Chapter 1834: Looming Shadow

Peng Yi nodded after hearing this: “I guess that’s all we can do.”

Despite saying this, he felt a bit helpless since his clan wasn’t the same as it once was. After Emperor Hunt when their forefather was still in charge, their clan was at its apex. Despite being very far from Pure, they still had a pivotal position in that continent. So many cultivators came to show their respect.

This was no longer the case. They still had some resources but there was a desperate lack of promising youths, leaving no room to grow in the future. Moreover, the last generation had withered as well. If this lack of production continued, they would eventually run out of their reserves.

Peng Yi continued his tour for Li Qiye because he had a lot of time on his hand. There was no need for a grand feast since the birthday celebration was only an internal one.

However, his good mood was interrupted by the sudden report of a disciple: “Clan master, the Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord is here for the forefather’s birthday.”

Peng Yi’s expression quickly changed after hearing this title. With a slight panic, he asked: “Why is he here? How many people? Is the War-Monarch Clan here too?”

“No, clan master. He came by himself.” The disciple hurriedly answered.

“Alone.” Peng Yi finally heaved a sigh of relief. His nervousness was justifiable since his forefather played a pivotal role in the ambush back then.

Meanwhile, this royal lord was Jin Ge’s father-in-law and the clan certainly didn’t give this person a birthday invitation. Perhaps this was an opportunity for revenge in the royal lord’s eyes.

“But, Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord also had a card from the Donggong Clan. This group will come after.” The disciple quietly said.

“He’s with the Donggong Clan?” Peng Yi’s expression changed for the second time. This was not a good sign. [1]

The Donggong was an imperial clan in Outer Realm City. They and the Peng used to rule this area.

However, their Eastern Palace Heaven Emperor had fallen to the execution. Later on, they have also produced several High Gods. Alas, these gods either died or went missing.

The two clans had an interesting relationship, neither friends nor foes. They maintained contact with each other.

This relationship became tenser in recent years due to one simple reason, the Donggong was on Jin Ge’s side during the ambush.

This wasn’t a big deal because everyone worked for their race. However, Star Stomper actually killed a High God from the Donggong so the two clans became enemies overnight.

Juniors didn’t dare to comment on their forefathers’ actions but there was no peace from then on in the city. The fact that these juniors didn’t start an all-out war showed impressive restraint from both sides. Nevertheless, minor scuffles were unavoidable.

“Are they trying to cause trouble during the birthday celebration?” Peng Yi became nervous and took two steps back.

The Donggong had been on the War-Monarch Clan and the Heaven Race’s side. So now, things didn’t look good when Jin Ge’s father-in-law was going with the Donggong Clan.

Li Qiye smiled and tapped the youth’s back to calm him down: “Visitors are guests and it’s not like the sky is falling down. Even if it is, you can still shoulder it! Everything is possible in this world as long as you continue to persevere in spite of all difficulties.”

After the gap, Peng Yi suddenly calmed down. Li Qiye’s carefree smile was a calming dose of medicine.

He took a deep breath and ordered the disciple: “Use the highest ceremony to greet Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord. I will personally see him. Tell the ancestors to get ready for the worst, prepare for battle.”

“Affirmative.” The disciple immediately went to carry out the order.

Peng Yi felt much better after making up his mind. Despite being the clan master, his age was still a limitation since he hadn’t experienced enough storm. Moreover, he himself wasn’t strong enough so he naturally panicked in times of trouble.

“I can’t accompany you any longer then, Brother Li.” Peng Yi apologized.

Of course, he didn’t wish for Li Qiye to show himself in this key moment because Li Qiye was the prince’s murderer. If the royal lord were to see him, a fight would break out even before the royal lord set his foot inside the mansion.

“Let’s go, it’s no big deal.” Li Qiye understood Peng Yi’s thoughts and simply smiled.

The whole thing was nothing to him. He only came for the birthday celebration while Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord’s group couldn’t get into his sight. They would be wise to leave him alone.

Peng Yi gave Li Qiye a look of gratitude before leaving to prepare for a reception.

The Peng Clan became tense with the royal lord’s arrival. Despite the enthusiastic appearance, the entire clan was a bow armed with an arrow with the string pulled all the way back, ready to fire at any moment. It was clear that the royal lord and his group came with hostility due to their past.

Fortunately, the royal lord didn’t come to cause trouble. He was still polite enough so the clan became relieved. However, the successor of the Donggong, Zheng, also came right after.

Zheng’s arrival scared Peng Yi out of his mind but he still personally came out to see the guy.

Zheng stood there alone outside of the entrance. This was a gallant prodigy.

“The forefather’s birthday is only a small party within the clan, I didn’t expect Brother Donggong to catch wind of this. Excuse me.” Peng Yi welcomed Zheng.

“No way, our two clans are neighbors. As the adage goes, close neighbors are better than distant relatives. This little brother is here to show my respect for Star Stomper High God.” Donggong Zheng was all-smiles with no sign of hostility.

Nevertheless, Peng Yi still sensed that something was amiss as if a storm was approaching.

No one could forgive a feud of death. But now, as a descendant, Zheng was here to offer his respect? 

After the event in the past, the two clans have been keeping their calm. There was no sign of wanting revenge. In fact, it was more accurate to say that both clans were in decline. 

The Donggong’s only remaining High God was killed by Star Stomper during the ambush. Thus, without anyone left, the clan suffered a great blow. Of course, The Peng didn’t fare much better even though Star Stomper survived the battle.

The two clans stopped interacting with each other after this event. So now, when Donggong Zheng suddenly came to visit, no matter how one looks at it, it couldn’t have been a friendly gesture.

After Zheng entered the clan, he and Heavenly Phoenix Royal Lord were talking among themselves. This only made Peng Yi even more nervous.

The clan felt as if they have led two wolves into their home. Anything could happen now. Alas, there was no other choice. These two came openly with a good justification. There was no denying a guest who came to offer their respect to Star Stomper. Otherwise, their clan would look petty, indecisive, and weak to outsiders.

1. Donggong means Eastern Palace

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