Chapter 1825: Departure

Tieshu Weng and the group bowed towards Li Qiye before leaving. Shen Xiaoshan stole another glance at this moment. This was a man she thought was below her; this turned out to be anything but. He was at a height that she would never be able to reach for a lifetime and she could only watch in the distance.

She understood how lucky she was to be able to wait on him earlier. Even if she wanted to now, she wasn’t qualified to do so. The ones who wanted to be his servants would make a very long line and she wouldn’t be a forerunner in terms of qualification.

All kind of emotions ran in her mind and words weren’t enough to describe them. Perhaps later on in her life, she would still remember the happy memories that this man had brought to her.

“Young Noble, will I be able to see you again?” Shen Xiaoshan summed up all of her emotions and thoughts with this one line. It represented hope in her mind.

Li Qiye sighed in his mind but still slowly answered: “The grand dao is endless and many years are still to come. We will meet again if it is meant to be. I’m sure that day will come.” 

“I understand, I’ll try my best.” She took a deep breath and nodded with determination.

Her answer wasn’t only for him to hear but also herself. This was the end for the two of them. She needed to work hard to become powerful in order to meet him again. Power was necessary to be his companion. Otherwise, she would only be an ant, unable to scale the height.

“I believe you.” Li Qiye nodded and showed his support.

Shen Xiaoshan gripped her fists after seeing this and said: “I understand.”

She left immediately, not wanting to cry or for him to see her tears. However, she didn’t even make it to the door before turning around and gave him a tight hug using courage she didn’t even know she had.

Tears finally overflowed as she grabbed his shoulders. This might be the last time for her.

Li Qiye gently sighed and patted her soft hair: “Go, you will need to continue forward on this long path.”

“See you, Young Noble.” She mustered even more audacity to kiss him on the lips before leaving against her will.

Li Qiye shook his head after her departure. He could take goodbyes easier than most due to his own experience. Each time this happened, a part of his heart would grow numb.

He stayed at the clan for several days and focused on training outside of thinking about the item from the outer realm.

In this second, he was sitting on his bed to absorb primordial and chaos energies. They were surging within his fate palaces as if an animated new world was being born.

“Rumble!” His chaos energy was rampaging like thousands of stallions. They turned into a maelstrom to gestate his grand dao and true fate.

He had more than 700 units of chaos energy at this moment to go from Dao Ant to Dao Insect.

Cultivation didn’t overly matter to him but nevertheless, this was a necessary procedure regardless of his other abilities. He had no way of going from Dao Dust all the way to Grand Emperor.

Of course, he had methods to accelerate his cultivation speed but the early logic applied. One must do this one step at a time to become an unprecedented existence. Each step must be firm and polished a thousand times in order to go even further. Only by bravely facing one’s demon and inevitable disasters would one be able to gain the necessary perseverance.

Li Qiye could rise from Dao Dust to Grand Emperor in one or two years, but this absurd boost in cultivation would leave behind fatal flaws. There was no way of becoming a perfect emperor in this manner.

This was indeed the truth. Many geniuses in history had frightening cultivation speed but more often than not, they fell down on the path. On the other hand, average cultivators who took their time polishing themselves were able to ascend to the throne.

Cultivation was an arduous path that could require more than ten thousand years of experience. Without a dao heart capable of withstanding hardship, a cultivator wouldn’t be able to find the greatest success.

Li Qiye followed this belief in the nine worlds and continued in the tenth. He was thinking about creating an unprecedented cultivation method in order to start an epoch. There must be a metamorphosis from the foundation of the old world, removing the old while in with the new.

Nevertheless, without personally going through the steps, it would only be hollow principles and theories. He wished to train in the cultivation methods of two worlds in order to build up his own, a completely new system!

After absorbing sufficient energy, his fire of life jumped inside his palace. It was pure without any flaws. This seemed to be the greatest fire-seed in the world as it continued to refine some dao fetuses. The process was gentle and harmonizing just like the melting of snow.

The dao fetuses being refined were the white armament taken from Mad God Ominous Ground. It hasn’t been refined in the past so each fetus was still perfect and in its initial state.

Mad God didn’t start his process because he wanted to use anima to refine it. This was another reason why he wanted to become an Ancient God so quickly.

He had lived for a long time since he was a High God with eleven totems. He shouldn’t have rushed to become an Ancient God since he had a great probability of becoming one anyway. Alas, his impatience made him take the wrong path in devouring the world. It eventually led to his demise.

Anima was a very profound domain that only emperors and High Gods can reach after they were at a certain level. The unique power of this domain was created by the four images of the fate palace. [1]

There were all types of power in this world, such as the origin power of the primordial chaos energy or the supreme power of the grand dao. Then there were the forces belonging to the seven emotions and six desires of the mundane world and the tribulation power of the high heaven…

However, these things didn’t belong to the cultivators themselves. They were either created in this world or sent down by the high heaven!

This was not the case for anima. This power truly belonged to the cultivators, not part of the word.

A Grand Emperor once said that only by grasping the anima would one truly be able to free themselves from all shackles. Otherwise, even an invincible emperor didn’t possess his own power without the anima.

This was the reason why Mad God wanted to become an Ancient God so quickly. He wanted to use anima to refine his white armament.

Anima was not a problem for Li Qiye since he had already taken the first step forward with his Nirvana Heavens when he got his thirteen palaces before becoming an emperor. He already understood the profundity of the four images! [2]

“Rumble!” The 88,888 dao fetuses changed continuously under the tempering of the fire of life, resulting in a magnificent spectacle. Any spectator would be shocked to see something like this.

White Adornment was the lowest level among the ranks of dao weapons. However, after reaching a certain level, it was still quite powerful.

For example, Holy Emperor’s ultimate armament was stronger than any emperor’s armament. The only thing that might be stronger than it is a True Immortal Armament.

Li Qiye’s armament wasn’t on the same level as the ultimate armament but once the refinement was complete, it would possess a terrifying might as well.

1. I remember the author talking about the real power of the four images back in the first 100 chapters.

2. The same CN characters for both Nirvana and Anima. Both are soul-related so I picked Nirvana for the first but nirvana doesn’t work as well standalone as anima when describing the power

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