Chapter 183 : Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law (1)

Chapter 183 : Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law (1)

Many people agreed with this opinion, especially the young ones who had the same enemy: “Right, hmph, what is so special about an Emperor’s Possession. One day, the emperor’s power and immortal intent will run dry, then we’ll see what he will use to be arrogant.”

“Without an Emperor’s Possession, he is only a paper tiger losing his claws — not enough to reach the apex. A junior like him that doesn’t know life from death, yet he still dares to cause trouble everywhere and make enemies with others. One day, when he loses his Emperor’s Possession, that will be the day of his death. In my opinion, at that time, even Goddess Li and others wouldn’t be able to save him!” A young cultivator coldly said.

In the end, it was a problem with women. At the Grand Middle Territory, countless young talents and geniuses admired Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao.

Li Shuangyan was a peerless beauty with matchless talents. Chen Baojiao was a kingdom toppling demoness, one smile was enough to shake all living beings. At the Grand Middle Territory, many peers adored them and lost their minds from admiration. But today, both of these prettiest women of the Grand Middle Territory were both following Li Qiye. This naturally left many young cultivators to be jealous, even hateful to the bones!

“Hmph, Little Brat Li. He’s only a little gigolo, nothing special. To cultivators, the most important thing is personal cultivation, this is truly the right path! One only needs to practice hard and courageously move forward. Then, one day, there will be a chance to become an Immortal Emperor! Hmph, only relying on women to eat; in the end, he will only be drowned in the river of time and become an ordinary peasant.” Another cultivator of the same generation coldly said. Of course, he said this with a lot of jealousy.

What they couldn’t understand was why these heaven’s proud daughters like Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao chose an unknown junior like Li Qiye. Moreover, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was only a third-rate sect!

Many of them believed that their backgrounds and qualifications were much stronger than Li Qiye by a hundred times, so they simply couldn’t fathom why Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao chose to follow the nameless boy!

Li Qiye and others left the Ancient Street and directly went back to the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s resting place.

After coming into their courtyard, they immediately saw Leng Chengfeng along with the unfriendly Supreme Elder Lei She by his side.

Of course, they had been back from the Ancient Street and didn’t know the events that transpired there.

“What, got some business?” Li Qiye glanced at Leng Chengfeng standing in the way and smiled cheerfully.

Li Shuangyan also frowned. Leng Chengfeng and Lei She, one after another, kept on causing trouble for Li Qiye — this was going too far. As a disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, she knew that this matter involved a great deal of interest, but Elder Lei She kept on interfering even though this was clearly defiance against the gate master’s will and his grand plan.

She then understood that Lei She dared to do this because he found a strong backer that would support him, causing her to coldly snorted.

“Surname Li, I don’t know what tricks you used to make His Majesty trust you, but as a Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciple, I will never let the gate be fooled by you! And I especially will not allow other people to do anything that will harm my Nine Saint Demon Gate’s interest.” Leng Chengfeng coldly stared at Li Qiye and said.

Li Shuangyan wanted to step up, but Li Qiye stopped her and, still smiling happily towards Leng Chengfeng, leisurely asked: “Is this your thought, or is it the thoughts of your ancestor, Elder Lei?”

“Whose thought it belongs to doesn’t matter!” Leng Chengfeng drily said: “Any Nine Saint Demon Gate’s disciples would not allow anyone to harm the gate.”

Li Qiye freely smiled and said: “So, you are the hero of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Then may I ask what plans do you, a disciple who protects the Nine Saint Demon Gate so much, have in mind?”

Leng Chengfeng caused trouble for him again and again so, this time, he wanted to fix him well, along with Lei She as well! Even though he was respecting Demon King Lun Ri’s good sentiments, he still wouldn’t allow for people to challenge him time after time!

Leng Chengfeng coldly gazed at Li Qiye and coldly said: “My Nine Saint Demon Gate doesn’t feed idlers, and even less so for useless waste! If you want to mix with my Nine Saint Demon Gate, it is not a difficult matter — accept three of my moves. If you are able to accept three of them, then we can speak easily. If not, then living or dying will depend on your own fortune.”

Leng Chengfeng’s words caused Li Qiye to laugh until his eyes squinted. Leng Chengfeng’s intention was to bring him to his death!

Li Shuangyan coldly hummed; Li Qiye was the key for the Nine Saint Demon Gate to connect with the War God Temple. Now, Leng Chengfeng came out to provoke Li Qiye and even wanted to kill Li Qiye. This was no longer a personal vendetta, there could be someone directing him in the shadows. Leng Chengfeng and Lei She obtained a tough backer, and as for who was directing them, this answer was too clear.

“So to speak, you are completely confident.” Li Qiye focused his eyes and smiled cheerfully at Leng Chengfeng.

