Chapter 184 : Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law (2)

Chapter 184 : Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law (2)

At this moment when Li Qiye mistakenly blurted out the wrong things, this caused Leng Chengfeng and Lei She to be very doubtful. This supreme attacking technique might just be taken from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect by the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, and that they didn’t impart the complete merit law to him!

Here, Leng Chengfeng gazed intensely at Li Qiye to catch every action of his to judge whether these words were reliable.

Catching Leng Chengfeng’s gaze, Li Qiye hurriedly shook his head and waved his hands to say: “This was just a joke, definitely not the truth. Even though our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect lost the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law, we never believed in this rumor.”

Seeing Li Qiye’s panicked expression, Leng Chengfeng became even more trusting of that one phrase. He sneered and said: “Whether it is true or not, we can find out after a shot.”

“Om—” A clear and crisp sound rang. Finished speaking, Leng Chengfeng activated the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law. In the blink of an eye, the sun behind him became even hotter as if it was the real sun.

“Gather…” Following Leng Chengfeng’s roar, the sun behind him turned into a vortex of fire that wanted to suck in the Extreme Sun True Flame above.

“Om—om–om–” Many bursts of clear sounds arose, making Leng Chengfeng and Lei She believe that this was a success. The sunlight turned into many bundles as wisp after wisp of light, as fine as the silk string like the tiny flame sparks, flew into the fire vortex, causing Leng Chengfeng’s fire to become even hotter.

“It really is true…” Feeling the power of the true flame, Leng Chengfeng was ecstatic. No longer holding back, he exerted all of his blood energy to channel the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law to crazily devour the Extreme Sun True Flame in the sky.

“Om—om–” From Leng Chengfeng’s frantic devouring of the Extreme Sun True Flame, he then led it to the Du meridian and turned them into the True Flame of Life! In a flash, his body turned into a true flame cauldron, and his Cauldron of Life suddenly became ablaze with powerful fire.

The very next instant, he felt that his Cauldron of Life was capable of burning the entire world as his fire of life burned, but he didn’t stop fueling his life energy to become even stronger.

He started to trust Li Qiye’s words more and more and started to devour the Extreme Sun True Flame that descended down from above in a frenzy.

“Om—om—” In the blink of an eye, the Extreme Sun True Flame in the horizon resonated with clear sounds as it descended downward like a sea of flame, becoming bigger and bigger, creating a louder and louder commotion. The flame was like a flood from the horizon raging downward.

“What had happened?” Chi Yun and Elder Yun had just come back and felt the Extreme Sun True Flame shining down. In astonishment, they immediately rushed over to where the incident was taking place.

“Bang—bang—” At this point, Leng Chengfeng no longer needed to devour the Extreme Sun True Flame. It automatically rushed down as his body turned into a sun’s cauldron that was capable of intaking all the oceans in the world. He wanted to devour even the sun in the sky!

Chi Yun and Elder Yun became shocked from seeing such a scene. They both felt how powerful this force was!

Seeing the Extreme Sun True Flame pouring down on its own, Li Qiye knew that this was not something that Leng Chengfeng could control. He maintained his aghast appearance and shook his head towards Leng Chengfeng to say: “Stop, don’t continue to absorb the Extreme Sun True Flame. Didn’t the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom tell you that this is only a rumor? This is an absolutely impossible matter!”

“An impossible matter?” Leng Chengfeng crazily laughed and said: “I will allow you to witness what is considered a true peerless offensive technique! Unfortunately, even though this Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law came from your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but since you no longer have it, today I will let you have a taste of its power.” As the words came out, Leng Chengfeng’s entire body spewed out endless Extreme Sun True Flame. His body was encompassed by the flame and looked at if he was the godly child of the sun, it was like his flames could burn the heaven and earth.

At this time, something unbelievable happened. Leng Chengfeng’s body circulated the aura of an Ancient Saint as if he was an Ancient Saint of the sun was coming into being, causing Chi Yun and Elder Yun to lose their colors. Leng Chengfeng was a disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate; they knew his cultivation realm very well, and he was absolutely not an Ancient Saint!

“Bang– bang– bang” At this moment, the Extreme Sun True Flame in the sky was like a flood that had broken through the dam and became unstoppable. The entire ocean penetrated through like the endless torrents of fiery water and came crashing down.

This scene was witnessed by many people in Ancient Sky City. The sun was like a funnel as the Extreme Sun True Flame descended down without an end! Many people were visibly moved from seeing such a scene.

“Ah…” However, in the blink of an eye, Leng Chengfeng bellowed a pitiful scream. His body caught on fire as he could no longer control the Extreme Sun True Flame with his Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law!

