Chapter 1859: Tamedragon Child

“Challenging me?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “Looks like this is beyond my control. You won’t give up even if I don’t accept the challenge.”

The princess smiled wryly after hearing this challenge. This was Feng Yi not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth, thinking that Li Qiye was easily bullied. Messing with an overlord trekking through the world was suicidal.

At this moment, even their clan’s strongest High God wouldn’t dare to challenge Li Qiye. Moreover, he had even sent an order to all cultivators under Jilin, forbidding them from talking about Li Qiye.

He was afraid of the disciples not keeping their mouth shut and talk about a taboo subject. It could bring about a disaster to their clan.

So now, the princess didn’t want to say anything to stop the challenge. Only after witnessing Li Qiye’s terror would these ignorant juniors realize the monster they are facing.

Feng Yi stood proudly and spoke with a dignified demeanor: “I won’t force you if you don’t want to. Perhaps my dao is too weak and can’t get into your sight. However, I’m sure you are better than that, looking down on people and all. No one ordinary can walk side by side with Her Highness.”

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye smiled in response: “If I’m not someone ordinary, why do you still dare to challenge me? Or you not afraid of being annihilated?”

“Cultivators challenge the impossible.” Feng Yi said with a great momentum: “Plus, one must try before giving up. My master taught me that those who fear adversity won’t accomplish anything. I have cultivated for several decades so I’m a little confident. Thus, I’m willing to try regardless of how powerful you may be, sir.”

Feng Yi was indeed trying to make it difficult for Li Qiye but his words were straightforward and reasonable.

“Hmph, cease your holier-than-thou attitude, think you’re so good because you’re from an imperial lineage?” A snort of derision came about: “Others have to accept your challenges? I guess that’s how the people from the great powers act, thinking that they’re superior and others must listen to them.”

Another youth came over, dressed in a yellow outfit with a tall crest. He was very handsome with a fair complexion, just like a pretty boy. 

The cultivators on the spectating platform quietly agreed, especially the vagrant cultivators who were his acquaintances. One of them supported: “Brother Zongshuai, you’re so right.”

“Tamedragon Child, don’t interfere with my business.” Feng Yi glared at him and said.

People took a deep breath after hearing this title.

Tamedragon Child, Zhu Zongshuai, was another excellent young genius. He was relatively famous in Pure, just like Feng Yi.

Despite being called “child”, he was no longer young and was much older than Feng Yi and even Feng Yi’s master, Qin Baili. [1]

“So what if I interfere?” Tamedragon Child came over and sneered: “Feng Yi, you think I am afraid of you? I hate disciples from imperial lineages like you the most, thinking that you’re the best and relying on your background to bully others. If you want to fight, let’s go!”

Some vagrant cultivators subtly gave Tamedragon a thumbs-up after hearing this.

“The two of them are both Dao Celestials with 60,000,000 chaos units. No wonder why Tamedragon Child isn’t afraid of Feng Yi.” An older expert glanced at the newcomer and speculated.

An inexperienced, young cultivator couldn’t help but ask his senior: “Feng Yi comes from Heaven Searching on top of being Baili’s disciple but this Tamedragon Child still dares to provoke him? Isn’t that insane?”

“It’s because Tamedragon Child’s master is Tamedragon High God, a being with eleven totems. This High God might be a vagrant cultivator but he is very mighty on top of being quite merciless. He did many brutal things when he was young, especially murders.” The senior didn’t wish to dwell on this taboo topic.

A confrontation was heating up. Despite Tamedragon Child’s aggressiveness, Feng Yi was not afraid of him. He smiled coldly in response: “I’m ready to fight if you want to. Just pick the place and time later but right now, stand to the side and stop interfering my conversation with this gentleman.”

Feng Yi had no need to be polite since Tamedragon Child wasn’t holding back. He wasn’t easily bullied either.

“I love opposing with arrogant people from big sects like you the most.” Tamedragon Child retorted before cupping his fist at Li Qiye: “Brother, my name is Zhu Zongshuai while people refer to me as Tamedragon Child. You can come and find me whenever you have a problem, especially if some jerks from a big sect want to mess with you. I’ll take care of them.”

The guy looked quite valorous and righteous with this statement.

“Brother Zongshuai, you’re our role model!” His friends and weaker cultivators couldn’t help but praise. Even if some didn’t dare to say it out loud, they still gave him a discreet thumbs-up.

“Thanks.” Li Qiye simply smiled back. He had seen all types of people before so this development didn’t surprise him in the slightest.

“Take note, we are entering the center of the lightning field. Passengers, please do not leave the ship right now.” The captain shouted.

“Boom! Boom!” Lightning bolts frantically oozed out of the ocean just like dancing serpents. They rushed for the ship as if wanting to tear it to pieces.

This torrential wave of lightning scared everyone. Fortunately, the defense of Eternal led the crazy bolts into the formation and turned them into liquid form.

Eternal had proven itself as the safest ship again to the relieve of the passengers.

“I hope to have a discussion with you in the future.” Feng Yi knew that this was over because of Tamedragon Child’s involvement.

“Your Highness, please forgive me for bothering you.” He remained polite and gave off a righteous air.

Right when Feng Yi wanted to leave, Li Qiye smiled and said: “Wait a minute now, no need to leave since you’re already here. Didn’t you say that you want to have a discussion with me? Very well, I’m in the mood today, how do you want to do this?” Li Qiye had experienced countless provocations but someone standing up for his master was quite rare. Moreover, Feng Yi’s manner in doing so was interesting as well.

Feng Yi was surprised to hear this. He assumed that Li Qiye didn’t want to accept the challenge earlier so now, he became excited with glimmers in his eyes and stood up straight like a pole withstanding the powerful gales.

“So you are interested then?” The excited youth said: “What kind of match do you want to have? A dao discussion, a chess match, or a duel?”

The princess was feeling quite bad after seeing the youth’s bright spirit. He didn’t know that a beast was opening its bloody jaw, waiting for him to jump inside.

“Both literary and military challenges are fine. I’m an easygoing person, you pick and I’ll indulge it.” Li Qiye smiled freely.

“Very well, you are quite decisive, sir. Just the way I like it!” Feng Yi looked up and saw the lightning ocean. He smiled and said: “Are you interested in following me into this ocean and take a stroll through the lightning currents?”

This made the spectators look over at the ocean. They saw lightning bolts crazily rampaging the place, wanting to tear apart the world.

They took a deep breath and thought that jumping into this ocean right now was courting death.

Li Qiye glanced at the ocean and chuckled.

“If you don’t think that it’s a good idea, we can try something else.” Feng Yi said after seeing a lack of response.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Looks like you are completely confident. You think you can make it through this lightning field?”

“Not quite, around sixty percent.” Feng Yi said with a natural demeanor: “Nothing is certain in this world. Anyone who wants such a safety net will never be able to start anything. Sixty percent is enough for me!” His voice became fierce at this moment.

“Only sixty? You might die in there then.” Li Qiye gently shook his head. He was speaking the truth.

“Then I can only blame my lack of skills.” Feng Yi laughed and said: “Your cultivation is clearly lower than mine. Thus, I have a great advantage in this particular challenge. If I don’t dare to take this risk, how can I have the face to be representing my master?!”

Feng Yi sounded arrogant and fierce, but which youth wasn’t? Someone young like him should attempt crazy things like this.

1. Just one of those words in titles like Dao Child. Doesn’t make a lot of sense in the translation

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