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“What’s the point? I’ll just force you… wait a minute, you still haven’t told me about the thing in your palace!” After he closed the door, she finally remembered the main focus.

But there was no response. Li Qiye inside the room ignored her.

“Open the door now or I’ll break your house.” She said aggressively with an oppressive aura.

“Citadel Lord, please calm down. Let’s have a talk if you have any displeasure.” The princess hurriedly consoled her. She was worried for Fengying, not Li Qiye.

It took a lot of effort for her to appease Fengying. The woman was too curious about the thing inside Li Qiye’s palace because it was able to absorb lightning. She simply wanted to figure it out.

Of course, the princess couldn’t answer this problem either. In her mind, this wasn’t a big deal for someone of Li Qiye’s level.

Despite her impatient nature, Fengying was very patient when it comes to satisfying her curiosity. Thus, she wanted to stay at Li Qiye’s place. However, the princess was afraid of her death if she were to anger Li Qiye. This was why she tried her best to get Fengying to leave.

Eternal continued forward. Li Qiye had no interest so he rarely showed his face and spent the majority of the time cultivating.

The princess didn’t leave either and kept him company.

“Who are the passengers this time?” After finishing his daily meditation, Li Qiye came out with a slight grimace and asked.

“I’m not sure, there are more than ten thousand passengers right now from all over the places. Minor characters and big shots alike.” The princess said.

“There’s something ominous on the ship.” Earlier during his meditation, his powerful awareness suddenly felt something. It was mighty enough that nothing happening on the ship could hide from his sense.

“Ominous? What kind?” The princess became startled.

For something to be considered ominous by Li Qiye meant that it was extraordinary and horrifying.

“It’s very strong. Someone is hiding its presence beneath the deck.” Li Qiye said.

1. Might be a reference to Sun Wukong

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