The Extreme Sun True Flame — as powerful as an ancient fierce beast — suddenly burned Leng Chengfeng’s entire body. He couldn’t help but coarsely scream out: “No…”

“Feng’er…” Lei She gasped and immediately took action. Under his hand was an icy mountain that spanned many miles. It turned into an endless mysterious permafrost to seal Leng Chengfeng’s body.

However, Lei She’s action was for naught. Him creating the permafrost was meaningless, just like throwing salt into the ocean. The mysterious permafrost was immediately vaporized. The flame was like a spirit serpent and it immediately coiled onto Lei She’s wrist.

Seeing this scene, the master and disciple pair of Chi Yun was in horror. Elder Yun wanted to make a move but Chi Yun stopped him and slightly shook his head.

“Ah—” Leng Chengfeng shrilly screamed as his body suddenly became a fallen mountain and a faltering jade pillar. It fell to the ground and his body immediately caved in. It was no longer made out of flesh for it had been burned into ashes!

“Oh—” At this time, it was Lei She’s turn to scream. Leng Chengfeng was burned to death so the descending Extreme Sun True Flame was paused, but the flame was like a parasite. After its host had died, it immediately locked onto Lei She’s body, and his entire body caught on fire as well.

“No–” Lei She screamed and used an endless cold energy to suppress the Extreme Sun True Flame on his body. “Om–om—om–” The sound of the powerful fire appeared. Even if Lei She’s cold energy was stronger, it was still meaningless. In the blink of an eye, his entire body was incinerated and fell to the floor, completely scorched.

After Lei She was burnt to death, the powerful fire on his body slowly disappeared just like flames that finished burning a piece of paper.

“Why…” Lei She, as an Eight Celestial Ancient Saint, was burnt to ashes. After dying, with one last breath, his eyes that were cauterized into ash opened wide to look at Li Qiye. He was still lost at the moment of his death!

Li Qiye who took the group of Li Shuangyan far away earlier suddenly appeared next to his side.

“I already said that it was a rumor, yet you guys didn’t believe me time after time. The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom took the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law from my Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, did they not tell you that this used to be an evil technique? Swallowing the Extreme Sun True Flame — this was only meant to make your body become a cauldron.” Li Qiye slowly said.

Regrettably, Leng Chengfeng and Lei She were already burnt to a crisp and couldn’t hear Li Qiye’s words.

Li Qiye inched closer and looked at the ashes as he slowly continued: “Sadly, you didn’t listen to this old man and suffered just now. The Extreme Sun True Flame is only the Cauldron of Life incinerating the cauldron to refine the law of the true flame and nothing more!” With that, his finger reached out.

From the Cauldron of Life inside Li Qiye’s Fate Palace came a raging fire. Slowly, Li Qiye’s finger exuded a cluster of flames. At this moment, the unimaginable happened. From the ashes of Leng Chengfeng and Lei She were two tiny scarlet strands of fire. They were extremely red like the steel metal being scorched in a furnace.

“Zhang, zhang, zhang…” The sound of iron chains clanking together appeared. The two fire strands from the two ashes were dragged out. Li Qiye’s finger was like a magnet under the channeling of the Cauldron of Life, it sucked at the two fire strands. The two strands intertwined into one and turned into a true flame’s law. At this moment, the True Flame’s Law — like a spirit snake — suddenly drilled into Li Qiye’s finger and went inside his Fate Palace.

“Dum–” When this True Flame’s Law went inside Li Qiye’s Fate Palace, it turned into a large lock. When this lock fell down, it seemed as if it was locking the heaven and earth, rendering Li Qiye’s Fate Palace into an unbreakable existence! Slowly, magical runes were floating around the large lock. They were very small but extremely bright. It was as if each of these magical runes were created from melted steel metal!

The moment that these magical runes finally woke up, an erased fragment within Li Qiye’s sea of memories resurfaced. One heavenly supreme art emerged — this was the complete Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law!

“Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law — you both will never be able to understand its true profoundness!” Li Qiye looked at the ashes of Leng Chengfeng and Lei She as he smilingly said.

That’s right, the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law used to be a supreme offensive technique of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. It could hurt the Enlightened Ming above and punish the Devil King below. However, during the ancient ages, even the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect did not know that this merit law used to be an extremely evil technique.

During the immemorial time, the first branch of the Charming Spirit race had an extremely bright genius. He created this evil technique, the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law. In reality, this offensive technique was not called “Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law” but was referred to as “Nine Sun Annihilating God Law”. Even though it sounded very nice, it was not annihilating gods but cultivators who were cauldrons.


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