Chapter 1863: Wu Fengying

Jilin Princess agreed with Li Qiye: “Dao Brother Qin was indeed the best genius in Pure. Despite losing to Jin Ge, he had been quietly training so his cultivation soared. Rumor has it he had taken the path of the gods.”

“His dao heart is firm.” Li Qiye evaluated: “As long as he keeps trying, his future will not necessarily be weaker than ordinary emperors as a god.”

“Yes. He lost to Jin Ge when his fame was at the apex but he didn’t wallow in misery and give up. He continued to take one step at a time in cultivating. Even if he stops competing with Jin Ge for the Heaven’s Will, he’ll still become an amazing High God.” The princess said.

Heaven Searching and the Jilin Clan were both sects of the hundred races so they had a good relationship. The princess was knowledgeable about the sect.

“Defeat is commonplace for cultivators. Losing once doesn’t mean losing for a lifetime. Few were unbeaten but the trick is getting up after losing. This applies to the emperors as well. Of course, some couldn’t rise again. In this case, even geniuses would turn into useless men.” Li Qiye calmly said.

The princess quietly nodded while carefully taking it in. The dao heart was truly important for cultivators. Some geniuses were done for after one defeat and disappeared in the river of time due to their unstable dao heart. 

Like Qin Baili, he was peerlessly famous with great potential in Pure. However, people considered his defeat to Jin Ge to be the lowest point of his life. Others would most likely hate themselves after losing. But Baili continued to train just like before. His dao heart was even better now. It meant that even if he wasn’t going to be an emperor, his future was still bright.

“Let’s go back.” Li Qiye glanced outside and smiled.

Eternal was continuing forward with full speed because all the lightning bolts had been absorbed by Li Qiye. 

When Li Qiye and the princess wanted to return, a woman stopped them. She had an aura to her. It wasn’t overly aggressive, just stately like a True Dragon. She wore a draconic armor with a flashing golden glow. The armor had dragon runes with immense power. It didn’t look like it was cast from divine metal but rather the scales of a True Dragon.

Because of this, people could faintly hear the roar of a dragon soaring to the nine firmaments. The armor couldn’t hide her curvaceous lines and plump peaks. Her long and thin legs accentuated her overall figure, tempting people at first sight.

Nevertheless, people would only steal a glance at her, never a full look. This was because of her oppressive and noble temperament, resembling both a dragon and a king.

Her phoenix eyes were bright and sharp just like a snow-white saber. It could instantly illuminate someone’s mind. Just a glance from her could instill a shuddering chill.

When people saw her, they would instantly think of this: ‘It’s a shame that she’s not a man or she would become a king with such a lofty temperament.’

“Wu Fengying!” Someone shouted in astonishment.

“Shh, call her Dragon Citadel Lord, don’t say her name or she’ll beat you up.” A friend reminded him.

People shuddered after hearing her name. Many people glanced at her but no one dared to utter a single word.

This was due to her notorious foul temper. She would resort to violence after a minor disagreement. Many have been beaten by her till they cried for their parents.

“Lord Wu, long time no see. Six years flashed by after our last meeting at the citadel.” The princess was secretly lamenting this meeting. A fight might be coming.

“Young Sis, long time no see, we’ll talk later on but I have business with him right now.” 

The princess smiled wryly after hearing this. A fight was coming indeed.

Wu Fengying was the current lord of Dragon Citadel, in charge of its future direction. This was a lineage with four emperors so it was above the Jilin Clan in Pure.

It was started by Immortal Emperor Can Long of the nine worlds. He took in cultivators from all over the worlds without limitation. Even the members of the three races could join. Because of this, outside of him and the third Immortal Monarch, the other two were Grand Emperors.

This was a unique sect in Pure since the races lived together in harmony. It was one of the few imperial lineages that had this aspect.

Amazing talents, powerful cultivation, beauty, and authority weren’t the reason why Fengying was so famous. Her fame was due to her brutish and fiery nature.

Many in Pure knew that she had a penchant for fighting. It didn’t matter whether they were an ancestor or an imperial successor. She would mercilessly beat them until they are unrecognizable.

An imperial lineage of the citadel’s level should have a staid and magnanimous lord. One was that was prudent and wouldn’t threaten violence at the first slight.

Alas, Wu Fengying was the opposite of that. Even after becoming the citadel lord, her temperament and fierce nature remained the same.

Just imagine, a beautiful lord beating people down to the ground with a ferocious demeanor. At that point, her features and charming figure wouldn’t matter as much.

That’s why some said that it would have been better for her to be a man since her god-given good looks were wasted like this.

Jilin Princess knew that trouble was brewing the moment Wu Fengying got here.

“Hey, what’s inside your palace?” Lingfeng blocked in front of Li Qiye and asked. Could you imagine a supreme beauty blocking another man in such a rough manner?

Li Qiye only smiled and ignored her.

“Hey, you listening? I’m talking to you!” Fengying immediately glared her pretty eyes at him.

He finally gave her the time of day and leisurely said: “First of all, my name is not ‘hey’, it’s Li Qiye. Secondly, if you have a question for me, you need to be gentler and polite. You may call me Young Noble, or Sacred Teacher, if you truly want to know.”

She maintained her glare and said: “You’re a healthy man, why do you speak so slowly like an old woman?” 

He didn’t become angry and calmly retorted: “You’re a healthy woman, why do you speak in such a brutish manner like an erroneous reincarnation?” [1]

“Bullshit!” She postured aggressively with both hands on her waist and shouted: “Who says a woman can’t be brutish?!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “You’re right. Who says a man can’t be calm with his words?”

“You…” She couldn’t come up with a fast response. Arguing wasn’t her forte. Her tongue was clearly not as sharp as Li Qiye.

“You think I won’t beat the crap out of you?” She instantly punched at his face.

“Boom!” It didn’t make contact; something blocked it.

“Bang!” Before she could reach, an invisible hand slammed her down on the deck.

People were startled after seeing the take-down. This guy was too devilish but more shockingly, he was so domineering - to go as far as fighting against Wu Fengying.

“That’s more like it! If you’re so capable, release me and we’ll fight for real!” She was unconvinced of the submission.

Li Qiye glanced at her and insipidly said: “Since you do not bear ill-will, I won’t trouble you. Think before you act next time, or I’ll kill you and strip you naked before throwing you down the ocean.”

Having said that, he recalled his thought and turned to leave.

She shouted back in fury: “We won’t know who’ll be doing the stripping just yet?! Stay and fight if you dare! I’ll strip you clean!”

Everyone became silly after hearing this. A girl, no matter how bold she might be, would never utter such words. Alas, Fengying wasn’t reserved at all.


1. He’s saying that she reincarnated into the wrong sex, that she was a man in her previous life. This statement isn’t as jarring in Chinese at all, just a witty remark

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