“Give it a try and you will know.” Leng Chengfeng then sneered and said: “I will not make it difficult for you, you and I will confront with three palms! Whether you pass or not depends on your own abilities!” He then spoke as if he was being kind to the extreme.

As his words ended, Leng Chengfeng stepped out. An “ommm” sound appeared like the crisp sound of a sword, like the dancing of the grand dao. At this moment, there was a bright blinding sun slowly rising from Leng Chengfeng’s back, dyeing his body into a golden brilliance. His body seemed as if it was casted from gold; it was as if he was the god son of the sun.


The moment the sun rose to the peak on his head, Leng Chengfeng’s aura surged like a storm as his blood energy rose. In a flash, Leng Chengfeng’s entire aura changed from quantitative to a qualitative change, causing him to suddenly break through from the Royal Noble to the Enlightened Being realm, carrying a ferocious torrential aura!

“Impossible…” Seeing the aura changing from Royal Noble to Enlightened Being, even Li Shuangyan lost her colors. If a younger generation reached the Enlightened Being realm, then it was too frightening. However, she was also a genius and immediately saw the clue. Her expression greatly changed as she spoke: “This is not a merit law of our gate!”

“Little Sister, you are correct!” At this moment, bearing the Intense Sun on his back and not hiding his undulating Enlightened Being aura, he proudly said: “I am a good personal friend of Heavenly Prince Qingxuan, so he passed me the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s supreme ancient law. Once this law comes out, decapitating Enlightened Beings and fighting Ancient Saints are possible!”

“Shuangyan, don’t intervene with this matter, otherwise, if Feng’er hurts you, I’m afraid it will destroy your dao foundation. The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s supreme ancient law has been invincible since the ancient time.” Lei She standing by the side coldly warned.

Li Shuangyan’s eyes became chilling and her expression was even frostier. These words had overtones; it was not just a simple warning!

Seeing Leng Chengfeng bearing the sun behind his back, Li Qiye’s eyes condensed and right after, he lost his colors and exclaimed in horror: “The Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law, a legendary attacking method that has been invincible since the antiquity!” After his words came out, he immediately took three steps back.

Li Qiye’s countenance was too realistic, letting other people know that he was startled by this peerless supreme method.

“You truly know the good stuff, you even know the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s supreme ancient law. Today, if you die under the supreme ancient law of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, at least you can still rest in peace from the honor.” Leng Chengfeng chillingly glared at Li Qiye.

“Impossible!” Li Qiye shouted and angrily exclaimed: “How could this be a supreme technique of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. This is clearly the invincible attacking method of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. The Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law, the scorching sun in the sky swallows the Nine Sun True Flame. When facing the enemy, it absorbs the sun’s energy from the sky and leads it to the Du meridian, then transforms this energy into the true flame to activate the True Fate. It is capable of unleashing a power more than ten times the norm and slay the enemy three realms above…”

After bursting into an angry speech, he quickly covered his mouth and acted like he didn’t say anything. He then looked around, seemingly afraid that other people had heard it.

Li Qiye, losing his self control this way, put Chen Baojiao into a daze. She wanted to reach out and pull him but was stopped by the head-shaking Li Shuangyan.

Li Qiye forgetting himself as he spoke made Leng Chengfeng and Lei She startled in their hearts.

Lei She couldn’t help but to take a step forward and coldly looked at Li Qiye, then he said: “This is truly the supreme ancient law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?”

“Uh… It used to be; however, my Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had lost this art.” Li Qiye busily turned his head everywhere, then he smilingly said: “We should talk about the three moves proposition, ok?”

However, Leng Chengfeng and Lei She clearly was drawn in by this matter, especially Leng Chengfeng. He became more serious and slowly said: “Absorb the sun in the sky’s essence, move it to the Du meridian, turn it into the true flame, then attack with the True Fate…”

“Ahh, ah, I was just talking nonsense, there is no such thing, there is no such thing. You shouldn’t take it seriously. What is called the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law sucking in the sun’s essence to be able to surpass levels to kill people — this is only a rumor and definitely not the truth. My Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect never trusted this rumor so you shouldn’t believe it either. This cannot be true, how can there be a merit law in this world that allows people to surpass realms to slay the enemies, right?” Li Qiye hurriedly denied while swinging his hands around, but this cover up was only making the matter worse.

Seeing Li Qiye trying to hide it only made it even more conspicuous. Leng Chengfeng and Lei She were even more startled.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom did impart the Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law to Leng Chengfeng. This merit law was truly extremely domineering, but Leng Chengfeng had always felt that there was something amiss. As for the exact reason, he didn’t know for sure. Moreover, Leng Chengfeng, along with his ancestor, Lei She, had always suspected that the Ancient Kingdom was too generous when passing on this supreme attacking method to Leng Chengfeng. Leng Chengfeng personally had always been dubious about them not actually passing on the complete version to him.


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